Monday, February 27, 2017


A New Paradigm for Psychiatry: Answering the Call from the UN

Once biochemical psychiatry is discarded, which will inevitably happen, what will replace it? The approach I will describe here is consistent with the nature of consciousness itself, with the neuroscience of the brain, with child development and attachment.

Psychosis for Mental Health?

Generalists and Partialists

Why I Resigned From The Mighty

How Big Pharma and the Medical Doctors Killed my Father

When the nurses tried to give him other medications, my father refused. They accused him of being “combative” and “uncooperative,” and they injected him with the highly toxic, incredibly dangerous, mind-bending antipsychotic HALDOL.

The Outing of a Consumer

Extended Leave

Once Upon a Time in Withdrawal

Queen Ekaterina

Dialogue with a Psychiatrist

I Want Change

Caleb Chafe

A Best Kept Secret

The Mountain Man