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Critical Psychiatry Textbook, Chapter 8: Depression and Mania (Affective Disorders) (Part Six)

On the pharmaceutical industry's spinning of results of clinical trials to hide suicide attempts and deaths on depression pills.
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Cochrane’s Demise: Misleading Denigration of Benzodiazepines for Acute Psychosis

On a misleading Cochrane review of benzodiazepines for acute psychosis, and how Cochrane responded to criticism.

Reclaiming My Yin and Yang

Western psychiatry has done a lot of harm to people, especially when it is forced upon people as their “only” option. People’s experiences are wildly diverse, and only a diversity of options can do justice to our differing needs.

State Hospital Memories: More of My Story

The Detroit Free Press did an excellent job in bringing to light the conditions at Pontiac, its loss of accreditation, and closing. Still, they didn't quite grasp the severity of violence there.
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Critical Psychiatry Textbook, Chapter 8: Depression and Mania (Affective Disorders) (Part Five)

Peter Gøtzsche continues the discussion of the pharmaceutical industry’s manipulation of depression pill trials for children and adolescents.

Gabapentin Withdrawal: One Year Later

Even though I was only on the medication for a little over six months, I am still traveling down the long road of psychiatric drug withdrawal. This is the hardest thing I have ever endured.


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Psychiatry’s Sectioning by June Gutman 


Antidepressants Have Destroyed My Sexual Function and Range of Emotions

In 2012, in a period of low mood and anxiety, my GP prescribed an antidepressant. Little did I know that this would derail my life.

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