Friday, October 30, 2020

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When Psych Diagnosis Means Life-or-Death

One label in the DSM that applies to cognitive abilities—“Intellectual Disabilities”—is crucial in determining whether people accused of crimes in some US states will be executed.

The Need for Acknowledgment of Context Within Approaches to Mental Distress

Mental distress is often perceived as something devoid of context, as an individual medical condition or a failure instead of a human condition linked to the social context one exists in.

The Reckoning in Psychiatry Over Protracted Antidepressant Withdrawal

Medically-induced harm—affecting tens of millions of people worldwide—has taken the field decades to take seriously.

The Spin Doctors: “ADHD” Research

We now spend over twenty billion dollars a year on treatment for something called “ADHD.” For that amount of money, we could pay the mid-career salaries of an extra 365,000 teachers or 827,000 teachers’ aides.

Insane Medicine, Chapter 2: The Scientism of Psychiatry (Part 1)

Wherever you find mental health services to have expanded, you find a parallel increase in the numbers who have been classed as disabled due to a mental health disorder.

The Double Standard at the Heart of Peer Services

There is clear evidence of a double standard and attitude that favors and privileges one side of the binary—the clinicians—over peers. This discrimination must be made visible and revealed to mental health advocates and changemakers.


Watch the recording of our latest Open Dialogue Town Hall, you can read about the panelists here.


Research Surveys

Ongoing studies seeking participants for surveys on mental health issues.

The latest: Ethical Human Psychology and Psychiatry invites papers for a special issue considering psychology, psychiatry, and related disciplines within a narrative arts rather than natural sciences paradigm.

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