Friday, June 25, 2021

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How Far Has Psychiatry Really Come? Historical Practices Versus Modern-Day Psychiatry

The basic assumptions behind unethical practices like lobotomies and insulin shock therapy are still the foundation on which psychiatry’s main treatments are built today.

An American History of Drugs and Addiction, Part 7: The Harm Reduction Revolution

Many of the harms associated with drugs were very much rooted in policy choices rather than in the nature of the drugs being used, or even addiction in general.

Mental Health Survival Kit, Chapter 4: Withdrawing from Psychiatric Drugs (Part 6)

Peter Gøtzsche gives advice on what withdrawal symptoms may look like and explains the dangers of—and alternatives to—forced treatment.

EMDR in a Nutshell: Healing from Trauma

Rather than medicalizing distress, EMDR provides a way of healing from trauma. EMDR isn't about trying to treat the symptoms of an illness. It's about healing from the root cause.

The Transformational Qualities of Hearing Voices Groups

Results from a national study show the transformational qualities of Hearing Voices groups, including their egalitarian structure and the genuine connection they foster.

The Worst Thing: How My Mother’s Death Pushed Me to Overcome OCD

The goal of creating a legacy for my mother required that I go beyond managing my symptoms to confronting my OCD at its roots. I had to fundamentally change my understanding of anxiety.

Town Halls/Webinars

June 21-23: Hopendialogue, which has been a co-sponsor of dialogical town halls with Mad in America,  is holding a three-day conference on Open Dialogue.  Register here.

July 2: Town hall on “Anthropology and Open Dialogue.” Free. Register here.


Research Surveys

Ongoing studies and projects seeking participants for surveys/panels on mental health issues.


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ECT survivor moments in history –
BBC Investigates electroshock by Anna

Editor's Pick

Pets More Effective for Grief Support than Humans, Study Finds

A new study explores effective forms of grief support, finding that animals are more effective than humans in providing support.

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Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal – Town Hall Discussion #3

Watch the recording of our third psychiatric drug withdrawal town hall discussion, aired live on May 14, 2021. Featuring panelists Adele Framer, Will Hall, David Healy and Nicole Lamberson.