Sunday, January 24, 2021

Attention! One Morning with a Roving Mind

The day was one long meditation—doing what the mind ordered with no effort to control it. This is the Zen state that monks seek but that physicians consider a mental disorder to be treated by amphetamines.

Dr. Pies and The Chemical Imbalance Deception

Dr. Pies claims that the "chemical imbalance" theory was never really professed by psychiatrists. Yet he himself wrote an essay in "Creative Nonfiction" in 1999 that purveyed it directly to the layperson.

Grief and Its Potential Lessons

Within the current mental health paradigm, profound grief is often shoved into the universal category of depression and treated as a malfunction according to the biomedical model.

The Genesis of a New Approach to Mental Healthcare: 4Sight

David Straub describes his 4Sight Behavioral Model and CORE system for helping people work with their past and emotions.

Insane Medicine, Chapter 8: Treatment Traps and How to Get Out of Them (Part 2)

Sami Timimi provides a discussion of the ways medication may be helpful for some, and advice and information on discontinuing psychiatric drugs.

Eyewitness to Psychiatry Functioning as a Conspiracy Theory-Based Cult

The psychiatric cult uses its conspiracy theory of the cause of human suffering to let society off the hook while it enforces society’s oppression.

Town Halls/Webinars

February 11: MIA Continuing Education webinar on “Brain-Body Regulation: The Foundation of Mental Wellness.” Register here.

March 11: MIA Continuing Education webinar on “Trauma of Racism. Healing Our National Legacy.” Register here.

All town halls and webinars are free. There is a $20 fee for those who need CE credits.


Research Surveys

Ongoing studies and projects seeking participants for surveys/panels on mental health issues.

The latest is a survey out of the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine looking for experiences of inpatient psychiatric care among former patients.

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Video Gallery

Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal – Town Hall Discussion #1

Watch the recording of our first psychiatric drug withdrawal town hall discussion, aired live on January 15, 2021. Featuring panelists Adele Framer, Luke Montagu, Swapnil Gupta and John Read.