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The political debate we had going

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    Some highlights:

    “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.” – Winston Churchill


    We can make society fairer and healthier:


    cheesy video ! “Americans think” ya they do but…


    Fred Abbe

    Am not very computer literate. Check out the U tube video George Carlin The American Dream



    [quote=37757]U tube video George Carlin The American Dream[/quote]

    Here ya go,

    The “No child left behind” program.

    Translation – “no child left undrugged”.

    Why are so many poor kids taking risky psychiatric medications? A front-page story in Tuesday’s New York Times offers one surprising answer: some pediatricians are prescribing drugs — medications to treat ADHD — to try to boost kids’ grades and give the most disadvantaged students an edge in school.

    Read more: Drugging Poor Kids to Boost Grades in Failing Schools: One Doc Says

    The liberal teachers in action.

    Why your kid is drugged in school

    How it works:

    The State Department of Education gets monies from the Federal Government (Disability) under a program called “IDEA” for each child diagnosed with a disability. A disability could be ADD/ADHD, Bi-polar disorder, Depression or any of the other mental diagnoses.

    Who profits: The State Department of Education, the mental health and counseling Industry, the Pharmaceutical company and the money that is kicked back by lobbyists for politicians special interest (national education association) and of course the legal profession.

    All this at the cost of your child’s Health and welfare.

    The liberal agenda gave us the child drugging epidemic.

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