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Life and Death

He asked him kindly, frequently and insistently, explaining what his motivations were, but there was no way to make psychiatrists (he looked for several) and CSM nurses understand the discomfort he was experiencing.

What is “Psychosis”?

What psychiatrists don’t realize is that “mental illness” is not an illness at all and nor is it a disorder or maladaptive. In fact, it is a healing process of the psyche. It is the psyche’s way of processing a traumatic event.

A crying shortage of hospital places – but what is happening...

In Finland, the reduction of psychiatric hospital places has taken place at an alarming rate. The situation is unsustainable and against the law in this respect, because so many people suffering from mental health problems are left without a place in a hospital.

Abolish concept of ‘disease insight’

Let's break through and no longer speak of 'lack of insight into illness', but as care providers, we should look at ourselves. If, as a care provider, I notice that a client sees his complaints differently than I do, then I conclude that I have a connection problem.

SvD’s article on depression misleads the public – and needs to...

"Depression is a common disease in Sweden and can in certain situations be life-threatening"

On the need to create new and individualized strategies to face...

This text is a call to think and share resources, partly because of the objective and unquestionable fact that our contexts are changing and there are new situations in which disqualifying or distressing voices can emerge, and partly because new possibilities are opened up that a few years ago we could not think of.

We must speak the truth about human life

Human dignity is threatened by an idealistic pursuit of perfect performance. A new course is needed where being significant must also accommodate the fallible, vulnerable and delicate.

A Hallucination

To begin to make a description of hallucinations, it is first necessary to take a tour that allows us to understand that hallucinations are momentary, instantaneous, volatile and fleeting states

Everyone Has a Future

There are two certainties here: we are born and we die. And a lot happens between those two extremes. And in every human life that looks a lot different… and of course every person deals with it slightly differently!

When Treatment Makes You Sick: The Eating Disorder Clinic

Eight years after beginning ‘treatment’ for an ‘eating disorder’, I was eating worse than ever. Yet three years after quitting that ‘treatment’, food is a pleasure, not a problem. This is curious, isn’t it?

The politics and power of hearing voices

The reason I am writing this for Mad in Ireland is due to a very interesting phenomenon about power figures that exist in Northern Ireland due to violence and bloodshed and real physical persecution.

Emiliano: to yet another violence

This is yet another testimony that highlights the gratuitous cruelty of some mental health workers who contribute to aggravating the penalties of people already suffering for their conflicting family relationships.

My journey to recovery – about different paths to wellness

I don't think there is a one-size-fits-all path, but I am absolutely certain that there are many ways to feel good, and that you can find your ways - mostly without the help of healthcare.

Self-harm Policy: Perspectives of Personal Experience

First of all, from this book we can understand that self-harm is a policy, to the extent that these experiences cause the reader to change his perception. Read this book and the "problem" of self-harm will never be the same "problem" again.

Challenging a Psychiatric Diagnosis

Let’s start holding psychiatry to account and take some power back over how we choose to self-define.

Capitalism seriously harms health

We are convinced that finding ourselves, rebuilding relationships and communities, and recovering spaces may be a first step in opening a horizon in which to create places free from the individualistic dynamics of exploitation and mercification.

Plant Medicine, Psychiatry and Me

Western medicine targets the specific at the expense of the whole, whilst holistic medicine looks at the whole. For the most part, the two traditions do not work together. While Western medicine is relatively new at around 100 years old, plant or holistic medicine date back thousands of years.

Personality disorders? Please, tell us what you really think.

Whether it is a diagnosis of BPD, or any other diagnosis, there is the potential for significant harm to result when the subjective experience of any individual is replaced by an objectively derived diagnostic category.

When Homosexuality was a “Disease”: My Abuse Story

During my extensive reading about schizophrenia and homosexuality, I looked for examples of men whose disease was like mine; in other words, people whose schizophrenia was caused by the repression of their homosexuality.

Ten Characteristics of Housing First and Money First Workers

Housing First Workers listen and then, except give people what they need (a house, love and money), they do nothing. They wait in wonder. People with lived experience know what is best for them. Their desire for prosperity and dreams of a bright future are no different from those of people without lived experience.