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"What Is Anti-psychiatry?"

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    What he got right though was how the DSM-III was violating peoples rights simply to be themselves. I think he articulated that sentiment pretty well. The rest of it was pretty much poppycock.

    I did like the term “Psychophobia” that he coined in that section Frank. One need only look at the sheer size of the DSM now to see that what he was saying is right. We need more labels lol.

    I’ve also thought quite deeply about why his ideas would have been seen as being so “dangerous”. I think if I were suffering from the paranoid delusions that are spoken about by psychiatrists, then I might come to that conclusion. Otherwise I’m prepared to rely on system that values freedom and liberty, that can be removed via factual evidence, and due process, with effective accountability and oversight. Thought crimes just don’t come into that type of system, at all.

    With virtually no knowledge of what was going on in these institutions until 3 years ago, I am still in shock about some of the stories I have heard from people. 10 years of drug cocktails, and numerous incarcerations against ones will for not cleaning your house, and a couple too many boyfriends? WTF?

    And the arrogance of the manager of one hospital that I spoke to. Absolutely no idea of the intent and purpose of the Mental Health Act, just we fix peoples problems for them. Having trouble with your teen? Call us and we will sort him out, drugs and torture. He will be doing exactly what you want in no time. These parents who call for help are having their children handed back damaged for life, with nowhere to turn for help.

    I am driven to do whatever I can to bring attention to this. Why was I not aware of this before? Because it was hidden from me. Certainly the massive expansion of CTOs here in Australia is going to bring it to the attention of the public. I hope that this situation is used as a vehicle to point at other more brutal aspects of the system. It may provide a window of opportunity.


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    OK that was interesting, but I got it — hope not too many others did too…

    Frank Blankenship

    Boans. I might have been a little hard on Laing, but not too much so. I thought he got it right when it came to “normality”, how the concept is smoke, and how everyone was at risk when it came to labeling. That was unexpected. He also gave a good word for The Politics of Experience. I didn’t expect that after Mad To Be Normal (1986), a book of interviews, in which he calls The Politics of Experience a mistake. I was probably right in my suspicions that he said that because his license, history at the time the video was made, was on the line, and he was working up his own game of deception, failing at it perhaps. Mostly it was him in the role of shrink. I’ve had that up to my ears and beyond, and I don’t need it. I guess some people do have a need though, to hobble along throughout life with a psychiatrist under an arm.


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Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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