Wednesday, January 19, 2022

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New NICE Guidelines for ECT Are Dangerously Inadequate, Say 50 Patients and Professionals

An open letter from patients, psychiatrists, and professors calls on NICE to rewrite the new ECT guidelines to avoid putting patients’ safety at risk.

When It Comes to Mental Health Problems, The Disability Framework Fails: A Response to Comments

A response to the thought-provoking comments and concerns on the previous blog, furthering the discussion about disability and mental disorder.

“Mental Health” Is a Euphemism for Policing Social Deviance

"Mental health" discourse conceals the fact that mental illness is still treated as a social deviance by the authoritarian institution of psychiatry.

The Other Side of the Cage

My doctor estimates that I have less than a year to live. I do not want my life to end as it began, with trauma, pain and dehumanization. I would like dignity and compassion in my final days.
Wooden pawn-like figures surrounding a gavel

Guardianship Destroyed My Family

People who can’t take care of themselves need support and protection, but guardianship provides neither. I know: I've lived it.

Can Anything Good Come Out of Therapy?

I used to think therapy could be beneficial if only you went through the trials of finding a good therapist. What I didn’t ever question was the process itself or if I really needed to do it at all.


Research Surveys

Ongoing studies and projects seeking participants for surveys/panels on mental health issues. The latest is a University of Manchester study seeking mental health service provider input.


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