Sunday, February 5, 2023

Tag: conformity

Do Not Swallow the Pill by Anonymous

Do not swallow the pill, This condensed mass of powder That the world has convinced you Will “fix” you, your “problematic” self My darling, you are not broken You are not lost, you are not crumpled You are merely a being living In a society, in a culture That you were never meant to be forced into

People are Intensely Loyal to Groups Which Abuse Newcomers

In this piece for Aeon, Christopher Kavanagh explores various explanations for why many people are willing to be part of groups and organizations that subject...

The Virtues of Isolation

From The Atlantic: While solitude is often stigmatized and even viewed as dangerous to our health, spending time alone can actually prove to be valuable...

The Desire to Fit In is the Root of Almost All...

From Aeon: Contrary to the beliefs of many great philosophers, wrongdoing is not primarily motivated by self-interest and greed, but by the desire to fit...