Sunday, August 25, 2019


The Problem Lies in the Term ‘Mental Illness’

Shouting out “I am mentally ill and I am not dangerous” creates the same incomprehension as blaming ‘mental illness’ in the first place. This would be a perfect opportunity for all those people diagnosed with ‘mental illness’ to stand up and say loud and clear: “It isn’t mental and it isn’t an illness.”
creating mental health

Creating Our Mental Health


In Defense of Anger

Lithium Toxicity and an Almost-Human Hospital

Lithium is a notoriously toxic substance, and if it isn’t managed carefully enough, can have some very nasty effects. I discovered this the hard way. It got to the point where I could barely eat or drink or walk around. Yet lithium never made a dent — not for a single moment — in what was going on in my head.
branch light in the darkness

The Light in the Dark

iatrogenic harm symptoms

For the Record