Nicholas Hundley, MS, CNS
City: Salt Lake City
State: Utah
ZIP: 84117
Country: United States
Phone: 385-202-5154
Accepts Insurance: No
In Practice Since: 2014
Type of support offered: Assess and devise brain healing program for depression, anxiety, ADD, autism
Setting: Video conference

I use functional medicine lab tests (blood, urine, etc) to determine the root cause of brain and emotion dysfunction. We then devise a strategy to support brain health so you feel better as quickly as possible for the long term. Causes of ill brain health we test for and address include genetics, food quality, stress, environmental toxins, and hidden infections or dysbiosis.

Antidepressants: Yes
Antipsychotics: Yes
Benzodiazepines: Yes
Mood Stabilizers: Yes
Opiates: No
Offers Skype/Video Sessions: Skype, Video, Other