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Suicide Prevention: is it right?

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    People get very emotional about suicide prevention. Some even risk their lives trying to save others from killing themselves.

    I wonder about this. Shouldn’t a person have a right to kill themselves? Are we so sure we know better than they do what is good for them?

    If you mention to a medical professional that you are planning to kill yourself, he or she has to report it to the government and try to prevent it. Is that right? Doesn’t that reduce the possibility of discussion and therefore increase the risk of suicide?

    People often commit suicide by jumping from high places, shooting guns, or throwing themselves in front of vehicles & trains. This can put others in danger or traumatize them. Shouldn’t there be safe, effective, legal ways to commit suicide?

    People talk about physician assisted suicide for the terminally ill, but there seems to be huge legislative resistance. Some doctors fear that they will be under pressure to terminate expensive patients. I wonder if there couldn’t be a separate profession for suicide assistants.


    Hi Annalisse,

    I’ve always felt that “suicide prevention” is not about comforting suicidal people. It seems like it’s really about comforting non-suicidal people.

    [quote=47808] I wonder if there couldn’t be a separate profession for suicide assistants.


    I’m agnostic about this, because while I absolutely feel that people have a right to die, I see the potential for abuse and am hesitant to agree that any human should have that kind of power over another.


    We have ways that are legal here in Australia.

    Dr Philip Nitschke has been travelling the country selling suicide machines. Basically a gas bottle from a beer brewing kit. 600 bucks. He also published an ebook called the Peaceful Pill Handbook.

    I had a nurse explain to me how they kill people in hospital when they want to die because of terminal illness one time. Think its more about not talking about it more than anything. I lnow my psychiatrist after hearing what had been done to me by his colleagues said he would have assisted me with suicide if he were allowed.

    Like to be present for my trial when I do the deed lol. My corpse pleading guilty lmao. Excuse the black humour. In fact im going to plead not guilty, i want to be questioed over the matter. Im wondering about the Miranda warning when im found. “You have the right to remain silent”. And the ability to.


    I’d much rather take the black pill than have the ubermench kill me slowly as they are now.

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