Shawn Barnes M.D.
Street: 121 West E St.
City: San Diego
State: California
ZIP: 92024
Country: United States
Accepts Insurance: No
Type of support offered: Medically-supervised medication detox, therapy, holisitic medicine
Setting: outpatient

I am a board-certified psychiatrist and medical doctor who specializes in helping people identify and minimize unnecessary psychiatric medication in a medically-supervised way, replacing those medications with safer, evidence-based treatments. I practiced Integrative Psychiatry, combining the best of conventional psychiatry, therapy-based psychology, and evidence-based complementary and holistic medicine.

Please see my website for more information on how I practice.

Antidepressants: Yes
Antipsychotics: Yes
Benzodiazepines: Yes
Mood Stabilizers: Yes
Opiates: No
Offers Skype/Video Sessions: None