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    Seth Farber, Ph.D.
    172 West 79 St.
    New York, N.Y. 10024
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    To Whom It May Concern

    I am a psychologist, a therapist and an author.

    I had talked to Todd Giffen numerous times on the phone for counseling this past year. I concluded that Todd was a victim of non-consensual experiments with directed energy technology–“no touch torture.” I had been consulted by numerous targeted individuals, and read books on this advanced technology by whistleblowers like Robert Duncan Ph.D (author of Soul-Catchers, Vol 2) who had helped develop this technology, not knowing it would be used on American citizens.

    Thus despite the unusual nature of Todd’s allegations, and because I determined he was not paranoid, I concluded his account was true. He has been diagnosed by over 7 psychologists who confirmed he is not psychotic but suffers from TBI, and PTSD from the torture and targeting he’s experienced.

    We met when he was in NYC last week and we discussed his on-going trauma as a result of continued targeting by law enforcement and agents of the military.

    He constructed a website that extensively documents the nature and criminal application of this technology on unwitting individuals. See and My understanding is employees and officials in Washington DC have stalked and harassed Mr Giffen, during the past few months he has been in Washington, DC.

    Feel free to phone me.

    Thank you,

    Seth Farber, Ph.D.


    James Fry
    Witness for Todd Giffen

    To whome this may concern,,,

    From time to time while I spent time with Todd Giffen in Washington DC. During that time, both he and I were followed by various federal employees, who at times would harass Todd with whistling noises. The keys to my car were stolen by African immigrant security guards at the Labor office off Constitution AVE., mock attacks and assassinations were carried out against us, as were threatening gestures taken by federal employees with umbrellas. We also observed unknown individuals taking adopted children from the Congo into the office of Senator Lindsey Graham, and afterwards one of the minors simulated oral sex with one of her minders as he stood outside of Graham’s office after he was in the office for quite some time. Todd Giffen was also targeted with directed energy as we were driving in the Capitol area causing him to vomit multiple times. Todd in particular seems to attract the attention of federal employees which may stem from his time of abuse in  a psychiatric ward, the Oregon State Hospital. The individuals targeting Todd are constantly harassing and stalking Todd wherever he goes.
    Thank you for looking into this case,

    James Fry
    82nd Airborne Division
    Military Intelligence


    March 26th 1978.

    Register Guard, Eugene Or.

    “Mystery signal discovered in Eugene.”

    Front page news. Full news paper scan:

    The Oregon Journal report on the same matter is probably only available in microprint ..

    Think they would try to cover this up good. And they did. To target and torture another day from hundreds of miles away.


    Eugene Oregon was an ancient test bed for these weapons, interferometry, surveillance!

    Radio wave signals have been detected in Oregon before hitting citizens probably from classified military sources per FCC and The Oregon Journal

    The Oregon Journal in March 1978, broke the story about radio waves from a naval system in California being detected in Eugene Oregon and other areas of the state. Citizens were being attacked and made sick. The governor, fcc, epa, and congressman/senators got involved. The EPA covered it up, some specialists claimed it was the Soviets, but the FCC pointed to the US Navy as the culprit.

    “Was the technology tested at home on private citizens? In March 1978, the city of Eugene, Oregon, found itself inundated with microwave radiation. The Oregon Journal reported: “Mysterious Radio Signals Causing Concern in Oregon.” Federal government specialists blamed the Soviets, but the Federal Communications Commission concluded that the signal—recorded throughout the state of Oregon—came from a Navy transmitter in California.

    Oregonians statewide complained of headaches, fatigue, inability to sleep, reddening of the skin, anxiety, “clicks” in the head and a “buzz” harmonizing with a high-pitched wail. Canadian researcher Andrew Michrowski wrote to Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau on September 19, 1978, citing a Pacific Northwest Center for Non-Ionizing Radiation study that found the signals “psychoactive” and “very strongly suggestive of achieving the objective of brain control.””

    This information is published in multiple sources. This particular one has the full history on mind control and some investigative leads.

    Here’s info about the eugene oregon wavelength (it was also reported in the register-guard):

    More links turn up in Google while searching for this.

    This tells a story about our government actually attacking and beaming radiation into citizens from remote locations with incredible accuracy (I also heard about other operations they did this in, such as CIA Operation Pique, we targeted European’s in that case), enough to hit a single individual, inducting illnesses and mental effects, being tested on citizens around the world, including Eugene Oregon and other citizens of Oregon specifically.

    The first link mentions Dr. Peter Breggin Harvard psychiatrists work, to investigate this and help the victims, he also worked along top mind control doctors at Harvard based on other sources. He has experience working with victims remotely controlled with radio waves and implants, those victims falsely labeled as psychotic by other doctors. Interesting.

    “Following the nightmarish operation, Dr. Peter Breggin of the Center to Study Psychiatry, an ombudsman of psychiatric abuses, investigated Kille’s case and found—despite Mark’s and Ervin’s reports of therapeutic success—that the post-op patient was “totally disabled and subject to nightmarish terrors that he will be caught and operated on again at the Massachusetts General Hospital.”

    In 1971, a hospital attendant discovered Kille holding a metal wastebasket over his head to “stop the microwaves.” A sympathetic doctor at Boston’s VA hospital, where Kille was transferred, ordered for him “a large sheet of aluminum foil so he may fashion a protective helmet for himself.” Uninformed that Kille had been fitted with electrodes, the VA doctors diagnosed him as a delusional paranoiac.

    According to Kille, Mark and Ervin controlled his moods by remote electronic stimulation. “They turn me up or turn me down,” Kille insisted.”

    Todd Giffen
    503 967 5202

    in reply to: Medications mentioned in GOP debate #63954


    Damn right they want each “mentally ill” Ohian to get their meds. Thats a mega yauht, dinner on the table, and upscale life being funded.

    The republicans own stocks in psychopharmacology companies. They tax the public over the wealthy. So by getting more people hooked on drugs, there’s a way they get a percentage of the profits kicked back to them from the poor public tax payers.

    Flow of money is like so:
    General fund/tax payers/insurance and healthcare purchasers -> purchasing of psych drugs using medicaid, ACA, out of pocket, and prison money -> drug company and insurance company who policy makers, wealthy people, and his buddies have shares in to be divided to the policy makers, wealthy people and buddies who has those shares.

    Also there’s the campaign contributions and upscale lives kickbacks they’re all benefiting from.

    But if we switched to alternative therapies like psychotherapy and fixing psycho social issues, no longer treating peoples problems like bio medical model issues, the money goes like this:

    General fund/tax payers/insurance and healthcare purchasers -> purchasing of psych drugs using medicaid, ACA, out of pocket, and prison money -> local doctors, masters degrees in psychology, licensed social workers, phds, psyds, MDs who do psychotherapy, schools and housing and work and welfare programs, other therapists, stays local and is not divied up by drug companies or drug company investors, such as policy makers and wealthy people.

    Remember tax money funds public health programs and prisons. This is why the public is being asked to pay more taxes than the rich, so as not to dip into the wealthies pockets, so all the money is funneled from poor to rich. Yep they want us to fund all our own programs and systems, to make money off of us.


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    Documentary by History Channel on State mind control operations, the dangers of Mind Control, and with the size of the operations who doesn’t have some involvement? Oregon State Hospital, Disability Rights Oregon, Oregon State Police, attorney general Ellen Rosemblum, governors office / Kate Brown, city cops, local hospitals and doctors, etc?

    Title: Mind Control: Americas Secret War.

    Covers the Nazi Germany concentration and eugenics camps where experiments, torture, steralization, and murders occurred – the holocaust – orchastrated by Psychiatrists in the country. We imported their psychiatrists, forgiving their horrific war crimes, and other mind scientists, in operation paperclip. We ran operation BLUEBIRD, ARTICHOKE, MKULTRA, MKSEARCH, etc. We tortured and destroyed hundreds of thousands of innocent peoples lives. Typically victims were given no support or medical help after wards and faced discrimination, and ongoing abuse by society, meanwhile nobody was punished or prosecuted for any of it. They indicate in the documentary that today new methods and tortures are going on involving the use of weapons that target the brain, body parts, and environment, per Dr. Colin Ross.

    This aired in 2001!! The DVD is available for purchase on Amazon:

    Wow. How lucky for Oregon to be afforded to have such capability and protection.

    Stream it online:

    Stream it on YouTube:



    Back to clarify a few things.

    So you want to know if it’s possible to detect this, and some of the things are mostly true for most situations.

    Well there are some ways to detect it but it requires them wanting you to know. For example, ghost hunters to Technical Surveillance Counter Measure experts use RF/EMF/IF/UV/cameras/microphones to attempt to makes readings and recordings. In haunted houses, there’s actually no ghosts, but if there are interactive voices, orbs, and odd situations happening, those effects can be simulated by military/law enforcement officials. One thing victims/people do is set up ‘ghost hunting’ studies. A team from a paranormal society is brought in, set up cameras, infrared cameras, has RF meters, UV cameras, and microphones. If these disturbances are recorded, and many do record them, you got your proof .. There could be glare, orbs, lights, and even chairs and objects moved in the house in a spooky way that seems otherwise unexplainable. There may be recordings of sound, conversations, and it might be interactive and directed at you, situations, etc. That’s because there’s a surveillance component, they spy on you and know everything about what you’re trying to do, and customize the program as such.

    It’s basically the same issue as electronic harassment.

    So with people, you might see on the IF cameras, heat signatures that indicate a persons legs/body parts are being heated when they shouldn’t be. There might be RF/EMF readings detected around the persons body or home.

    This could indicate the person is being assaulted with a flow of otherwise invisible radiation from law enforcement/military.

    The best equipment is not likely to be affordable for detection. For example the Tektronix equipment that can detect signals up to 60GHz and make videos of the energy, costs $250,000. This is pro level equipment. It can detect radar and electronic warfare .. but will it be totally effective, I’m not sure, because the spectrum is a lot bigger than 60GHz.

    There is no equipment I’m aware of that checks for “terahertz” waves, but that is a prime spectrum for the use of this technology, because it’s small wave, very precise, penetrates buildings, enables body and water molecules to be imaged, muscle and brain tissue, etc.

    Any detected abnormalities should be considered evidence however.

    There are experts on this. Your local Private Investigator who deals with counter surveillance, ie TSCM,… a famous person who does the testing’s named Roger Tolces, he’s been out there investigating this issue since the 1980s. He was featured in Business Week in the 80s.

    Today he has worked with thousands of victims. His website is .. he charges $2500 if you travel to him in Los Angeles, where he has a special shielded room.. They can get you even in the shielded room. 😉

    Remember walls are not shielding. It’s impossible to shield, most likely, without really advanced military grade shields like super conducting magnet shields.

    Standard walls, notice how your cell phone, wifi, TV, radio, and other communications still work – even deep inside buildings. That’s because walls are transparent in spectrums outside of the light spectrum. 🙂

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    I do have like three or more Presidential executive orders that went into effect after MKUltra that were supposed to ban and limit: surveillance, human experimentation, and assassination. But this doesn’t seem to stop them.

    Executive orders: 11905 is President Garold Ford’s, bans drugging without consent for experimentation and political assassination.
    12036 is Jimmy Carter’s which removes loopholes of Garold Ford’s ban on assassination and expands the ban on human experimentation.
    12333 is Ronald Reagan’s EO bans covert actions, human experimentation without informed consent, and assassinations. But apparently it also authorizes NSA warrantless surveillance of American citizens domestically according to recent NSA articles, despite the fact that the EO actually bans ‘acquiring information concerning the domestic activities of United States persons’. Despite the hooplaw about 12333, Russ Tice claims authorization of the most sensitive programs occurs under EO 13526 ‘Special Access Programs,’ a wild card creating invisible laws for surveillance/weapons programs..

    info on 12333:

    In the US Supreme Court case Kyllo vs United States, the US Supreme Court banned the use of satellites and through the wall imaging/radar in surveillance / government operations without a warrant under the 4th amendment. But, in practice, the government bypasses this, as I said, by keeping their operations secret. NSA whistleblower Russell Tice confirmed that the NSA is using these capabilities to spy on Americans .. as have other government whistleblowers. 🙂

    Without satellites and through the wall radar, they could not track, locate, or hurt anyone with the transmit signals or targeting mechanisms.

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    Personally I argue that .. our constitution and our laws make this criminal. There are existing case law and executive orders that ban this, and laws that make it a crime, but there are loopholes that allow the government to ignore all laws and rights because they just keep it secret. They discovered a long time ago, that by keeping something secret, and denying the public evidence of the governments programs and capabilities, they could prevent the courts from having a say and the public from suing. They can also prevent public backlash. That’s a huge problem. Another problem is people are denied lawyers and money to even afford suits, even if necessary to defend their civil rights and freedoms.


    If we obtain weapons inspection and pass a constitutional amendment, like the one they have in South Africa, we can prevent government from having the excuse of ‘national security’ or ‘classification’ to bar the public from access to such programs. South Africa’s constitution states this in it’s bill of rights, to ensure the government can have no secrets in it’s day to day operation from the public:

    Section 32: the right of access to information, including all information held by the government.

    To fix the United States ultimately a new constitution will need to be written to limit the loopholes that give the government the power to do this. The South Africa constitution is a model, compared to America’s antiquated shit constitution where even the US Supreme Court justices argue, does not protect against torture (Anthony Scalia, the weasel he is, in saying that the Bush era torture abuses were likely legal).

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    the reasons why one cannot tell this is going on are because:

    it’s classified. that means all the weapons information is hidden from the public and not available by FOIA or other methods. this is ‘black world’ stuff where only the people involved in the operation know it’s happening, and perhaps the victim. local officials know about it and keep it secret, they’re often times part of the black world operation. local officials receive grants and system access and develop technology for the government routinely. NSA access for example, is secretly given to local cops and officials, the primary users of NSA. military experiments like MKUltra and even Obama’s Brain Initiative were funded by the feds and carried out my local hospitals, doctors, and universities across the United States. all in secret, going on for decades before any public awareness or news media coverage occurred.

    next up you have the issue that the militaries weapons and systems are off-limits, meaning they cannot be inspected to see if they’ve been used to attack someone. that’s related to the systems classification.

    next up, the technology used for detection is classified and far too costly for anyone to afford. essentially, only the military has “signals intelligence” devices that can read RF of spectrums beyond what is available to the consumer market, and their scanner devices can do more like pin point the direction a signal is traveling and where it’s coming from very precisely. consumer tech cannot do much besides scanning limited RF signals, and the information about the limited spectrum these devices detects is limited. basically you usually won’t get much more than a device that scans low level frequencies like 1MHz-10GHz, and the devices usually don’t do much but beep if signal is detected. you cannot tell what a signal is, if it’s aimed at a person, or where it’s from .. also these spectrum ranges tend to be dominated by consumer level devices so you cannot really tell the difference, if it’s an assault or some telecommunication device using the spectrum. electronic warfare is extremely accurate and can even ride on frequencies used by other devices, another problem.

    scalar waves also cannot usually be detected by any consumer level tech;

    according to the US DOJ, even if a technique was developed that might allow military tech to be detected, it would become classified by NSA and CIA to prevent it’s public use and thus protect governments from being exposed. don’t look at the US DOJ to help though, as the US DOJ utilizes these systems and funds operations and research into mind control and surveillance, no different than DARPA or CIA.

    until these issues are fixed practitioners should presume that large amounts of citizens have been impacted and should invest time and energy into detection and prosecution of government, and gaining access to government systems to learn the truth. rather than mislabel victims or leave them to suffer. the victims need help badly, they need articles to be written, and concern to be raised ..

    to date, very few practitioners and therapists have done so – despite decades of programs and hundreds of thousands of victims.

    a few practitioners who have raised concerns repeatedly for researchers interested are: Dr. Colin Ross MD Psychiatrist out of Texas expert in what’s called Military Mind Control, Dr. Peter Breggin MD a Psychiatrist out of Harvard, Dr. Seth Farber Ph.D Psychologist who authors books and is a dissent psychologist part of the Mad Pride movement, Cathy Meadows MA psychologist out of California who’s also a victim herself, Dr. Carole Smith a psychotherapist out of London with peer reviewed white papers on the subject, Valerie Wolf LCSW from Louisiana who’s dead now but she worked extensively with MKUltra victims and testified in 1995 at President Bill Clinton’s Human Radiation Experiments Advisory Committee (she left behind study and review materials/collective knowledge). There are more, many from Europe and Canada, but I don’t specifically focus on them or know them all to well.

    There are plenty of MDs, physicists, and counselors nationwide who have spoken about or come out about it but in blurbs and time but that’s beyond what I know or collect. It’s often buried in news papers and articles that I come across or have never came across, just because I conducted no extensive search.

    the government has always tended to get away with it, whether it was radiation weapons use, spreading germs, drugging citizens, and even poisoning the air, as they did to San Francisco citizens repeatedly all in secret over the years. from slipping LSD to San Francisco’s residents at bars in secret, to leaking particulate matter into the air for citizens to breathe – our government has done it all.

    I believe that true victims of this would fit under a class of diagnosis called “military trauma” because they’re technically victims of “war crimes” and military operations. A diagnosis for chronically subjected clients is PTSD along with any injuries to brain and body they may have suffered, which is typical for someone subjected to either assaults or experimentation unwittingly or against their will.

    Remember that attacks like this are normally done in complete secrecy and no documentation the incidents or abuse occurred will normally be available, from local governments, abuse agencies, hospitals, police, or the military.. Informed consent normally is never obtained, nor is information about what is going on provided to the victims. The victims piece together their experience and usually struggle to fully understand or learn about it, as information is withheld. Some people are in the military or university, and have abuse/experiments done on them, as well, and this is a common report to therapists post service I hear from a psychologist I spoke with in 2014 and according to documentation from military personnel and programs such as MKUltra.

    Although I cannot say most therapists don’t already know about this and take some of these problems into consideration, I can say it’s flat out batshit crazy that the DSM is devoid of information on it, and apparently doctors at major hospitals and private practices do tend to be clueless and not consider this a real problem. Even though, once again, hundreds of thousands of subjects have been exposed. And even though this has been reported about on TV, news papers, and by victims for decades. And even though the APA has been exposed countless times before for conspiracies with the military and Executive Branch on torture plots, and interrogation technique development. The chief psychiatrist of the APA has been exposed multiple times; including Dr. Ewan Cameron a CIA torture doctor who was head of the APA in the 1950s, who tortured and abused his victims, and he had a hand in writing the DSM-I. Doctors at all major universities have received DARPA and CIA money, for torture and experiments. During the Bush era torture program, they deployed techniques, and the APA was exposed for collaborating with the CIA and Bush administration during the development of the programs, which mimicked techniques and programs used operationally during MKUltra. Despite all this, major medical literature does not address it and medical professionals have no screening process and do not assist victims who complain of related abuse, and in fact said medical professionals are often times involved in it especially at the major hospitals and universities (giving them quite a bit of cover to hide what goes on in society).

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    This information is particularly useful if you come across someone who claims the technology is being used on him or her to do directed energy assaults, electronic harassment, mind control, no touch torture, and the like. Your client, friend, or colleague might not be ill at all but under a brutal military/police/government assault or experimentation project.

    There are no known methods to detect the difference between a victim or someone who is mentally ill, because the governments technology and methods are so advanced today enabling full remote control, voice, image, idea, and dream creation through remote brain stimulation and directed energies. Their techniques work so well even some people misdiagnosed with mental illness may actually be victims without a clue its a remote attack or other technique, and some who are mentally ill can also be victims as the attack masquerades as previous but in remission symptoms, existing symptoms, new worsening symptoms, or everyday things, sights, sounds, and experiences. We talk about these as symptoms because many doctors may initially, or deliberately, miscontrue a victims reports by faulty DSM standards while not considering this possibility at all. The government can allow the victim to know they are being tortured remotely or may utilize a torture program that masks the origin of the torture even from the host. Effects, visions and audio and sensations can be performed in such a way, a person believes they are sick or unable to tell the origin, just to be clear. Details on types of torture by Dr. Robert Duncan AB, SM, MBA, Ph.D former CIA, DOD, US DOJ, NASA, DARPA, NATO scientist here, in his report entitled The Executive Summary Neuropsychological and Elecotronic No Touch Torture Report:

    Refer to the two websites linked at the end of the first post for more leads to research information.

    Credible links and white papers also available here:

    Some note worthy targets include FSU shooter Myron May, a prosecutor/public defender who claimed the police targeted him. Learn more:

    Aaron Alexis Navy Yard shooter is another alleged target, and the allegations were never even investigated by government. Here are a few interesting articles on his case:

    Aaron Alexis and extremely low frequency attacks: truth or fiction:

    Aaron Alexis Navy Yard Shooter Eyed revenge:

    Report: Was Navy Yard Shooter Gangstalked with Mind Control Microwave Weapons?:

    ‘My ELF Weapon’: More Proof Navy Yard Shooter Targeted with Mind Control Weapons:

    My Elf Weapon Video coverage:

    BOMBSHELL: SWAT Team Told to ‘Stand Down’ at Navy Yard Shooting:

    Interesting piece of the story missing from Aaron Alexis fiasco. That is, the company who background checksd him, USIS, today is getting sued by the US DOJ over Aaron and Edward Snowden’s background checks. But, USIS has intelligence documents and information on these brain scanning directed energy weapons, that they failed to come forward with in their own defense or Aaron Alexis’s defense. They took part in the cover up, and helped ensure no dicussion would take place about these weapons being real. The proof? There is a USIS whistleblower/leaker in Oregon, a friend..

    She is also very afraid of them, to say the least, they would treat her like a traitot if she fully disclosed everything she knew, she told me.. the info is classified and she was forced to sign documents agreeing to secrecy as part of her job at USIS.

    FSU Shooter Thought He Was Being Gangstalked, Mind Controlled by the Government:

    There are more myron may articles on moneyholeblog by Dr. James Tracy, worth checking out.

    Another targeted individuals murder by police covered up, is Miriam Carey.

    Conspiracy Fact: The Miriam Carey Capitol Police Cover Up:

    Police induce these individuals to go on rampages by torturing and remotely controlling them. When citizens seek help or respond to the violent attacks, they are executed.

    The government tries to get these events to happen by continuing to torture them till the last moment, forcing the victims to take action, to murder others or themselves (induced suicide).

    Government is watching these individuals and beaming directed energy into them concisely .. and everyone at ground level is trained to cover the events up for the governments protection.

    Billion dollar race: Soviet Union vied with US in ‘mind control research’:

    The USSR spent $1B on mind-control programs, New York Post December 28th, 2013:

    The race to put man on the Moon wasn’t enough of a battle for the global super powers during the Cold War.

    At the time, the Soviet Union and the United States were in an arms race of a bizarre, unconventional kind – that has been exposed in a new report.

    Putin: Russia Will Develop Psychotronic Directed Energy Ray Guns:

    Russia has a ban on these weapons. Refer to russian law,, los angeles times for info.

    But this is going on in russia, too:

    Giving Until It Hurts:

    Todd Giffen reveals US intelligence’s black budget: $52.6 billion on secret programs:

    Russian Mind Control Weapons:
    New 2005 Information and Brief Update

    Russians speak openly and pass laws on russian mind control weapons
    while the US says US mind control is classified or does not exist.
    Here is critical information rarely reported in US press.

    Department of Defense budget. Over $700 billion.

    Now if you consider that police officers, sheriffs, and state agencies work closely with the department of defense, and federal agencies, there is extra funding and man power flowing from state budgets. Picture if you will a standing Army, a police state of nut cases with lawyers, and unions, willing to do our governments bidding with military connections and government funding. Their network is domestic and targets the citizenship.

    We spend more money on military operations than other developed countries combined. See attached graphic from the washington post link.

    This is why we have the most advanced weapons and the largest surveillance network on the entire planet. A lot of money and effort goes into maintaining that advantage, putting us in control of the planet. It also gives them the ability to attack anyone they want with directed energy and advanced technologies.

    nsa admits to having documents on directed energy and mind control .. and that its properly classified and unable to be disclosed:

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    Well this sure shows a lack of ability to correct complex software and memory issues on the site.

    in reply to: bug with ron unger lcsw profile #61961

    it could be that “ron-unger-lcsw’ isn’t pulling up his profile, isn’t tied to his profile in the database, ..

    in reply to: bug with ron unger lcsw profile #61831


    I have an idea.

    Ron Unger’s old profile used to be located at a different addy.

    It forwards to still displays his rightful profile, with picture, and biography that says “Dialogues with Madness: A therapist and educator specializing in cognitive therapy for psychosis, Ron Unger explores emerging understandings of psychosis and of efforts to change mental health treatment to support human rights and full recovery.” just displays a profile of someone else that says someone elses profile and “Nothing Found” “Apologies, but no results were found for the requested archive. Perhaps searching will help find a related post.”

    Obviously there’s some problem with the profile matching up to his information in the actual database. Might require some advanced debugging, perhaps broke after a software update or some type of database changes that were made at some point.

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