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Testing for Neurotransmitters

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    Can anyone here point me to some kind of information that would put to rest this trend I’ve been discovering trying to find an ‘alternative’ health practitioner to help with my ongoing autoimmune thyroid issues. Straight medicine does not address adrenal insufficiency, which plays into the thyroid stuff…it says so on the Armour insert! But straight medicine won’t go there, and they sure as heck don’t have a clue about thyroid issues, either.

    Going by a standard arbitrary test, not listening to a patient’s symptoms blah blah. Grrrr.



    I looked into this fairly deeply at one point and concluded the testing done by alternative practitioners for neurotransmitter levels was junk science and said nothing about neurotransmission in the brain. And we really don’t know much about that either, e.g. the discredited serotonin theory of depression.




    Dont know if this can be of any help… But one suggestion is to find a real yoga teacher. I know some of the poses stimulate the thyroid gland.

    ‘Shoulder stand’ and ‘plough pose’ atleast.

    I also read somewhere that for people with thyroid issues you should avoid fluor. I use fluor free toothpaste myself and my teeth are feeling good.

    Hope im not totally offtopic, my english is not the best 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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