Deborah Cole, Psy.D.
Street: 8840 Stanford Blvd. #4000
City: Columbia
State: Maryland
ZIP: 21045
Country: United States
Phone: 410-381-7551
Accepts Insurance: No
In Practice Since: 1994
Degree: Psy.D.
Type of support offered: Psychotherapy
Setting: private practice

A private practice for individuals who are motivated to overcome self-destructive patterns as well as obsessions and compulsions. Medication generally not seen as necessary. Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing are two methods used, but the internal resources of the person and the client’s goals are paramount. I have a doctoral training in both Existential/Humanistic Psychotherapy and in Psychodynamic Therapy. But with OCD, I use Exposure and Response Prevention.

Antidepressants: No
Antipsychotics: No
Benzodiazepines: No
Mood Stabilizers: No
Opiates: No
Offers Skype/Video Sessions: None