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    “Be assured however that this movement has a substantial history ”

    1. I think more and more people are seeing that Capitalism is insanity and could never work, and that it depends on child abuse and psychotherapy.

    2. Psych meds have gone so far and have been given to so many, that I think people are ready to strike back.

    3. People like Alice Miller have gone so far in showing that the normative family is predicated on child abuse.

    4. More and more our psych system is just a system for regulating the poor.

    So though yes, Anti-Psychiatry is a long running movement, I think there are reasons that now more can happen.


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    I like your idea. Lets start it right here:

    People can submit their stories. As it grows I can write the code to organize it by region as you have shown. I want people to submit their accounts of doctors, hospitals, parents, or disability, welfare, probations, or paroles case officers.

    If people will go a bit further and send written affidavits, signed, and with contact info, I believe that we could put any of the above out of action via sidewalk picketing + newspapers + litigation. I mean therapists basically follow the same script for everyone, right. Jeffrey Mason explains this. So all we have to do is expose this, and they should go right down.

    So lets go, tell me how you want it set up and I’ll do it. And of course we’ll have PM and email contact ability too.

    And if anyone doesn’t like it, tell them I look forward to being sued by them, because that way the truth will finally come out in the open.


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    ” the issues you bring to the table are already being discussed by many.”

    Where are these things being discussed? I want to be there, and I’ll prove myself worthy of being considered a comrade. I want to be in the company of Women and Men of Action, not with people who are in Recovery and Therapy.

    So lets look at the situation and decide how we should act.

    I helped put a Pentecostal Daughter Molester, who was being 100% supported by his church, into our state prison. I am counting him as my first scalp.

    Now I want to go after more formidable foes. So what are some actions we can take and have a decent chance of winning in?

    1. Putting some select doctors or clinics out of business?
    2. Helping a child prevail in a lawsuit against their parents?
    3. Helping to change US law to stop disinheritance?
    4. Setting up an overseas case tracking office, so that once a familial abuse complaint is logged, the case is tracked for the lifetimes of all parties?
    5. An advocacy core, who visit abusive parents and tell them that they need to pay up? They must feel tangible censure, in the only language they understand.
    6. Some aggressive public interest attorneys who will go after parents with the same zeal that Jeff Anderson goes after the Catholic Church?
    7. An aggressive exposure campaign against the worst of the worst, which is usually the county run mental health system, Doctors/hospitals/crisis lines?
    8. aggressive anti-medication law suits, always using law suits to extend the envelope?
    9. Making sure the US gets a comprehensive economic safety net and unlimited free college at any age, and that there is no denigration of the poor, or those who just don’t fit in?


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    I don’t know if delusional is the best way to put it. But a therapist would not be a therapist unless they were committed to inaction. And that means that they are committed to their own denial.

    Before considering a therapist ask them,

    How many child abusers have you gotten imprisoned?
    How much money have you recovered from parents for their children?
    How many direct interventions and telling parents that they are being held responsible have you done?
    How much direct action and of what type have you done?

    How much money have you collected from your patients?

    Of course the answers to all but the last will always be zero. So tell that therapist, I consider you to be guilty as a War Criminal, in the war against children.


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    Your memes are not silly. Not at all. Most people accept that they psychiatric system and psychotherapy are Good. We have to change this.

    Recently at a church group I know of people were debating what to about a sometimes visitor who was often disruptive and rather threatening. People did not want to be excessively harsh. So someone floated that idea that “he should get the help he needs”. See, that way they could banish him and not feel guilty.

    I objected to this. I told them that this guy was clearly already a product of the psychiatric system and its abusive therapy and medication. He was probably handed a Bipolar 2 diagnosis. The result of this is that he is now afraid to feel his feelings. And so he is dissociated, and this is why he is so strange and problematic. This pissed people off, but it is the truth.

    So yes, filing complaints against psych hospitals is one way, if people have the first hand experience. But there are other ways, like showing people that the entire premises are wrong.

    And then consider that Capitalism and The Family are two sides of the same coin. Neither could exist without the other. They both depend upon the abuse of children, to make them comply with societal expectations.

    So of course it is always best if problems can be solved via enforcement of laws, the court system, and the ballot box. But sometimes, when the system is based on the abuse of children, using only these methods will guarantee that the abusers always win. They abuse children simply because they are children.

    So we need to expose this issue, and then take stronger and more direct means.

    I like your energy and commitment Cat.



    Schizophrenia—What Causes It?

    Schizophrenia Recovery without Medication—Hearing Voices

    As I see it, and generally following Deleuze and Guattari’s Anti-Oedipus, the schizo is the one who cannot be Oedipalized. They will not be made to believe that their anger is just against projections of their parents, or that their anger is the problem. They refuse to kneel down and worship the Holy Family. The schizo is white hot, and they are breaking out in all different directions all the time.

    What causes clinical schizophrenia is when they are broken down, beaten down, neuroticised. This is done through the psychiatric and psychotherapy systems, it may or may not involve drugs, electro shock or insulin shock. It can be done with just talk therapy. It can be done just by getting the patient to vent histrionically as with Arthur Janov.

    And yes, clinical autism can resemble clinical schizophrenia. They are probably similar, as these are both caused by the same sorts of psychological abuse.

    One of the most dangerous things about medication is that the doctor is convincing the patient that they need it, that they are held together by scotch tape. This does extreme harm, and as long as they believe it they will continue to deteriorate.

    I say that political consciousness raising and revolution are the solution to all psychotherapeutic issues.

    Housed, feed, clothed, educated, helped along on the path towards self awareness, then equipped and offered the chance to fight to redress wrongs. Once people see that they can be part of the solution, that they don’t need healing, recovery, therapy, or to practice forgiveness or live and let live, then their problems will vanish as they burst forth into life, treading on a carpet made of their vanquished foes.

    Shows the path from inaction to action:

    Film adaptation is even better, from giving speeches and singing The Inernationale, to point blank assassinations:


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    So lets figure out some specific targets we can go after, like putting some of these doctors or drug companies out of business?


    in reply to: Oppression and Striking Back #74994

    And thank you.

    Drawing from another thread, we need to be discussing how we will strike back, not if we should strike back.

    Our legal system is good at dealing with some sorts of injustice, but not those the middle class family and it’s doctors perpetrate against children, and not those which underlie Capitalism, the Work Ethic, and the Family. To deal with those we have to treat it all as a state of war, and be willing to do whatever it takes to make the situation change.


    in reply to: Defining Anti-Psychiatry #74992

    Oldhead and Frank Blankenship, thanks for responding to me and thanks for the encouragement. Of course I’m going to stick around. I’ve been banished from all the English Language Recovery Movement forums in the world, simply because I want action instead of Healing, Therapy, and Recovery. They banish me by name and IP address. So a year later I rejoin through a proxy server. They really don’t seem to know that it is me. But sure enough, very soon I am hearing similar kinds of denouncements, though from different moderators, and then I am banished again. Recovery and Therapy are based on the premise of inaction, the requirement of inaction, and the idea that inaction is morally superior.

    “…want to discuss how to defeat psychiatry, not whether we should try”


    Now as far as having some kind of an organization, I think we will need many different types of organizations, as psychiatry has to be attacked at all levels. But what I would not want to do is set up some sort of mandatory counter doctrine. We do have Philosophical Counseling, and there are many different schools of philosophical thought. But for me the main issue is always going to be action versus inaction, and the raising of political consciousness.

    If it is not predicated on action, then it is still the same as going into a Confessional and asking for forgiveness. And histrionic venting is just a celebration of my own impotence.

    Now yes, forced psychiatry is horrible, and so we should act. We should set up safe houses and whatever else we need, and we should get legal changes. But you know, I am starting to see that one of the reasons that people accept the labels is just because benefits and services are tied to them.

    And then likewise with things like Autism. ASAN is mostly saying all the right things. But they stop short of saying that Autism or this Neurological Difference don’t exit. And I’m coming to feel that the issue is the benefits.

    Whereas for myself I say that there is no such thing as autism, and that the entire concept is just a justification for child abuse. It is another version of Medical Munchausens, or of Original Sin.

    So then these disability benefits are working the same way as welfare and public assistance benefits, they are to regulate the needy, rather than to care for them or meet their needs, they are to control them.

    Now for example, MindFreedom, they of course want to stop all forced psychiatry. But they still say that there are some legitimate forms of psychotherapy. I do not agree with this. I go with Jeffrey Mason and Alice Miller when she was at her best.

    Okay, but this does not mean that I want to outlaw it, outlaw a form of communication between consenting adults. I just want to discourage it, like I would the use of heroin, and I want to cut off all of it’s authority.

    Part of the reason I mention this is as I have seen, Robert Whitaker’s books are mostly about psychiatric medications, but not talk therapy. But then if you do start to question the justification for the medications, then you will soon be also questioning the premises of the talk therapy, and of all therapy.

    So I want to delegitimate all forms of psychotherapy, but not try to legally prohibit them when non-coercive and pertaining to adults.

    My position about Therapy and Recovery is that they are simply taking the subject’s experience of injustice and turning it into a medical condition and a self-improvement project.

    So let me see if I can state where I am at and what I would like to see:

    1. Delicense, but do not attempt to criminalize, psychotherapy. We have psychics and faith healers, we can still have non-licensed psychotherapists.

    2. Either remove psych drugs from the market, or just treat them the same as decriminalized street drugs and impose only some purchase, packaging, and time and place of use laws.

    3. Protect children, sending a child to a therapist is usually an act of child abuse. And so you need to look at the family this is coming from. At a minimum, CPS should visit and supervise. Maybe the court should be supervising such cases. The parents should have to be in some sort of therapy, or re-education program at the same time. Never just the child, and the parents have to comply or they lose custody, but they always pay the bills.

    4. Take the profit out of child abuse, by preventing disinheritance and also forcing the parents to pay earlier in cases of need or abuse. Also make it so that if the child is any kind of therapy, then the parents are subjected to scrutiny on at least a 2 to 1 level. One hour per week for the child, means two hours per week of mandatory scrutiny for the parents.

    5. So if I think therapy is so wrong, why don’t I just turn my back to it? Well the answer is that I want to stop child abuse. Therapy is almost always either a kind of ongoing child abuse, or a machine to cover up for past child abuse and the reason nothing is done about it. So to find people who are aware that they are abused, you should start by going to therapists’ offices. But then problem is that their patients are being further abused by their therapists.

    6. So of course I want Philosophical Counseling, of all types, but mostly to raise political consciousness. I believe that political consciousness is the answer to all such problems. So I want to be involved in all manner of advocacy and direct action.

    7. Some types of crime are well addressed by our legal system. But these Muchausen’s style abuses of children are not, and so in order to stop them we need to see it as war instead of police action. We have to strike back, even though it is long after the fact.

    I helped put a local Pentecostal Daughter Molester who was fully supported by his church, into our state prison. And on top of that, know what the mother was trying to do, to help the girls get beyond these, “false memories” so that they could feel good again? Send them to therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization Therapy, a form of brain washing, like all therapy is.

    So I want to raise people’s consciousness, and that always has to happen in the context of political action and direct action. There is no awareness without action. We learn by what we involve ourselves in. If you are aware you will be acting, you will be the one kicking in doors and stopping what is going on and meting out punishment. This is war, asymmetrical war, and so we have to do it this way.

    Capitalism and The Family are two sides of the same coin. Neither could exist without the other. And then the police man is the psychiatric system. Anyone who does not comply is handed over to the psychiatric system.

    So another way to fight back is to look for parent v child conflict, and intercede and always side 100% with the child and kick ass. Make the parents into public examples. Most of the suffering in a country like the US is caused by parental blacksheeping, and this is the reason that our broken society is not changed.

    So I say that we look for attack points:

    1. Any case of child suing parents.
    2. Any case of child trying to block disinheritance.
    3. Any parent v child conflict is the result of child abuse, so prosecute and sue. Go after the blacksheepers.
    4. Like Piven and Cloward, go after our welfare admins, and disability benefits admins too. Make it so that there cannot be denigration in these programs. Make sure that any claim of neediness or diability is always 100% private. Try to replace these kinds of programs with Citizenship Pay and Public Housing available for all.
    5. Get people off of all drugs, prescription or street, anything which alters mood or reduces their combat effectiveness.
    6. Get people into school, either Bernie Sanders free schools, or our own independent study schools.
    7. Go after any legal favoritism of families.
    8. Make sure children are always provided for and always have places to go so that they can never be trapped in a familial domicile.

    Maybe we aren’t founding a new society, and so their won’t be epic level violence. But we are as Deleuze and Guattari say, adding an axiomatic. Capitalism has been able to add axiomatics for women and minorities. We need to also add ones for children and adult children, and stop letting this all get turned into psychiatric issues.

    We can’t win every battle, but we can win some. That is unless we don’t even try. Then we can’t win any. So pick some that we can win. Put some psychotherapists out of business. Jump into a parent v child conflict and teach the parents a public lesson they will never forget. Or force our government to provide for all who are in need without any denigration or labeling, and discredit the Self-Reliance Ethic as it is just another version of Original Sin. Force our government to prosecute psychological child abuse cases and to provide safety valves so that children are not at risk. Shut down some of these aversives clinics, and the psychological torture versions, like Lynn Kern Koegel at the University of California Santa Barbara.


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    How about another alternative, organizing with comrades and fighting back?


    in reply to: Forced Treatment #74953

    I think what it just comes down to is that we have to inflict consequences upon the parents and the doctors. Doesn’t matter which is the more culpable, as what they are doing is so destructive, and because they are preying on children because they are children and because children can’t strike back, THIS IS WAR!

    Familial and White Coat Assisted child abuse will be stopped when the authorities have no other choice, because the survivors have taken to handling it themselves.

    Do you think rape, murder, or robbery are prosecuted because Kings and Presidents really care that much about the victims?


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    I like you ideas here, especially that it is Munchausens, meaning that it starts by violating one’s own children.



    Take These Broken Wings — Recovery from Schizophrenia without Medication (FULL FILM)


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    I’m new to this outstanding board, and this is a long thread. I’m glad it is under “Organizing for Social Change”, instead of Rethinking Psychiatry. I would not want to contribute much to the later.

    So as a newcomer here I would just say that in defining Anti-Psychiatry one needs to decide what they want the result to be.

    Are you trying to:

    1. Eliminate anything like psychiatry, punish violators by imprisonment.

    2. Delicense Psychiatry, make it be like fortune telling and faith healing.

    3. Replace psychiatry, R. D. Laing did not like being called Anti-Psychiatrist. D. G. Cooper still conducted Anti-Psychiatry sessions and collected anti-fees.

    4. Primal Therapy and Existential Therapy are already forms of anti-psychiatry psychiatry.

    5. Just to remove its authority? Everyone time one of us calls someone, “crazy”, “nut case”, “psychotic”, we are playing into the hands of psychiatrists and their authority. We need to stop doing this.

    6. Banish psychiatrists from pre-trial legal proceedings.

    7. Just refuse to cooperate with them?

    8. Hold them accountable. They used to tell children they were imagining sexual abuse. Today this could land them in a jail cell. But they still discourage any kind of redress. You are just supposed to learn to feel better, and this is in my opinion where the primary abuse lies.

    9. Impose legal limits, like no sexual re-orientation therapy for juveniles. Maybe not for anyone. No bum legal advice ( telling people not pursue legal or revolutionary redress )

    10. Replace it with Philosophical Counseling? Psychotherapy is based on some philosophical premises, from Franz Brentano to Sigmund Freud. But there are other philosophies which are much better.

    11. Replace it with Philosophical Counseling oriented towards political activism. Let people become part of the solution. Your psychotherapist is not going to be kicking in doors and placing abusive parents in handcuffs, or padlocking the doors on aversives clinics. But maybe you are like me and want to be doing these kinds of things. I believe that judicial, legislative, and political activism will cure all supposed mental illnesses, developmental disorders, or addictions. As I see it, the primary issue with psychotherapy is that it amounts to blaming the victim. It is like if a woman went to the police station to report a rape, and she was told about therapy and recovery and how Jesus loves her. Your therapist would not be a therapist unless they were committed to inaction. So what we need instead is political consciousness raising, followed by training and equipping for action.


    You Are Invited:

    in reply to: Revolution Instead of Therapy and Recovery #74869

    nooneinparticular wrote, “It’s not like I’m out of the forest yet. Every day I feel the rot setting in, and know that something needs to be done about it…
    …but when I try to work with the system, I’m kicked in the teeth.”

    Well yes, I feel what you are saying. My own view is that the most important first step for any of us is exactly what you are doing, feeling your feelings and never hiding from them or lying to yourself about them. And then as far as getting you teeth kicked in, yes, we are dealing with Fascism. It exists in our culture, the family, our schools, our economy, and of course in psychiatry. None of use can fight back alone, but we can commit as you have to feeling our feelings. From that the door is opened to political awareness and then to action.

    Claude Berr
    part 1
    part 2
    part 3

    nooneinparticular wrote,
    When psychiatry is built for political purposes, this is the inevitable result.
    I might have had a life if there were a shred of competence in the field, but there never will be.
    I know full well there are things that would help me, but I am disallowed access to them on my own terms.
    All of the interventions they will make will be coercive ones, not in my interest. The only thing they want to hear with regards to me is “group home”, “imprisonment”, and to take away what few freedoms I have left; and once they have taken that away from me, they will kick me into the street and take away what little material things I have left.
    Now I can try working within the system, but that’s clearly not in the interest of these… people. I tried that before.
    All of this is for eugenic purposes, of course. My crime, above all others, is that I was screened out. It is not that I have done or am doing anything, it’s the mere fact that at age 1-3, someone decided that I am not to have a valid life, and everything since then has been a series of beatings to put me in my place. These evil impulses were aided by people in my family, who were all too happy to gain at my expense.

    I don’t have much faith in anything changing appreciably within my lifetime. The trend of this society has been towards totalitarian, authoritarian methods. Any degree of freedom is just a temporary concession. I take a look at people my age and I know, as I have known for a long time, that it is too late.

    edit: cont.

    If there is to be practical progress in this matter, there are a few things that can be done:

    – A total prohibition on involuntary commitment or forced treatment
    – Prohibition on psychiatric judgements in criminal cases, in such a way that they are used inevitably to rule a criminal guilty without trial
    – Forced or coerced interventions in the school system are to be abolished
    – Reform of primary and secondary schooling, starting with a reduction on mandatory attendance
    – Education resources are to be diverted to the populations most in need, not to those who are already wealthy. This will mean that the majority of students would spend less time in forced classes and have the option to test out of many courses, while those who are underperforming would spend more time to catch up. The average student should not need to spend more than 20 hours per week in the classroom.

    There is no meaningful solution without the proscription of many people and organizations responsible for this mess, and the wealth and property of these persons/organizations would be necessary to pay for reform.

    Yes I hear you, and I agree fully too. And I know you are doing the most important thing, feeling your feelings. AND THANK YOU FOR BEING SO FRANK, THOUGHTFUL, and PERSONAL WITH ME, AND SO EARLY ON. We’ve only know each other a very brief time. No where ever have I felt such affinity so quickly either, than on this forum!

    For myself I have spent the last 20 years involved in conflicts, things most people would have let go. I feel that learning how to win lesser conflicts prepares one for bigger conflicts.

    We cannot win all conflicts, but we can win some, unless of course we never try. Then we cannot win any.

    I helped put a Pentecostal Daughter Molester into our state prison. How many times in life is one offered that sort of a chance? If I had turned my back on it, what would that have said about me? That would have been like turning my back on the Burning Bush.

    I see medical child abuse as a ripe area for attack because:

    1. Doctors are licensed, and so they are betraying a trust. Also laws of confidentiality make it hard for them to defend themselves.
    2. Much of the population has always been suspicious of psychotherapy.
    3. Though the parents are just as much responsible, it is easier to get people to attack doctors than parents, at least initially.
    4. Disability rights groups have emerged along the same lines as racially based civil rights groups, and so they should reject Uncle Tom’s and Pity. The reason disability money is offered is to control these potential revolutionaries. So there is much suppressed revolutionary potential.
    5. Medical Child Abuse, especially Muchausen’s, is primarily a middle class child exploitation phenomenon. Poor people don’t have children just so they can spend their time driving them to the doctor.

    Highly Recommended:

    Warning, this is an evil book written by an evil man trying to further an evil agenda. But it is still worth reading so you can understand:

    We all should have gotten behind this case, Rachel Canning, Morris County New Jersey. Basically, her parents’ backing down from divorcing was at the daughter’s expense, literally. So as such she took a tongue lashing from a judge and had to do a public Mea Culpa. Her father is sexually inappropriate with her and he needs to be taught a sever lesson.

    Her lawyer was both brave and visionary. We should be tracking these cases and getting involved. Most civil cases just go by Tort Law, and this is mostly just precedent. It can take many cases before real progress is made, ie. tobacco model. We should be gaining judicial victories and then going for legislative change.

    And I also go along with this, teaching children to stand up for themselves, Satanic Temple.

    Not one drop of pity seeking or liberal pedagogy in this:

    And this letter is not issued by the parents or a lawyer, it is issued by the child and under the child’s signature, and it seeks to protect all children.

    Though I don’t go along with this idea that religion places one above the law, in this case it is a very useful approach. They are turning religion back against those who propagate it. These guys are the poison pill in the Church State debate. I really am impressed!

    So nooneinparticular, I feel the forces which have been used to try and break you. We are all here so lucky that they failed, that you are still facing the truth and looking for ways to fight back. It all starts with feeling you feelings, as you are doing.


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