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Ken Burns’ “Hiding in Plain Sight…”: Candid Interviews, Canned Conclusions

I was hoping for more accurate representation of youth mental health challenges. What I saw instead was a glossy patchwork of mixed messages.
A set of folders, one labeled "Conclusions"

Condensing “Anatomy of an Epidemic” into a High-Level Summary Document

After reading "Anatomy of an Epidemic," I needed something that could be read quickly, summarizing the material at a high level, to share with the general public.
against DBT

Trauma Survivors Speak Out Against Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

Despite the majority of the individuals being sent to DBT having histories of severe childhood trauma, little about DBT treatment is “trauma-informed.”

Away From Psychiatrization: Towards Socio-Ecological Wellbeing in the Community

The modern notion of poor mental health and how to respond to it is an escalating series of biomedical interventions that don’t actually solve the underlying problem.

Loss, Grief, and Betrayal: Psychiatric Survivors Reflect on the Impact of New Serotonin Study

Loss, grief, and betrayal are felt deeply by many who have been affected by the myth of the chemical imbalance, especially now that it has been debunked.
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How the Internet Helped Save My Mental Health

My experience has shown me that if you have enough pain in your life, you will look anywhere for the truth, even if this truth goes against what the medical system is telling you.


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