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Thoughts on Church as the bride of Jesus and where to read

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    I will go back later and cite because I don’t have Bible with me. I’m working out at ymca.

    Bible chapter says Church is spouse or bride of Jesus. I think the chapter is well written actually. It’s somewhat beautiful and also meloncholy with me, but also most lovely when I determined proper way to read the chapter in the Bible.

    Initially I read Edgar Cayce guidance on Christ Consciousness. A way to educate on this is it is trying to bring goodness into the world. Become closer to Jesus in your body, mind and self. Jesus is path to follow offering forgiveness and fulfillment.

    Secondary is that Edgar Cayce guidance is to not specific to Christianity, but yes but to other faith denominations as well.

    Third step is how I determined the Bible I want to read. It is actually different than the Bible Edgar Cayce reads. This further shows that Christ Consciousness is independent aspect in that everyone must stand alone.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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