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Less Than Half of Clinical Trials Comply with Legislation to Accurately...

A new study finds that sponsors of clinical trials in the EU continue to fail at reporting their results as required by recent legislation.

Where Did the Guidelines Go?

From The Lown Institute: "For twenty years, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality maintained a digital archive of medical guidelines as a resource for...

Bad Science Puts Innocent People in Jail and Keeps Them There

From The Washington Post: The development of DNA testing in the 1990s has revealed that a great deal of the forensic evidence used to convict...

Science is Broken

In this piece for Aeon, Siddhartha Roy and Marc A. Edwards explore how increasingly perverse incentives and the academic business model are affecting scientific practices and...

Has Psychiatry Gone Uniquely Astray?

Science is supposed to be evidence-respecting and thereby open-minded; psychiatry is presently not. But is psychiatry really unique in this respect? Is it the only field of medicine where dogmatically held theories contrary to evidence have held sway for long periods?

Introducing the Doing the Right Thing Award

From STAT: STAT has recently awarded the first-ever Doing the Right Thing (DiRT) Award to the American Diabetes Association and its flagship journal, Diabetes, for championing correct...

College Course Offered on Calling out Scientific Crap

From STAT: Two professors at the University of Washington will be offering a new course, "Calling Bullshit In the Age of Big Data." The class...

‚ÄúEvolutionary Forces Are Causing a Boom in Bad Science‚ÄĚ

From the New Scientist: “Paul Smaldino and Richard McElreath at the University of California Davis used an evolutionary theory-based computational model to analyse the problem of bad...