Sunday, September 27, 2020

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    Something I wanted to share here – some consumer/survivor activists, including Sarah Knutson who just wrote an article here on the anti-Murphy Bill campaign, are holding space for a / Virtual Pub / Virtual Drop-In / basically every evening now – and they are looking for more people to co-host/help hold the space. You can either join by phone or by internet.

    Some of them are about specific “themes” but it’s all pretty flexible, all part of a human rights-oriented project, I called in for a while on Saturday, and five of us shared some poetry, wondered whether peer-respite activists had ever enlisted the support of insurance companies because of the lower costs, talked about various life stuff. My thought is, this is good both as a way to reach out if you’re doing any organizing in your community – and to hear from allies if you’re having a hard time, certainly it’s better and safer than calling a crisis hotline! And maybe if people here get something out of the conversation, they could volunteer to host for a couple hours a week.

    9 PM -Midnight (EST) – Raging Mad – Sarah (co-hosts wanted)

    9 PM-Midnight (EST) – To Die or Not to Die – Sarah (co-hosts wanted)

    7-8:30 PM (EST) – Intentional Peer Support for Life Beyond Trauma – (co-hosts wanted)
    9-11 PM Mindfreedom / Anti-Psychiatry Get Together

    7-12 Midnight PM (EST) – Calling All Voices/ Visions/ Excluded Realities – (co-hosts wanted
    (note: also calling out for people willing to host a formal Hearing Voices group – either in this time slot or at another time)

    7-10 PM EST – Madly Un/ Happy Hour – (Co-hosts wanted)
    10 PM -1 AM EST- Virtually Mad Pub – (Co-hosts wanted)

    9 PM -1 AM (EST) – Open Mic Blog Share – (Co-hosts wanted)

    7 – 8:30 PM (EST) – Creating Social Change Call – Sarah

    Call-In: 855-661-1243 (toll free)
    Alt phone (not toll free): 331-205-7196 – works pretty well if first number fails
    International call-in: (has local numbers for most countries)


    I’m jealous; living on the west coast puts all that beyond my bedtime.

    Fantastic idea, tho.


    Yeah, great idea. Thanks for the info!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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