Paradoxical Reaction by J Ian

Open up your jaw
In such and such
A serpentine fashion,

Blue pill awaits
Your trembling mouth.

Fear not, though
You may soon know
Its paradoxical reaction:
To throw you
Deeper into
The rabbit’s

It was not healing
To be found
In my words,
Nor depth
In my advice,

Was only
Greater confusion
In my script,
A sophisticated

When you are down
Blue pill will
Push you down further,

When you are fearful
Blue pill
Will remove your voice,

When you think
The darkest thought
You have to offer,
Blue pill
Will make you
Think it twice.

Blue pill
Draws forth
From its greatest deep,
Things we
Thought better
To safe keep.

Stripped of
Bare to see,
Blue pill
Leads you
Down to the
Bitterest sleep.

Digest in
Your tender gut,
This paradoxical reaction.

You are still just a babe,
New to sense,
Yet never too young
To be free
Of blue pill’s


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