Saturday, October 23, 2021

Weekend Edition: October 23 – 24

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People Don’t Recover So Spectacularly from Criminal Psychiatry

Psychiatry and Catholicism have too much in common, both founded by men, upon questionable source materials. I knew I was in danger, not being helped.
Photo of Darby Penney sitting beside a flower and candle

Remembering Darby Penney — A Fierce Advocate for Justice and Human Rights

Celia Brown, Ron Bassman, and Peter Stastny mourn the loss of Darby Penney, who fought to transform the mental health system in New York.
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A Dystopian Vision of Psychiatry’s Future

As a psychiatric survivor, I was stunned to see a medical professional describe a dystopian nightmare as a vision of progress for psychiatric medicine.
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Peer Respite: Why It Should be Everyone’s Concern

My intent with this blog is to compare some lessons learned from my recent medical crisis response to a similar peer-run respite response.

RIP: Ed White – Advocate, Researcher and Supporter

It is with great sadness that we write about the loss of one of our colleagues from the psychiatric drug withdrawal community; Doctor Ed White.
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Fate of a Whistleblower: I Spoke Out About Abrupt Med Withdrawal

A rapid withdrawal can be very dangerous and even deadly. You do not solve the problem by firing those who point this out, but that happened to me.

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How the Grave Convincingly Claims It’s His Only Hope for Change by Jordana Chana Mayim

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