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To be fair to psychiatrists

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    Since my introduction to forced psychiatry i have been critical of those involved in this profession. I have come to realise that my criticism does not fall on all those involved and would like to clarify my position on this.

    There has been a mass exodus from the public system of psychiatrists recently. Questions have been raised about how to retain psychiatrists in the public hospitals, but little has been said about the reasons for the exodus.

    I believe that the real reason for this is that many psychiatrists may actually believe in their hypocratic oath to “first, do no harm”.

    I have no problem with anyone choosing to use the services of a psychiatrist, and if they feel that they benefit from the experience great. If you wish to visit a sharman and beat drums in the woods and feel you benefit from the experience, great too. But this is not the situation when it comes to involuntary treatments.

    Those psychiatrists who work in our facilities where people are detained and drugged without their consent are those that deserve criticism. It is these psychiatrists who are engaged in what can only be described as state sponsored genocide. They place the interests of the community above the interests of their patients, and are violating their most basic obligations. They are working in the interests of the state, and not the person who they claim to be helping. Of course this involves a certain type of mindset, that one is ridding the community of those dangerous genetically defective elements of society in the interests of the state.

    I have some admiration for these psychiatrists who are leaving this situation where they are doing the bidding of the state and returning to situations where there primary goal is to assist their patient first. Those who remain know that the truth is that they are selling their morals to the state, and also know that they will be protected in their abuses by the state. It’s simply a matter of how much will it cost to corrupt their morals.

    I am reminded of the song by Bob Dylan, Masters of War

    Well let me ask you one question,
    Is your money that good?,
    Will it buy you forgiveness,
    Do you think that it could

    I think you will find,
    When your death takes its toll,
    That all the money you made
    Will never buy back your soul.

    With this in mind i have only one thing to say to these psychiatrists, #$&@ you, and may your stay in hell be a long one. Like your patients the devil is going to be your psychiatrist, and you will know what it is like to be detained and tortured, with no avenue for appeal.


    We look back at what psychiatry was doing 50 years ago and see it as primitive and abusive. In 50 years people will look back at what psychiatry is doing now and see it as primitive and abusive.



    Regardless of the individual shrink, the fact remains that proclaiming oneself a “psychiatrist” means that you see social/political problems as “health” issues; if he/she doesn’t accept this premise, a psychiatrist should make it very clear that he/she rejects the
    notion of “mental illness.” That would also include explaining why, then, the identification as a psychiatrist.


    There has been a mass exodus from the public system of psychiatrists recently. Questions have been raised about how to retain psychiatrists in the public hospitals, but little has been said about the reasons for the exodus.

    I believe that the real reason for this is that many psychiatrists may actually believe in their hypocratic oath to “first, do no harm”.

    You may be giving the psychiatrist too much credit here. There are three major reasons why psychiatrists are leaving the public system in mass.
    1. The first is purely financial. Insurance companies have made major cuts to the reimbursement rates for mental health providers. This has created a situation where many psychiatrist are going in to private practices that take self- pay only.
    2. While many private hospitals now focus on a non-punitive manner of handing adverse events, public facilities are extremely punitive. Physicians, nurses, and other licensed medical providers that I have worked with on a professional level have repeatedly expressed that working in public facilities means putting your license on the line every day.
    3. Public facilities have seen major cuts in their funding and in their patient populations. This is largely because the Department of Justice has mandated that mental health facilities and facilities that provide care to those with developmental disabilities must transition their patients to the least restrictive setting.


    Good points forgetmenot.

    A number of things i hadn’t considered in your post. There are of course significant differences with Australia and the US system. I may actually have a look and follow the money in our situation if i get time.

    Thanks for the comments guys.

    Kind regards


    My experience in Australia is most public psychiatrists are foreign trained from third world countries and are paid much less than private practice. (Of course this leads to cultural issues, such as a friend of mine with Bipolar 2 was told by an Indian shrink he was not ill but his distress was just because he had failed to form a family at age 40 – he had vasectomy at age 17!)

    I laugh at my public psychiatrist because he still puts faith in results of pharmaceutical drug trial lies as the pure truth. At least he agrees with me that every new medicine is trial and error and us patients are all guinea pigs.

    The punitive treatment handed out in public closed wards is done by nurses and I’m not sure psychiatrists realise the extent of the horrors. The amount of rapes and sexual abuse due to men and women not being separated is horrendous and a Victorian NGO is trying to get it addressed but of course is being ignored due to ‘costs’.

    I agree that public psychiatrists should have a lot on their conscience but I think most of them believe in what they are doing and think they are ‘helping’. A 10 minute discussion and a guess at a drug that they don’t admit is a guess and have no clue of the potential harm is pretty crap in my opinion but the government doesn’t want to pay for more. Hell they wish we would all just vapourise and disappear.


    In 30 years of needing shrinks for major depression – 2 of my psychiatrists killed themselves. Another one told me “Only God knows what goes on in the brain”. (Help) My grandfather was one of the first Harvard-trained shrinks to work in UK before WW11. He stuffed up my mother’s life big-time, which naturally stuffed me up. Despite how hard I tried not to let it happen, both my kids suffer from anxiety & depression. (Sins of the fathers and all that). However, my granddad made an absolute killing running expensive homes for rich alcoholics in UK and retired at 50 after making his fortune. (No, none of us benefited when he died – natch, he left it all to RSPCA.)
    Need I repeat how little respect I have for the profession????


    I found this to be interesting; this link is not available and or unaccessable:
    (US government site)

    May be due to this articles content, that came out today



    I don’t know exactly where i heard the saying 5parts2horse but, show me a liar and i’ll show you a thief. Those doctors in the article really fit into both categories.

    I was seriously considering applying for a grant from the college of psychiatrist to conduct a study into the personality types of psychiatrists and serial sexual predators. The title would be First, Do Harm. The reason being that neither understands that no means no, therefore their hippocratic oath would change accordingly. Neither group recognise a victim’s right to consent, and both seek areas away from public scrutiny. Both groups receive gratification from the exercise of power over their victims, and falsely believe that their victims also receive satisfaction from their behaviour. And of course both are prepared to use extreme violence to exercise their power. I just can’t help wondering how similar their personality types are.

    I wonder if they would fund my research, and of course i could use their own methods of building straw men in order to come to any conclusion i wished.

    Dan Burdick

    DSM Nosology labels are non Medical. The clinician who selects and names a person as belonging in a descriptive category of their nosology uses clinical interview, made-up Psychological word tests and their own quote, objective “Professional Opinion.”

    The “Medical model” is merely a propaganda phrase. At the top level in Psychiatry and the drug companies there is no interest in underlying Medical problems or imbalances. For decades these have been catch phrases in use in PR marketing of patented centrally acting drugs.

    In 1973 the top players (at NIMH, APA, drug companies) suppressed their own best researchers and clinicians permanently by crafting the fraudulent Task Force 7 Report.

    People from that original suppressed biochemical treatment group, called the “Orthomolecular” Psychiatrists, such as Linus Pauling and Carl C. Pfieffer, M.D. who were outcast and swept under the rug by the bogus 58 page 1973 peer review are basically totally ignored as if they do not and never did exist.

    Later groups and individuals not identifying themselves with the Orthomolecualar Psychiatrists are also treated as not extant.

    Malcolm Peet is ignored. Mahadik is ignored. Weston Price Foundation and Autism Research institute are ignored. Walsh Research Institute is ignored.

    This silencing of those who would derail psycho-pharmaceutical sales profiteering, indeed at the starting gate, by pursuing valid Medicine is enhanced by the participation in this 1984″un person” activity by many who place themselves as being the leadership and voice of the Opposition Movement to the NIMH, NAMI, TAC, APA/WPA Psychiatry.

    It is evident that those associated with both Re-evaluation Counseling and CCHR have prepared ahead of time an official zeitgeist and a tacitly prearranged state of how discourse will exactly be done (using which ideas and which showcased concepts) for the Freedom Movement — a prearranged and inner group decided world view which also (as the Medicopharmaceutical Complex did beforehand) leaves all these descent people and organizations and the history of their suppression as verboten thought crime.

    There is not two sides to the coin: Biopsychiatry with their behavior-label bogus Medical model “diagnoses” and their three profitable interventions (psychopharmacological maintenance drugging, electroshock treatments and psychosurgery)and on the other side advocates for non-Medical, non-Reductionist humane treatments. That ersatz world view showcases (the known conmen of) Psychopharmacology as the foil for Psychotherapeutic and psychosocial approaches (such as Open Dialogue, CBT, Dianetics and RC Re-evaluation Co-Counseling.

    The Medical model and humane non Reductionism are not the two sides… Psychosocial, Psychoanalytic and Psychotherapeutic approaches, if purportedly valid, have their counterpart in valid Medical and Biochemical therapies – not in the conman propaganda fraud foisted on the World of the NIMH and drug company leadership.

    David Moyer of course is one person who has looked into this very responsibly. I look forward to seeing him referenced by Joanna Moncrieff, David Cohen, Peter Breggin and Duncan Double. Perhaps a video at PsychRights would be nice.

    David Moyer “I once told the leader of an alternative mental health care movement that my son’s brain was broken. He told me that my statement was discriminatory. I told him it was a biological fact. What we call mental illness is biological. Psychological stress, that is, stress of the psyche, is the body’s biological stress response. It plays a role in biobehavioral syndromes. Dr Avi Peled from Israel writes the obvious, but often neglected, truth, that the brain is physical. It is subject to understanding through mathematics and physics. He argues that a re-conceptualization of mental disorders as real brain disorders is needed. Such a system would not only provide a diagnostic system based on etiology but also provide a means to develop curative interventions. Moving beyond mental illness is happening slowly—much too slowly.”

    Stand Up.

    Dan Burdick Eugene, Oregon USA

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