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    For those of use who have survived the middle-class family, decades of recovery and therapy have accomplished absolutely nothing. All we have done is to play into the hands of reactionaries and further marginalize ourselves, while doing nothing to obtain public legitimacy. Therapy and recovery always were stupid choices. These are as much the problem as the middle-class family itself.

    So instead we need to look to other sorts of activism and learn. After each of our two world wars, monarchies were toppled and colonialists and neo-colonialists driven out. Slavery was abolished in the United States. We have had a racial civil rights movement where leaders drew upon the works of Marxist anti-colonialists like Frantz Fanon, and they were praised when they called for the use of whatever means were necessary.

    We have had a women’s rights movement and we are still in the middle of an LGBT rights movement.

    I each case, social legitimacy and specific rights have been gained.

    But what have we accomplished? The United States remains about the only industrialized country to allow disinheritance of one’s child. And where there had been a protection, in Louisiana, they amended their constitution to eliminate it.

    And then our 12 step recovery groups, evangelical churches, therapist’s offices, psychiatric hospitals, and our jails, remain filled with the victims of the middle-class family.

    We see how horrid foster care is, and how they keep the kids on drugs, and yet we do absolutely nothing about this.

    And then not only do we have an explosion in the diagnoses of Autism, Asperger’s, and ADHD, we also have an epidemic of middle-class parents delivering their kids to therapies, like Applied Behavioral Analysis and Pivotal Response Therapy. The forms of white coat assisted middle-class child abuse have proliferated, but we do nothing whatsoever about this.

    So we need to refuse therapy, recovery, and salvation seeking, and instead look to the anti-colonial movement and the various civil rights movements. And we need to look to the example of Gandhi in India and understand what applying pressure really means.

    We need to look at how the Left, Feuerbach, Marx, Engels, Kollontai, Reich, Frankfurt School, has always known that The Family was the main problem, but Moscow decided not to actually do anything about it.

    And we need to look at how Capitalism and the Middle-Class Family run on the Self-Reliance Ethic, a version of the religious doctrine of Original Sin. And we need to see how this is used to scar and maim children, and how this is often assisted by doctors and therapists of all stripes.

    And then we need to identify a number of target outcomes, and then without waiting for anything like a general consensus, we have to act by escalating public conflicts.

    So areas to look to are:

    1. Overturning psychotherapy, psychiatry, and developmental disabilities counseling.

    2. Getting rid of the sorts of schools designed to use bullying to socialize, and instead setting up our own schools.

    3. Closing down the type of foster care designed to subordinate children to the image of the Holy Family, and instead setting up our own which celebrates liberation and prepares our kids to lead a revolution.

    4. And with everything we do, we force the government to pick up the tab.

    5. Citizenship pay and free housing, instead of welfare and disability money.

    6. Prohibit child disinheritance, and make parents pay in all conflicts with their children. If someone has used a child, they are 100% responsible in all situations and with no time, age, or monetary amount limit.

    7. Unlimited and free education, and extensive programs for starting community organizations and businesses.

    8. And understand that addicts, those acting as what we call mentally ill, and criminals, do not need recovery or rehabilitation. What they need is simply a chance to understand how they were used, and then the chance to live the life they were denied.


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