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    I am only replying to remove this from my email and I am not sure if it will work without submitting something.

    Thank you, Matt, but I am done.

    Congrats, guys. You have pushed me off this site.

    I hope you all find whatever healing you are seeking.

    That is not what I said at all. None of it is. I am so tired of this. I did nothing to you. The things you are claiming I did, I did not do. I never attacked this site, MiA, or any of you.

    And I have come to the conclusion that you are just mean people and it doesn’t matter what I say or do, you will continue to attack anyway.

    If that’s your perogative, then it is, but you are pushing people away from this site.


    I have every right to be on this site.

    I will not be chased off of the forums.

    And I will not quietly sit back while you all continue to trash me for no apparent reason whatsoever.

    Like, seriously…no reason for this.

    Please stop.


    I am a severely traumatized individual. I feel that you have been repeatedly condescending to me, not just you, but others as well. My words have been twisted and taken out of context, with only the negative emphasized. I have been referred to as manipulative, had my opinions repeatedly dismissed, and have been mocked for seeking the support of the staff who run this organization.

    You neither own nor run this organization. I sought clarification from the compassionate and supportive individuals I had spoken to prior to even posting on this forum. I am not engaging in a discussion in my views with you on this forum because of the way you all have been responding and twisting my words. I have no interest in engaging with people who are treating me as though I am less than them for having different viewpoints than them.

    You are even jumping on the one person who showed me support as though you want every single person to turn against me in this forum. I am nothing short of stunned as to why you are so concerned with me and my opinions given I do not know you and you all seem to think that your opinions are so superior to my own.

    If that is what you think, alright, I can accept that. But as an adult, when another adult asks you to please stop contacting her because she feels attacked and harassed and you are upsetting her, I would think you would want to stop as you would not want to cause another human being, particularly a fellow survivor, suffering.

    I am asking you to please stop now. I am severely traumatized and you are triggering me. All of you.

    Please stop.

    All, if you continue to address me in these forums in such a degrading and disrespectful way, I will contact the staff for this site and report you for harassment. This is not what this site is for and I am certain they do not approve of such actions.

    We are here to support one another. Not be abusive towards one another. I am certain that the staff will not approve of such behaviors.

    in reply to: Pregnant and forcibly drugged #87438

    I am having trouble getting advocacy organizations and lawyers to help me with a case as well because of my mental illness. I know exactly what you mean about us being lepers. It is a terrible, helpless feeling and my heart goes out to you.

    Nothing is predictable and you have to make the decisions you feel are right for you and your situation, AFTER evaluating your specific circumstances. But as a college-educated, non-violent, clean record individual who went through something similar, these are the strategies that helped me:

    If you don’t mind sharing more information, what is the name of the medication and what state are you in? How pregnant are you? Did you contact the national ACLU or your local chapter? The national ones never help unless you have something huge happening that you can prove or a lot of people who want to bring forth a class action type deal together. Local and regional chapters are the most promising because they have less on their plate.

    Have you spoken to your medical doctor about the drugs they are giving you? Have you tried to go up the ranks to the supervisors who are above the people with whom you are directly interacting?

    You can make a complaint against the license of the psychiatrist who is prescribing the medication to you. The American Psychiatric Association or the American Psychological Association should have resources to show you how to do this. I know the second APA does, but will only help with psychologists and therapists.

    My advice: Make noise. In a way that is respectful and non-threatening, make noise. Get witnesses with you when they are forcing the medication, inform them you are taping and recording interactions, write down dates and names in front of them so they can see what you are doing, and find the names of big newspapers who have done similar stories and inform them that you are reaching out to the media, lawyers, and advocacy organizations with this information and your concerns that your rights and the rights of your unborn child are being violated. NEVER meet with ANYONE associated with the agency doing this alone. Always have a support person with you. The more the better. The higher the education or more successful the individual, the better.

    You tell them about the series on abusive practices through mental health services that the Chicago Tribune has done. You tell them to look up Duaa Eldeib and her coworkers. They were finalists for Pulitzer Prizes for their series. You make them buy it. That if they don’t stop you are going to the media with your story and their names and agency will be plastered all over the country as an abusive organization. You contact the high up people and you tell them, the administration.

    They don’t care about you. They care about their image and their funding. You threaten those two things, you make noise, you start documenting everything, throw your education and support system out there…make them see that you will be heard and taken seriously if they don’t stop and you decide to come forward with your story.

    There is a support line for individuals who are locked up to call for assistance if they feel they are being abused. I am certain that there must be something like that for whatever your are under, as well, if it is involuntary. Whether or not it actually helps is another thing entirely, but by law they have to provide you with it if you ask for it if this is an involuntary treatment thing. Request access to patient advocates.

    If you have personal insurance covering this forced care, you exercise your right as a patient paying for services. I did that one and nothing worked quicker or more successfully. I told the I was the one paying THEM for MY care and I EXPECTED the best services the hospital had to offer as a CUSTOMER.

    It’s been awhile, but another site I used was the Center for Constitutional Rights…Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law…your state’s bar association referral site…there are religious groups that fight for constitutional rights, too. I don’t know that any of these can help you, but it never hurts to try.

    I may be able to offer more assistance depending what state you are in. Illinois sucks for advocacy, but that Chicago Tribune series and the budget cuts have people walking on eggshells and it works in the favor of the clients. Washington D.C. and California have the most assistance when it comes to legal and advocacy work, at least from what I have found.

    Again, I am only giving you advice. You are in control of your life and your decisions. Please don’t blindly follow my suggestions as they are nothing more than what has worked for me and I cannot promise they will work for you. But I hope if you try them that they do…

    Mr. Stevenson,

    I thank you for your support and understanding. I spoke to a staff member and after decided to return to the site. Upon seeing your support, I am even more inclined to remain. I hope you have a nice evening and thank you again for your kind words.


    I have spoken to the staff who run this site. They have informed me that those of you commenting on this are not staff and do not represent the organization. I have no desire to continue communication with you. Please stop posting things addressed to me as they are unwelcome and I will no longer respond to them.

    Selena, I may not have read everything on this site, but I have read a lot. I gave you my opinion based on my education, professional experience, personal experience, and extensive research through numerous sources and organizations on the topic. I hope that what I have said to you may have offered some help and comfort. If not, then I hope what someone else has said has offered you both instead. I apologize if any of my comments led to a discussion that took away from your question. It was not my intent and I am rather surprised and disappointed in the way others have responded. I encourage you to continue to reach out in whatever way you feel is best in seeking help for yourself and your son.

    First, I never said anything about Ambien.

    Second, again, I am not saying the site is Scientology or pseudoscience. I am using words and labels I have seen in other places on this site. The magazine example was not me saying this site was Scientology, it was just an example of what I was referring to.

    Third, I never said I was qualified to make any pronouncement. I have stated repeatedly that I am coming from this as the point of view of an outsider and stated that it is my opinion. May I ask why you feel so much more qualified than me that you feel it is okay to treat your opinions as though they have more merit than mine?

    Fourth, all I did was provide my opinion to the woman who posted a question. Rather than you all answering her question, you all are jumping on me for sharing my opinion. If this is what this site is, attacking new people for their questions and opinions, I don’t see how you are any better than the therapists and psychiatrists you attack for not listening to your opinions. Because I do feel attacked.

    This is clearly not a place to discuss my thoughts and opinions. This is clearly a place for everyone who agrees with one point of view to get together and discuss that point of view. You all are literally throwing my words back in my face, of course ignoring all the positives I have mentioned, and shoving to your views down my throat.

    I came here for support like anyone else. I am sorry that my views are different from yours, but I have every right to them all the same.

    I will not be discussing anything more in this site as I feel very unwelcome here. I was just trying to reach out for help and support and have been nothing but respectful. I am sorry if I offended people with my opinion…even though I definitely balanced it out with both good and bad.

    I was not trying to attack the site. I was just trying to talk and get and give support like anyone else. I am sorry that this pissed so many people off. I will be moving onto another site and no longer visiting this site anymore.

    I wish all of you the very best in what you are trying to accomplish.

    Humanbeing, maybe you didn’t sound angry. I know I am, not at you, but at what was done to me. So, maybe I just took it that way because of my own hurt and rage as I have yet to get justice for what I have been through because I am deemed “not credible” by lawyers and investigators and, at times, support agencies, due to the psychosis. I do appreciate your viewpoint, though, and am certain you know much more about this site than I. I know the impact of insomnia and I hope you are able to get sleep Soon.


    Thank you for the explanation. It helped A LOT. I am not certain what exactly you want examples of: how I feel the site is straying away from facts etc. or how I feel it may be hurting instead of helping?

    I look at this from the perspective of marketing. Not with the intention of belittling anything, but with the intention of spreading what this site is trying to do because I believe it is unbelievably important. So, coming onto this site and viewing a video on one of the main pages where a man states that he had to go to the hospital for injuries because he was psychotic and drove his car off of something or into something, I can’t remember which…and in the same sentence stating that his psychosis was an altered state as though it was something to be celebrated…as an outside coming in, it is offputting and makes me question the legitimacy of the site. From my perspective, it appears as though the site is taking almost a religious view of psychosis as an “altered or higher state of being.” Although I respect anyone’s right to have this opinion, following my personal experience with psychosis and story after story of how psychosis had ruined lives on the same site…or any state of mind where someone is injuring themselves or others in a way that is severe and life-threatening, I cannot comprehend it as anything other than an illness.

    So, entering this site as an advocate with a particularly painful, stunning, and powerful story…entering this site with the goal of starting an advocacy group and dedicating the rest of my life and career to fighting these practices, I am hesitant to associate my name and story with this site for the reputation it may acquire from such extreme perspectives.

    I don’t want to refer someone to this site as a resource if it is going to appear to them to be anything other than legit. I was hesitant to take this site seriously until I saw it’S association with Allen Frances in YouTube. You have to understand, coming from this as an outsider who is looking to invest and refer others from the general public or who still believe in the truly mainstream psychiatry and psychology, ever little thing will be examined with a critical eye as that is what academics and researchers are trained to do.

    Something as simple as associating Scientology with this site/cause or having videos where being in a state of mind that causes someone to do something to almost kill themselves is celebrated can turn individuals away from not only this site, but the overall cause. It can cause some people, particularly those who haven’t experienced the abuses to the severity that many of us have experienced or witnessed it, can turn people away and have them “dismiss” the site as nonsense.

    For example, at the library, I was a magazine with the cover discussing the dangers of ECT. This topic is most certainly merited and empirically supported. I saw someone make a face at me when I was excited and picked it up and I was confused as to why. I saw it was a Scientology magazine and instantly understood. I replaced the magazine without reading the article solely off of the reputation of Scientology.

    The same stands true for this site and cause. If not careful, it will be associated with pseudoscience and claims will be dismissed by those we need to hear it the most: those who are NOT on our side. The general public, the politicians, those creating the new DSM’s, and other scientific societies who are taken as legitimate.

    It is not fair and it right, but until we accept that, as sufferers of mental illness, a great deal of people will instantaneously write us off as not credible. We need these individuals with prestige within the field and public eye to listen to us and help advocate for us. It is why I am going deeply into debt for a career in the field of policy, so that I can become one of those prestigious, credible people.

    We are not the public. We are the minority. We are those who are most impacted by the field and, as with any other civil rights issue, change will only result if we get the “majority” on board by showing them the horrors AND that we are legitimate, intelligent individuals who are not “crazy” or making up stories.

    Not fair. Not right. But reality. Everything on this site becomes MiA’s image. Every association, every connection will bring individuals either closer or further from believing in and supporting the need for change.

    Just my opinion and experience. Also, on my iPhone which makes it incredibly difficult to edit what I am saying, so I apologize for any lack of clarification or typos.

    Please feel free to challenge anything I say respectfully. I am fairly open-minded and extremely appreciative of sites such as this.




    I am not certain that your post was meant for me, but I am assuming it is. If so, I encourage you to reread my post when less angry. I am not against you. I am one of you. I was literally pushed into a psychotic break from therapy and then made to look crazy to cover it. I have been molested and raped by people in the field.

    As for the “mainstream psychology” I see no where on this site where I am not allowed to share my perspectives because they are what one person considers mainstream. And you may consider them mainstream, but others certainly do not.

    I only mention Scientology because the individual who posted before me is the one who said this site has Scientology in it.

    I am not looking to argue. She asked for opinions and I expressed mine. I am neither the source nor the cause of your anger. I am sorry for what you have been through. I have been through the same. I know full and well about big pharma. I know full and well the damage caused by medication.

    But, I also know plenty of people who have also been helped by the field and the medication, myself included. And I believe strongly that it is necessary to take those into account in advocacy work.

    I do not label or attack your opinions. I ask that you offer me the same respect. We are all here because we have been hurt by the field.

    Not only have I not dismissed MIA, I am trying to find a publisher to publish everyone’S personal stories in a book to help MiA fundraiser and grow.

    I wish you love and healing on you journey. ❤

    in reply to: Mental health discrimination in higher ed #87355

    I am so sorry for what you have experienced and thank you for sharing. I experienced something similar and it saddens me to see that nothing has changed in the last sixteen years. I am continuing to pursue my education at great financial cost to me and I fear every single day that what happened at my last university will happen to me again.

    I am trying to start an advocacy group with the sole focus on mental illness discrimination in higher education. If this is something you have any interest in, please let me know.

    On another note, you may not have a piece of paper stating that you have a degree, but you do have the knowledge. They can never take what you learned from you. And clearly you are a good writer. It might be time to consider combining the two and using all that hard work to benefit you, even if it is without the piece of paper and the label because those two things are certainly nothing more than a representation of that very knowledge that no one can take from you.

    You are not alone. This has happened and continues to happen to so very, very many people across the country. Especially in the training of individuals to become mental health professionals (as was my case, also). It leaves one to surmise, if those being prevented from entering the field are those who have been most affected by it, perhaps this is why the field is so abusive and falling apart right now. Because those who dominate it have no inkling of an idea of what it is like to be on the other side of the services they are doling out for the purpose of “help”. Just a random thought.

    Please know I am here to offer any support possible. I wish you all the very best and am also curious, what is the name of the book you were mentioning above?

    Stay strong, friend. ✌🏻

    Hi, Selena. Thank you for reaching out. I am also new to this site and, no offense to anyone, I think it’s credibility is greatly damaged by Scientology type claims and the extreme negativity towards the field. To me, on one end, psychiatrists think everything they are doing is right and on the other MIA seems to think everything psychiatrists are doing is wrong. The logical conclusion, of course, is that both parties are ultimately wrong as nothing is so black and white.

    I have been in and out of the mental health in some form since I was six years old and my brother tried to take his own life. The first time I was a patient, I was eleven. The first time I was committed against my will to short-term ward, I was fourteen. This was also the first time I was abused my staff within the field under the veil of therapy.

    I became a part of the field at twenty-two when I went away to college and completely left the field last year at 27. So, when I say this, I am speaking from the point of view from someone on all sides of the argument.

    I read you son’s story weeks ago and it breaks my heart because I believe every word of it and because, had circumstances been slightly different in my case (I didn’t harm anyone when I was psychotic), then I could be sitting exactly where your son is today instead of in a Master’s program. I know the fear and hopelessness he feels. I understand his feeling ignored and invisible.

    However, and this is a big however, I do not believe that psychiatry is all bad. I have read scientific study after study on how treatment (therapy included) and psychiatry have helped people. I have been helped through an extremely dark time of my life with the use of Prozac and Buspirone for anxiety associated with PTSD and OCD resulting from the abuses I experienced as a patient of the mental health field for fourteen years.

    Psychiatry works WHEN DONE CORRECTLY. The problem is, as Allen Frances points out, it is NOT being done correctly. It has become a poorly managed system influenced heavily by money and prestige. Your son is not experiencing what he is experiencing in his hospital because he is locked up there or even in a mental health hospital. What he is going through is happening in prisons and juvenile detention centers and residential treatment centers across America. Your son is experiencing what he is experiencing because he is institutionalized. I am saying neither that it is his fault nor that it is okay, because it most certainly is not. What I am saying is that psychiatry is a vessel for this, not the cause. Locking people away in a place where employees are over-stressed, under-qualified, under-paid, and poorly supervised gives them the freedom to do that which they want with no repercussions. I have seen this first hand and it is why I chose to leave the field.

    Psychosis is not an altered state. It is an illness. It makes bad things happen. Psychiatry is not the only part of the mental health field that is being abused and hurting in the name of helping. I stopped taking medications at 19 but continued therapy until last year. The abuses I experienced at the hands of psychologists were, at a minimum, JUST AS ABUSIVE as the overmedication and forced commitment…

    I belong to MIA because I believe in the people sharing their stories and the core of the central message. I worry that MIA is hurting more than helping by straying away from the scientific facts and personal stories into Scientology and pseudoscience. But, MIA is not the only source out there. Have you tried the Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law? They do not take personal cases, but it sounds as though your sons case is not unique and they may be able to offer referrals if nothing help. The Therapist Exploitation Link Line and Survivors Against Institutional Abuse are two alternatives for support. I encourage using these in addition to MIA, not in place of it.

    The people on this site do not have the answers anymore than the psychiatrists or professionals your son sees. We are all walking blind in a field that has mutiliated the idea of mental illness and mental health treatment. All of it exists and is certainly important, often life-threateningly so, but it is so clogged with opinion and profit that at this point, we are all walking blind trying to figure out what is wrong with us, what isn’t wrong with us, what helps vs. hurts, and how to get our voices heard so that we can bring about change to protect individuals like your son.

    Another thing to consider is your son taking his story to the press. Attention=pressure=change. But once this Pandora’s box is open, there is no closing it or predicting how it will play out, so before he considers such an action, make sure he has thought it out thoroughly and over a long course of time.

    I am so sorry for you and your son’s pain. I hope with you every ounce of my being that he will be heard. Hell is a Very Small Place is a book on solitary confinement by Jean Casella and others. On page 83 is a personal story titled “A Tale of Evolving Resistance” by Todd Lewis Ashker. As a prisoner, he repeatedly sued the prison system, earning rights for the prisoners, while also coordinating the prisoners to fight for additional rights. Burning Down the House by Nell Bernstein focuses on the abuses that occur against youth locked up in juvenile detention centers and makes the argument that Institutional centers should be abolished and replaced with intensive community services. The suffering your son is experiencing is not due to psychiatry. Psychiatry is a justification for it and is a participant of it, but it is his institutionalization. However, he is certainly not powerless. Look at what Ashker has accomplished.

    Not everyone wishes to take on the fight for advocacy and justice, but for those of us who do, there is a mountain of healing, success, and change waiting to be had. We need less discussion about Scientology and more discussion about ending the abuses. Psychiatry isn’t the enemy. It is the people within the system disregarding what science is telling them out of selfishness or for their own personal gain who are the problem. People (no matter their label or situation) have the power to stop people, if done correctly, intelligently, and factually.

    You and your son will be in my prayers. ❤

    in reply to: Does anyone know psychiatric malpractice lawyers? #86891

    I would suggest trying the Bazelon Law Center. It is a long shot because they don’t typically take individual cases, but it is worth a shot. If not, they may be able to give referrals.

    There are also the bar association sites for whatever area she is located in. A google search should bring them up.

    Given that it involves medication, it is possible that she doesn’t need specifically a psychiatric malpractice lawyer. Can’t say for sure.

    I’ve been looking for one, too, but my situation doesn’t involve medication and falls under several law violations so I, unfortunately, cannot help more than that.

    Hope that helps some and good luck!

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