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The fellowship of the statehood, a letter to editor

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    A second letter that Chicago Tribune, state journal register and Peoria journal star decided not to publish:

    Title: The fellowship of the statehood

    I have worked at non for profit, a state peer run warm line and the division of mental health region offices based out of state hospital. From 2016-2019 the division of mental health central office with administration for Illinois. I am a person that has mental health challenges that involved hospitalization.

    I arrived to the department mental health headquarters discussing talking points when I see them.

    With all due respect, statehood is when you get to central offices it’s nearly all individuals that are Caucasian or white.

    It seems that all it would take is just a few complaints to get a blend in the higher-ranking positions.

    I would say that this is kind of sardonic delivered to the people of Illinois. Sardonic because as a person in recovery that self discloses about my battle with mental health challenges, I advocated many years on other venues. Not this one about cultural make up at department administration. I noticed this whilst my employment.

    The people at state hospital were well rounded and here at administration offices yeah it’s different I have found in the end then it was there at state hospital. Wow, what an interesting journey from person accessing services to peer / CRSS professional.

    Pat Hayes-Ellosias


    P further elaborates on this letter with some Hammer 2 legit to quit.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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