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Mad in America is a webzine devoted to rethinking psychiatry’s current “disease model” for diagnosing and treating psychiatric disorders. This Family Resources section is designed to provide information and resources for parents and other family members who wish to explore alternatives to conventional, drug-based psychiatric care for their relatives, especially children of all ages.

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ADHD Drug Errors Among Kids Have Quadrupled in 20 Years

In this US News & World Report story, Cara Murez reports on new research in the journal Pediatrics showing a dramatic two-decade increase in ADHD drug errors affecting children:  “Over 3 million American children now...

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Students Don’t Need Spying, They Need Trust

Surveillance exacerbates anxiety, destroys trust in relationships, and diverts money away from effective treatment.

Giving Caregivers a Platform: Chandra, Mother of Sophia

This is the story of Chandra and her daughter Sophia (not their real names), who has been in the mental health system since the age of 10.

Medication Overload, Part I: A Mountain of Drugs in America’s Cabinets

The 25th National Prescription Drug Take Back Day takes place on Saturday, October 28—and this...

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Giving Caregivers a Platform: Chandra, Mother of Sophia

This is the story of Chandra and her daughter Sophia (not their real names), who has been in the mental health system since the age of 10.
A child playing with pills

Driving Our Children into Suicide with Escitalopram and Other Happy Pills

The Lexapro study is marketing dressed up as science. It represents a flagrant abuse of ethics, deceiving readers at the cost of children's lives.

Giving Caregivers a Platform: Sam, Husband of Ka’ryn Marie

For many caregivers who assist their loved ones, the journey involves navigating the medical system and its many challenges. This time, the journey takes...

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The Human Need To Be Heard

In my nearly seven months as editor of Mad in America’s family page, I’ve dwelled repeatedly on the power of connection and community. Here I am, working remotely from my little corner in upstate New York, having conversations about life and its fiercest challenges via phone, Zoom, and email with people from around the world.

Many such exchanges occur with parents and other family members who, searching for ways to help loved ones in the worst throes of distress and psychiatric treatment, sign up for one of MIA’s two online support groups. As part of my job, I email newcomers with letters of welcome and instructions from the moderators, then put them on the relevant list to receive reminders with a Zoom link that I zap out weekly. 

Mine is the smallest contribution, involving the briefest of exchanges with folks I’ll likely never meet in three dimensions. But they’re real, whole, hurting people, and these simple back-and-forths move me deeply. Often, an individual’s signup info tells a story of indescribable trauma and anguish – both a child’s and their own – with the plainspoken concision of one who has suffered without being heard for far too long. 

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Support Groups

MIA offers moderated, online peer-support groups for parents of both minor and adult children. The U.S./Canada group meets each Tuesday on a drop-in basis. The U.S./Europe group meets on the second Thursday of each month.  Learn more and sign up here.

For info on other online and in-person support groups, including those for parents and families, click here. To suggest more for the list, please email [email protected].

How Can We See ADHD From Another Angle, and What Can We Do For Our Kids? Author, teacher, and advocate Ann Bracken challenges the standard conception and treatment of ADHD and looks at alternate approaches. 

Do you have a question of your own? Submit it for an online reply. For past Q&As on a range of topics, check out the archives.

Psychiatric Drug Info

Did you know:

  • That longer-term studies of children given a diagnostic label of ADHD have found worse outcomes for medicated youth?
  • In a large NIMH study, researchers concluded that few youth “benefit long-term” from antipsychotics (neuroleptic drugs)?
  • That use of marijuana, stimulants, and antidepressants increase the risk that a youth will receive a diagnostic label of bipolar disorder?

Research on psychiatric drug use in children and adolescents

Research on non-drug treatments

Resources Information on withdrawal from psychiatric drugs. Directory of therapists/providers who support drug withdrawal.

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