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Walgreen's rewards program designed to spread germs, index finger dirty keypad

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    I want this to go viral,

    Why does Walgreen’s pharmacy pressure you to enter your phone number on that disgusting keypad 1000s of other people who have had their index finger up there nose touched before you?

    Its not to “save” you 2 cents on every purchase , they know people have their index finger up their nose, wiping mouth mouth in corner of eyes and if they have a cold or the flu they put those germs on that keypad for the next person who does not have the cold or flu yet to get the bugs on their index finger to then touch their eyes nose mouth and infect themselves with the cold of flu then go to Walgreens and buy cold and flu medicine. NEVER touch that discussing keypad 1000s of sick people a day press with their index fingers and spread germs Walgreens designed to infect people.

    Its actually a brilliant plan, cold and flue season get everyone to use index finger to touch that rewards program enter your number keypad and spread it to more people and sell more cold and flue medications.

    That’s why the pressure in Walgreen’s, TYPE THOSE BUTTONS , that’s how they help spread germs and sell more products.

    Disgusting, enter you number on that keypad 1000 sick people touched before you with your index finger.

    They are smart people , they know having every consumer touching on those buttons enter phone number helps spread the germs that make them money. They just care more about money then wellness.


    But a growing body of research suggests that computer mice and keyboards are, in fact, prime real estate for germs. It’s a phenomenon most …

    Swab tests recently conducted of public surfaces in six major cities revealed that ATMs are among the worst carriers of illness-causing germs.

    Goto Walgreens and when they demand type you type the keypad for the UNREWARDING rewards program ask did the person before me buy cold and flue medicine or get a prescription for pink eye ?

    Then like me, if you want, just say no way am I touching that keypad and have fun with how the cashier reacts.

    Sorry dude, sick people all day long index finger on those buttons I refuse. Yuck, No way am my touching that. Not happening.

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    Like it’s written in the one of multiple reviews ( about Walgreens: “What a joke of a pharmacy”.


    Walgreen’s secret checklist profiling at the pharmacy.

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