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"Travel ban" issued during snow storm: What does that mean ?

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    Obviously I an sitting around watching the news and its all about the snow storm and am typing my thoughts about this into forums.

    I heard that New York and many other cities towns ect have issued “Travel bans”

    Ya right I can’t go anyplace because it is snowing. We are all under home arrest ??? F them.

    I understand that although my television says that I am under a “travel ban” the TV reporter is just using a figure of speech and cannot establish with any law that I in fact can’t travel anyplace I want to.

    http://www.google.com/search?q=freedom+of+movement Search the right to travel too.

    Thats how stupid Americans are, the TV says some “official” has issued a so called travel ban and they are legally under home arrest. No travel allowed.

    Does anyone question like maybe can I travel across the street to see my neighbor ? What about a neighbors house 100 yards down the street ? A quarter mile ? What does that mean “travel” does it mean stepping off my property ? Is there a distance part to this “travel ban” ?

    None of this shit is defined cause there is no such thing as a legal “travel ban” stupid stupid Americans !


    Hey Infowars, I posted it first on MIA !

    Snow and Martial Law
    Martial law is in effect when police restrict freedom of movement
    Infowars.com – January 24, 2016

    “There is no precise definition for martial law, according to the Supreme Court, but it is generally agreed martial law is in effect when the military or the police restrict freedom of movement.”

    Read more http://www.infowars.com/snow-and-martial-law/


    Infowars should have pointed out that this is part of the war on fun that has been going on for a wile now.


    They want the young people stuck at home. Look at the video , YOUNG PEOPLE HAVING FUN in the snow ! We can not have this behavoir especially in NY NJ or CT the police state epicenter, the model for the entire USA.

    CALL 911 !! DO IT NOW police state supporters! Zero Tolerance. NONE AT ALL !!

    How dare these young people have a little reckless fun (like the older generations always did) NO ! Arrest prosecution NOW !!!

    Those young people should be at home in their little apartment in their parents basement, that’s where most of them live these days cause the fascist pigs and their property taxes and 101 other revenue generating scams make having their own place impossible.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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