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Grief, Intense Feelings, and Pathologization: Can We Conceive a Different Approach?

We still try to shove every kind of emotion into a neatly organized box, give it a label, maybe even an accompanying medicine to make it neat and predictable.

“Don’t Worry, You’ll Be Fine”

I was prescribed a “baby dose” of diazepam for pain management. Over the following months, everything got progressively worse.

Mental Health & Our Schools, Part 2

Schools are rolling out programs and services intended to safeguard students’ emotional well-being. They are full of potential—and pitfalls.
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20 Concrete Steps to Achieving System Change

I offer the following 20 suggestions for advocates who want to get something done and not just vent their quite justifiable criticisms of the mental health system.
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An Illness, or Risky Experimentation?

Questioning is what I did, but once I started questioning so much of what I had learned and of what my identity had been, it wasn’t obvious to me where I should stop.

Systematic Failure

This is the story of a life in turmoil, my failings and those of the systems meant to help such persons.


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Lost Life
by Eadwaard Kaitz

Call For Art: Beyond Labels And Meds

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