Monday, June 27, 2022

Weekend Edition: June 25 – 26

mass shootings

Expanded Mental Health Services Won’t Stop Mass Shootings

“Easier access” to mental health treatment is likely to translate to getting more kids in front of more prescribers to produce more lifetime customers.

Peer Values Versus Violence: A View from Lived Experience

Some of us have survived violent, coercive forms of socially condoned mental health treatments. But many of us grow past the pain, into healing and compassion.

Cargo Cult Psychiatry

Cargo Cult Psychiatry uses the courts to force people, who are otherwise assumed to have the right to refuse treatment, to submit to their pseudoscientific approach to "mental health."

Psychedelic Therapy Will Not Save Us

For women survivors of sexual or physical trauma, MDMA should be used judiciously. Or maybe it shouldn’t be used at all.

The Power of Activism

Getting support from other psychiatrized people, outside of the system, has the potential to be mutual. You are not being “treated” or talked down to. The contact is genuine and natural.

Open Season on Mental Patients

No one is safe from psychiatry’s project of medicalizing every variation of human emotion and behaviour, especially people viewed with suspicion and contempt by the powerful.

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On July 13, Mad in America will present a panel discussion on “Peer-Supported Open Dialogue.” Learn about its origins, development, and future. Register here.


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Ongoing studies and projects seeking participants for surveys/panels on mental health issues, and calls for papers in journals or conferences. 

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