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    Jill Stein was the better candidate in 2016 presidential election. That other guy didn’t know Allepo city of Syria.

    I think perhaps people of other countries noticed that with more prevelance than citizens here. Jill Stein seemed grest, but my debates were irrelevant to people I discussed this with.

    In other news my grandpa served in wwii and then employed at the Pentegon. His parents documentation said Lebanon, however with studying history maps it seems it is perhaps Syria. The maps are hard to read.


    So you got the presidential primaries and debates happening this year. We have incumbent and Democratic national primaries a big series of events. The Green and Libertarian parties get a candidate with not a lot of attention however they are on ballots. They are not actually invited to the national debates or humorously televised debates.

    I some public school teachers tangentially here and community paresnts/ people object harshly when perspectives like this are taught in America schools. Ok off topic issue/point.

    Ok now and on topic of voting people can register with local for instance city / county primary elections. That’s mechanism to get involved because so much more likelihood in local rather then state elections and obviously national. So registering with the local primaries is occurring now actually.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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