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Mad in America is a webzine devoted to rethinking psychiatry’s current “disease model” for diagnosing and treating psychiatric disorders. This Family Resources section is designed to provide information and resources for parents and other family members who wish to explore alternatives to conventional, drug-based psychiatric care for their relatives, especially children of all ages.

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‘He doesn’t have special needs, he just has anger issues’: Parents are furious at...

On is this investigative story by Annie Ma and Meredith Kologner, a collaboration between the Associated Press and the Hechinger Report, detailing the handcuffed removal of students (often Black or kids with disabilities)...

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Escaping The Shackles of Psychiatry: What I’ve Seen and Survived, as Both Doctor and Patient

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do...

Words from My Heart to ‘My Heart’: What Might Have Helped My Late Friend?

More than two and a half years later, I’m still processing my grief, still picturing our happiness and innocence as kids, and still acknowledging our struggles and pain.

Reality According to Whom? Listening to My Wife—and The Problems with ‘Psychosis’

Sam Ruck shares an excerpt from his book "Healing Companions," which describes his life with, and love for, his wife and her “alters.” 

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Researchers Give High Safety Rating to ECT Despite 69% Risk of Memory Loss in...

Despite claims, ECT researchers did not use control groups and are therefore incapable of making accurate statements about the efficacy and safety of the procedure.

Mental Disorder Labels in Children Impact Identity Development

Sophie Isobel examines the moral implications and potential long-term effects on self-identity in children diagnosed with psychiatric disorders, urging deeper reflection on how society approaches child mental health.

Giving Caregivers a Platform: Chandra, Mother of Sophia

This is the story of Chandra and her daughter Sophia (not their real names), who has been in the mental health system since the age of 10.

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Being Present in the Moment: On Families and Causes for Gratitude

Nine years ago, visiting my oldest on a late-November trip to Edinburgh, my kids and I decided to celebrate Thanksgiving at a Chinese restaurant. I mean, why not. 

Climbing into the back of a cab, we immediately started gabbing — and the driver, hearing our American accents, quickly interrupted to ask the most basic of questions. What ensued was a short, sweet, lighthearted conversation that has stuck with me ever since. Not just as it relates to Thanksgiving, but as it relates to gratitude in general. To life in general. To the gift of spending time with others, whatever they may mean. To the importance of staying in the now.

Since taking over as family editor in March, I’ve found myself dwelling on this time and again. So many of the folks I communicate and work with are people walking the thorniest of paths, most of them tirelessly supporting a loved one in the grips of mental and emotional challenges—and just as tirelessly advocating for them as they grapple with treatment and its harms. Such people, to me, are the living embodiment of family: being present for someone, being with someone, being authentic and loving in the moment.

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Support Groups

MIA offers moderated, online peer-support groups for parents of both minor and adult children. The U.S./Canada group meets each Tuesday on a drop-in basis. The U.S./Europe group meets on the second Thursday of each month.  Learn more and sign up here.

For info on other online and in-person support groups, including those for parents and families, click here. To suggest more for the list, please email [email protected].

How Can We See ADHD From Another Angle, and What Can We Do For Our Kids? Author, teacher, and advocate Ann Bracken challenges the standard conception and treatment of ADHD and looks at alternate approaches. 

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Psychiatric Drug Info

Did you know:

  • That longer-term studies of children given a diagnostic label of ADHD have found worse outcomes for medicated youth?
  • In a large NIMH study, researchers concluded that few youth “benefit long-term” from antipsychotics (neuroleptic drugs)?
  • That use of marijuana, stimulants, and antidepressants increase the risk that a youth will receive a diagnostic label of bipolar disorder?

Research on psychiatric drug use in children and adolescents

Research on non-drug treatments

Resources Information on withdrawal from psychiatric drugs. Directory of therapists/providers who support drug withdrawal.

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