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    Hello everyone , my name is Michael , i tried to tell you my story , this is my story …
    I had a hard ride after using amphetamine, im really depressed for about 3 days after use it and the only thing I needed was the rest. In the 3rd day I felt a little better and I knew that the next day will be ok, but my mother was very scared with my condition and forced led me to the psychiatrist, I did not want to talk to him, my mother talked to him about the fact that I took amphetamine and I felt bad, and he said that “ha gave me Ranofren (olanzapine) in case of it! as if it was a psychosis” but I did not have one symptom of psychosis, I had no delusions, hallucinations, no paranoia, I was totally in touch with reality for these 3 days, I only had severe depression. I do not know how it’s possible that he gave me that strong pills without even talking to me! It’s a bad diagnosis.

    I did not want to take these drugs and slept the night, in the morning I felt quite well, depression went away but my mother did not reach anything, did not listen to me said that the doctor gave drugs I have to take them and force me to take them for 5 days. Already after the first tablet I felt terribly tired, I could barely walk, others only worsened the matter, after a few days I stopped thinking, I stopped the internal dialogue, I only felt tiredness. After 5 days, I managed to persuade my mother not to give me more of this drug, I thought that after the withdrawal symptoms pass but it was only worse, new symptoms came, I awoke in the morning in panic and got the worst depression in my life. I felt so bad that after a few weeks I had a suicide attempt, they took me to a psychiatric hospital for observation. Unfortunately for me in this hospital the head was the psychiatrist who misdiagnosed me and said that after the drugs I could not get depression and that it was probably psychosis, I could not believe it. They gave me Ketrel and Rispolept and Depakine, of course I can not refuse to take them.

    For 2.5 weeks I walked like a zombie, I could not think completely, but I wanted to get out of this hospital so badly that everything is ok. They released me almost after 3 weeks, after leaving I stopped taking drugs because I knew how they hurt me. I did not know anything about the fact that you can not leave suddenly ,
    now for a month I have side effects, I have muscle pains in my right arm, I am still tired, I have no feelings, I can only cry over my condition, I have sleep problems and had major anhedonia, and worst of all I can not think completely, I do not have imagination, I do not lead an internal dialogue, my vocabulary has decreased almost to zero, 2 sentences, 3 sentences it all I can say in one breath I have it since Olanzapine, before I was really an intelligent man and you could talk to me about any topic, now I feel as if I had gone through a chemical lobotome. This is horrible. For a month, in addition to work, I do not do anything but read various articles on the Internet that talk about irreversible brain changes after neuroleptics and I am really scared that I will be restrained by the end of my life.

    Also Since I took olanzapine I have a permanent anisocoria, my right pupil is clearly bigger than the other, im really afraid that these drugs have caused some kind of allergic reaction to my nervous system that’s why this pupil is bigger. I found this forum and I am counting on any support because I am very lonely with this problem, my family does not believe that it is medication, psichiatrists say that it is impossible that side effects would persist, ******* ignorants, in Poland they are only to prescribe medicines they have little knowledge and have not even warned me about side effects. Do you know thats some permanent changes going in my brain , im forever be this stupid ? Please help


    I am a psychiatric survivor. I must admit I didn’t read all your story. But I just wanted to say it is possible to fully recover. It took me quite a few months after being off everything to recuperate. Just keep to the basics and don’t rush your body. Eventually I started eating and sleeping normally and now I just won a card game tournament so I guess I can think again. Many things helped me, including supporting people. My latest helpful thing was trying to eat more “real” food. Like organic and made in the local area. It’s just been way easier to digest and I feel normal with more energy. It’ll still be a bit before I consider working, but now I know I’ll get there.



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