Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Ruby Wax: From Shark Bait to the Doyenne of Disease

I ended 2016 as I started it: listening to a celebrity reducing the complex interplay between society and the psyche to a matter of simple biology. This deprives people of the opportunity to really understand their suffering and find meaning in it — and it undermines the case for prevention.

Healing Madness

MIA in the Year 2017

Extended Leave

Without doubt, Extended Leave profoundly curtails one's freedoms and rights, and the threshold for what is deemed “unacceptable” behaviour is invariably lowered. My only crime was being offensive towards an ACT team member. It seems that the goal I am now reduced to fighting for is merely the right to be rude in my own home.

Once Upon a Time in Withdrawal

Queen Ekaterina

Dialogue with a Psychiatrist

I Want Change

Caleb Chafe

A Best Kept Secret

The Mountain Man

My Daughter and Prozac

Backing Away from Psychiatry

I am Insane