Summaries of research findings that tell of a scientific need to “rethink psychiatry.”

An archive of research reports on psychiatric drugs can also be found here. 

Antidepressant Use Linked to Sexual Dysfunction, Why Aren’t Prescribers Discussing It?

Research sheds light on the impact of antidepressants on sexual dysfunction, emphasizing the need for patient-physician communication.

Antidepressant Use Tightly Correlates with Increased Suicide Rates

While the study can’t confirm causality, it does contradict the notion that antidepressants reduce suicide at the population level.

From Individual to Society: New Insights on Mental Health Care’s Role in Social Justice

A new study from Brazil challenges conventional mental health practices, advocating for socially sensitive therapy to empower individuals and address systemic inequities.

From Convenience to Concern: Ethical Quandaries in Mental Health Apps

A new study unveils the hidden ethical challenges in the burgeoning world of consumer mental health apps, questioning their efficacy and privacy measures.

How Critical Psychology Can Empower the Neurodiversity Movement

A new article sheds light on the crucial intersection of critical psychology and the neurodiversity movement, advocating for the inclusion of autistic voices in mainstream psychology.

Treating Eating Disorders Involves Shifting ‘Eating Disorder Voice’

Research finds that the 'eating disorder voice' decreases in severity, malevolence and omnipotence through treatment.

Psychotherapy Without Antidepressants Shows Best Results for Depression

New study finds psychotherapy alone to be the best first-line intervention option to mitigate the risk of suicide attempts and other serious psychiatric adverse events.

Global Study Questions Antidepressant Use, Points to Social Determinants of Mental Health

A new cross-national study questions the effectiveness of antidepressants, highlighting the crucial role of social and economic factors in addressing global mental health challenges.

Challenging Schizophrenia Narratives in Psychology Textbooks

Analysis of introductory psychology textbooks reveals the construction of harmful discourses for people diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Despite Safety Risks, Prescribers Receive Little Guidance of Monitoring Antipsychotic Clozapine

A new review finds a lack of available guidance on how to effectively monitor adverse effects of antipsychotic drug clozapine.

Psychiatric Assessments Impacted by Gender, Ethnicity, Socioeconomic Status, Study Finds

Clinician biases in psychiatric assessments lead to different treatment recommendations for people with identical symptoms.

For Suicide, Hospitalization May Harm Just as Much as It Helps

Hospitalization did not reduce a person’s risk of fatal or nonfatal suicide attempts in the next year.

A Truce in the Therapy Wars? CBT and Psychodynamic Therapy Found Equally Effective

A comprehensive study disrupts the 'therapy wars,' demonstrating that psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral therapies offer similar outcomes in depression treatment.
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New Study Challenges DSM’s View on Trauma, Highlights Impact of Social Discrimination

Researchers develop a scale to measure trauma from sexism, racism, and cisheterosexism, revealing significant links to posttraumatic stress and challenging the DSM's limited view on trauma.

Racial Bias in Arrests for Mental Health Symptoms

An eye-opening study indicates that Black Americans with mental health symptoms are more likely to face arrest than White Americans, suggesting systemic racism in criminal justice responses.

One in Three Report Side Effects from Psychodynamic and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

New study reveals 33.2% of therapy patients experience side effects, including strained family relations and symptom deterioration.

ACT May Help Reduce Relapse in Psychosis

While both ACT and treatment as usual reduced psychotic symptoms, only ACT reduced rehospitalization and psychological distress.
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The Revolving Door of Mental Illness: Unveiling the Limitations of Current Psychiatric Approaches

Mental health treatments fall short, fail to prevent 'revolving door' effect, study suggests.
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Two Out of Three Find Antidepressant Effects Not Worth Burdens

New study reveals: 2 in 3 people need more than the current antidepressant benefits to consider them worthwhile.
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SSRI Withdrawal has Social, Cognitive, and Emotional Consequences

New research finds that the non-physical aspects of withdrawal from SSRIs are often overlooked.

Critical Social Media Literacy Protects Emerging Adults

Can learning the media literacy skills to both deconstruct and create social media protect against the negative mental health impacts?

Ketamine Fails to Beat Placebo for PTSD in New Analysis

Ketamine researchers: “Placebo is the likely mechanism behind reported therapeutic effects.”
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Embracing the Healing Potential of Natural Darkness in Ecotherapy

This study explored the profound impacts of ecotherapy using natural darkness on mental well-being and connection to the environment for participants of overnight recollective practices.

Psy-Disciplines as Gatekeeper: A History of Gender-Affirming Care

A new article critically examines the institutionalization of the psy disciplines as the authority to construct normative, and often pathologizing, accounts of trans life.

Confronting the Harms in Psychological Approaches to Treating Psychosis

In a new article, Emily Treichler and Nev Jones discuss the harms faced by people with psychosis in psychological interventions.

ADHD Drug Prescriptions Increased Significantly During the COVID-19 Pandemic

People between the ages of 20-39 and women saw the largest increase in ADHD drug prescriptions.
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Millions of Dollars of Pharma Money Went to the DSM-5-TR Authors

About 60% of the authors had financial ties to industry, which are not disclosed in the DSM. Studies show that conflicts of interest lead to pro-industry decision-making.
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In Gaza, Focus on Symptoms of “Mental Illness” Obscures Structural Violence and Oppression

Mental health providers in Gaza explain the root causes of the Palestinian mental health crisis.

Screen Time and Media Content Impact Mental Health in Kindergarten

Excessive screen time is detrimental to kids’ mental health, and a new study finds that media content may be a contributing factor.

Psychiatry Pathologizes Black Political Protest Leading to Race-based Overdiagnosis of Schizophrenia

The overdiagnosis of schizophrenia in Black Americans goes beyond issues of clinician bias and is linked to larger social and political factors.
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Asylum Process Produces High Levels of Distress, Impacts Mental Health

In the UK and EU, seeking asylum negatively impacts mental health and exacerbates distress.
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Voice Hearing Experiences Change After Imagery Rescripting

A study led by Laura Strachan explored how imagery rescripting (ImRs) helps people understand and cope with trauma-related auditory hallucinations.

Integrating Lived Experience: How the PROMISE Project is Reshaping Mental Health Research and Psychosis...

This research incorporates the insights of people with psychosocial disabilities into mental health care in Malawi.

Antipsychotic Prescriptions Increasing for Children and Adolescents in Australian Primary Care Services

New research finds a concerning number of children are being prescribed antipsychotic drugs, most for off-label conditions.
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AI Therapy App Fails to Beat Other Interventions in New Study

Woebot failed to beat ELIZA, journaling, and even psychoeducation for depression, anxiety, and positive/negative affect.
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Do Psychologists Inhibit Awareness of Oppressive Social Structures?

New study calls for psychologists and career counselors to be aware of their discipline's role in reproducing unequal and unjust working conditions.

Antidepressant Exposure In Utero May Negatively Impact Motor Skills in 2-Year-Old Children

A new study in Frontiers of Pharmacology finds that antidepressant use during pregnancy is linked to reduced motor skills in children at 2 years...
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Placebo Effect—Not Antidepressants—Responsible for Depression Improvement

In adolescent depression treatment, those who received a placebo but thought they received Prozac improved more than those who received the drug and knew it.
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When Access Becomes Excess: The Rise of Opportunistic ADHD Telehealth Companies

ADHD telehealth start-ups may be compromising patient care and fueling stimulant overprescribing.
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Critical Psychology Needed to Push for Radical Democracy Amid Rising Authoritarianism

Critical psychology—a field challenging mainstream views and advocating for social justice—can play a crucial role in fostering radical democracy.
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SSRI Exposure in Pregnancy Connected to Delayed Neonatal Adaptation

Newborns exposed to SSRIs in the womb score lower on measures of neonatal adaptation, are more likely to experience respiratory distress, have longer hospital stays, and are more likely to need elevated levels of care.
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Are Subjective Beliefs the Missing Link in Treatment Effectiveness Studies?

Luisa Fassi's team reveals how patient subjective beliefs significantly sway the effectiveness of neurofeedback, brain training, and pharmacotherapy.
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Antipsychotics Lead to Worse Outcomes in First-Episode Psychosis

Those who did not get antipsychotics in the first month were almost twice as likely to be in recovery after five years.

New Study Finds Connection Between Childhood Trauma and Psychosis

A new study sheds new light on the profound impact of childhood trauma in the development of psychotic symptoms, particularly in treatment-resistant cases of schizophrenia.
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Global Mental Health is Heading into a Rights-Based Era

Rights-based approaches to mental healthcare are creating a culture of zero-tolerance for coercion in global mental health.

Toxic Injustice: How Racial and Economic Factors Intensify Environmental Mental Health Risks for Marginalized...

Environmental injustices and discriminatory policies harm low-income and minority children, leading to mental health disparities and neurodevelopmental issues.

Mindfulness as Effective as Antidepressant for the Treatment of Anxiety Disorders

Mindfulness training reduced anxiety with far fewer adverse effects than the antidepressant escitalopram.

Stop Using Antidepressants Except for “the Most Severe Depression,” Experts Say

Experts advocate limiting antidepressant use to only the most severe cases of depression, emphasizing the need for social and psychological interventions.

Psychiatrists Call for Transition to Social Rather Than Biological Treatments

Leading scholars write that psychiatric disturbances are social in nature and that current treatments often cause more harm than good; highlight alternative social approaches to mental health.

Substitute Decision-Making in Psychiatry and the Loss of Autonomy and Self-Determination

People with 'severe mental illness' and substitute decision makers experience loss of autonomy and personal identity, leading to feelings of powerlessness about regaining self-determination.