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Why I am Worried Sick

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    Yeah I know about not putting them in the water. Funny thing is where I live they tell you to drop them at the pharmacy and the pharmacists have no better ideas for disposal than you can come up with on your own. They either get..dumped in water; incinerated (as some other garbage does) or go to landfill.

    And there is a definite blind spot in much of the environmental movement about pill waste too.

    If the authorities admitted they were bad for the environment, folks would start asking, “Why am I swallowing this twice a day? Why am I force-feeding this crap to my 5-year-old son?”


    Not too optimistic many would care even then…


    People are about as dumb as they come. My parents believe everything they see on TV. They used to be smart. Too much television in retirement. I wonder how much dementia stems from TV viewing.

    I was mocking a lyrica commercial. Dad said the “side effects” didn’t effect everyone. I said they only listed maybe half the side effects (many had not yet been verified.) If you took one for a prolonged time chances were good you could have 10% of the side effects or 10 out of 100.

    Dad said, “Yes, but if the doctor gives them it’s okay.”

    I pointed out that if doctors only prescribed them when absolutely necessary drug companies wouldn’t run direct-to-consumer ads. Mom started screaming because her precious TV show was on.

    My parents don’t worship God anymore. They say they’re Christians but they really worship “medicines.”

    Julie Greene, MFA

    Hi Anonymous, I have learned that advice-giving often isn’t helpful and I probably shouldn’t give it. May I ask what would happen if you limited communication with your mother? Who calls whom? And how often? What if you were just too busy with your real life to answer the phone? How long do you speak to her? Do you invite her over, or does she invite herself? What if you were “too busy” or “out” when she invited herself? How much do you share with her, and can you limit, I mean, extremely limit the amount of information about you that she has access to? 40 miles is quite far to drive and she won’t keep coming over if you simply “aren’t available.”

    Just don’t pick up the phone and tell you are very busy. Let her guess. Let’s see…taking a class and swamped with homework. Sorry, Mom, I have an important deadline.


    So, have you deal with it?

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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