Gilbert Shepard, LMFT
Street: 2940 Camino Diablo, Suite 300
City: Walnut Creek
State: California
ZIP: 94597
Country: United States
Phone: 925-937-3337
Accepts Insurance: Yes
In Practice Since: 1976
Type of support offered: Psychotherapy
Setting: Private Practice

I work with trauma of all kinds, Bit “T” traumas like rape, childhood abuse, being robbed at gunpoint, tsunamis and small “t” traumas such as loss of a job, getting divorced, deep grief over the loss of a loved one. My firm conviction is that when children or adults are not provided with respect and the love they need that people often become dysfunctional, i.e. they hurt and can’t be as they were meant to be. I use EMDR and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to help resolve such traumas quickly without undue reliving all the gory details, just enough to let the body, mind and heart complete the experience and feel whole again. For a separate trauma this may take as little as a couple of 90 minute sessions. Deeper traumas that are entangled will, of course take longer. I will guide you through the process.

I also work with couple relationships to help couples realize the love they have for each other and to help them remove the blocks to intimacy.

In addition, I help people taper from their psychiatric medications with the help of a homeopath. Good nutrition is essential.

Antidepressants: Yes
Antipsychotics: Yes
Benzodiazepines: Yes
Mood Stabilizers: Yes
Opiates: Yes