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    Really like that boans! Awesome…


    [quote=46934]Really like that boans! Awesome…[/quote]

    Quite a character the lead singer Peter Garrett. He started in politics with the Nuclear Disarmament Party, and then took a place with our Labor Party (bit like your Democrats). Just watched the song they did in protest at the front of Exxon in NY.

    It looks like a beautiful place around Diablo Canyon humanbeing. I like the look of the golf course at Avila Beach. Won’t be so good when the bombs start dropping though lol.

    These guys are locals from Perth.


    And these guys the band I worked with did the support for at the Old Melbourne Hotel here. The song is about the night they shut down the Star Hotel. All those unemployed people with nowhere to get drunk anymore lol. Time for a riot.

    This was live so cut em some slack on the roughness of it.

    Would have been two years after this they played in Perth.

    Jimmy Barnes the lead singer went to the US and came back a changed man. He used to drink a couple of bottles of vodka, and when he came back he was all cleaned up and in a shirt with a white eagle on it. Still a great show but didn’t have the edge that Chisel had. I saw the guitarist Ian Moss recently at a local pub that is the Blues Club for WA.

    Anyhow, enjoy.


    One for schizoeffective.

    Noticed you like Bjork, and I was going back through some bands I’d seen and remembered the Sugarcubes. It was an expensive ticket but a room of 600 people, if that. Nobody really knew who they were in them days.

    The black raven in the clip caught my eye after reading your earlier post.

    Big music night for me so …. all from me today 🙂


    I remember listening to midnight oil
    As a kid
    I loved what I could hear
    I never heard this song

    I love it.

    Maha Ghosananda
    The sage and savior of Cambodia

    Said this:

    Think Before You Speak

    “The thought manifests as the word.
    The word manifests as the deed. The deed develops into the habit. The habit hardens into the character.
    The character gives birth to the destiny.
    So, watch your thoughts with care And let them spring from love
    Born out of respect for all beings.”

    Maha Ghosananda

    I love this too, it is a quote I return to, year after year, when my anger and rage becomes, a threat to myself and others.

    We choose what we give.

    Give, like a tree gives shade.

    With no expectation of reward.

    Thank you uprising and boans.

    You cannot know what you have given me.

    You will get it back

    10 Fold

    Thank you so much,
    Just for hearing
    And not running away.

    Good men are everywhere.
    This is not Stockholm Syndrome.
    This is my hard

    Why can’t my sisters see you?


    It is a good day for resting.

    I’m trying to soak up as much sun,
    and food as I can.

    This peace I feel.
    It’s so rare.

    Enjoy it.

    The universe needs joy,
    To keep spinning.


    “The thought manifests as the word.
    The word manifests as the deed. The deed develops into the habit. The habit hardens into the character.
    The character gives birth to the destiny.
    So, watch your thoughts with care And let them spring from love
    Born out of respect for all beings.”

    That’s going on my wall Schizoeffective. And as for running away, I’m too tired lol.

    Ever seen any Brett Whiteley paintings? Not for everyone, but if you can “see” he sure had a way with his art.


    I’m too tired too.

    But tired is good.

    Tired means work

    I hope a world full of shrinks read
    Every word, that this work



    Glad I didn’t read your last comment before I got to sleep Schizoeffective. “A world full of shrinks” would make anyone have nightmares lol.

    Anyone ever see the TV series “The Singing Detective”? Not the American movie version, but the UK series.

    About a writer who is in hospital for a serious skin condition and is suffering from delusions.

    This scene makes me laugh.

    “the last time I remember anything like this was when I was an infant in a pram, being drooled over by cretins from the looney bin, who thought they were doctors and nurses” lmao


    It’s not bombs we were worried about-it’s the earthquake that will rupture the containment of the fuel rods and cause a meltdown; see Fukushima. Pacific Gas and Electric passed out a phamplet to the surrounding communities prior to starting ‘er up, something along the lines of what to do if there was a breech….their recommendation was to close your doors and windows and stay inside-lol.

    Thanks for all the links and beautiful words…wish I had my own internet connection so I could spend more time here.


    Far out, that would have made people feel a little uneasy surely? Wicked of me I know but I always wanted to stand up on an airplane and scream “were all going to die” and watch the reaction. I know, I know, I wouldn’t do it lol.

    What’s the problem with the internet humanbeing? I seem to remember you saying that it was expensive where you are.

    Australia is a big exporter of uranium. Argument seems to be if we don’t sell it to them then Canada will. Saw the Prime minister on T V tonight doing a deal with India.

    I just watched a documentary called Hillsborough; How they Buried the Truth. 23 years on and the evidence of the police and government cover up is finally emerging. There is hope for us yet. One of the reasons I have sent letters to the Minister etc is so that if anybody does actually look, then they will know that these people were made fully aware of what has been going on, and it has cost many lives.

    Saw something about Fukushima recently too. They are still having trouble containing the mess. People are slowly returning to some of the evacuated areas the government claims are safe. I’d be on the lookout for fish with three eyes though.

    I’m hoping your enjoying a walk through the forest taking in the fresh air and catching the sun. Weather is warming up here a little now.

    Video of Perth. Kings park is nice for a walk. City beach is where I used to go body surfing. The Casino I used to go to once in a while for a meal. Not really a good all round look at the place. If they had panned a bit more around from the city you can see where I lived before mental health services.



    Makes me wish (if wishes were fishes) I had lots of money to travel, I’d escape the oncoming winter and go south. Looks lovely.

    I’m living on a disability stipend which barely covers the basic neccessities-internet is very expensive here, and public access is yet another wish. I housesat for a friend who went to Sweden for the summer, but she’s back, and while she has no problem with me coming over I feel a little like I’m intruding. Plus she is Catholic (I have strange friends-but kind ones) and there’s always something going on. (big families!) Since I get overstimulated with this withdrawal condition, it’s hard for me to think (!) especially when there’s a lot of commotion going on.

    So you looked at Diablo Canyon, but I live way up the coast from there in the trees of Humboldt County. My town is 30 miles inland from the ‘Lost Coast’- a roadless wilderness area. Redwood trees and rugged coastline-beaches not at all good for swimming. Great landscape for nefarious activity (marijuana production). Been dealing with lots of wildfires recently (drought on) and water a big issue. Usually we have wet wet winters here but the last few years not so much-calling January JUNEuary now.

    My own internet would also have restrictions of 10 gigabits of data-meaning no youtubes or movies:(

    Having a hard time again-this experience is hell on earth. You are very lucky you escaped that part of it. I was in hospital once, only for 24 hours-then moved to ‘supportive housing’ for 3 months. Yes, they do twist everything you say and make it sick. That’s when the serious drugging began.

    Wonder how uprising is riding her wave? I feel as if I’m breaking up into small pieces like a plane wreck. A torture technique the CIA would be proud of. My mind is not my own…


    Wish there were something I could do or say that would help humanbeing.

    I’ll leave you a month of internet in my Will. It’s torture technique that the CIA got from psychiatrists. I get really sensitive to commotion too, my mind is so tied up with things and it’s like it takes very little to push me over the edge these days.

    I just watched a CCHR doco. Makes me angry hearing stories of so many peoples lives being destroyed. Had quite a lightbulb moment during the doco though. Might think it out and write a bit about it.

    I know I’d like to travel again. Pakistan and Afghanistan. Promised my mum that I would take her ashes home to England. Don’t know I’ll be able to fulfill that promise now.

    Tell me this isn’t one of the greatest songs ever written 🙂


    Stay strong brothers AND sisters.
    Uprising, Humanbeing and Boans, I came close to the edge, these last few weeks, your replies made all the difference. Living on the edge I get confused by gender. I don’t even know which of you is male or female. I forget what my small self is most of the time too.

    The edge is ok, you just have to look across it, not jump. Death might seem like a release. But you’ll just come right back here, and have to start all over again. Let death choose you, when she is ready, don’t make that decision.

    Don’t you even THINK about checking out.

    I danced to this as a little girl.
    I loved it.
    I love you too.

    With us.
    With me.
    With a sad world that needs people
    Strong as nails.

    Rise Up Humans!
    Don’t think for a moment that a Phoenix is some kind of mythical being.
    You have to embody it to make it sing.


    Never heard of Spooky Tooth before Schizoeffective. Kind of ‘psychadelic’ in many ways.

    Cause my hearts become a crooked hotel, full of rumours.

    Cause how many times can you wake up in this comic book and plant flowers?

    Sixto Rodriguez. Quite a story around this guy. Good movie about it called Searching for the Sugar Man.

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