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Mental Health Advance Choice Documents ‘Would Reduce Sectioning’

From The Guardian: Expert says treatment plans set out while patients are well should be included in Mental Health Act reforms in England and Wales.

A Dangerous Idea: ‘Bury Bad Thoughts to Boost Mental Health’

From CPTSD Foundation: We are bombarded with tips to avoid, to reject, to minimize emotional distress and deep-seated trauma. But what we shut out of our minds will bubble up to the surface in ways that could be hurtful for ourselves and others.

Call for Intervention in Case of Boy Left in Windowless Hospital Room for 56...

From RTE: The child is among those impacted by failings in the North Kerry Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service, with the public health service last year apologising for 'deficits in care' he received, including the inappropriate prescribing of heavy anti-psychotic medication.

‘We Hold You Sacred’: Fighting the Opioid Crisis in the Cherokee Nation

From The Guardian: "When we introduce those cultural aspects [into addiction recovery programs] – it’s like their spirit remembers it, because they pick it up immediately and they crave it...It helps them heal," says Ashley Lincoln, an administrator with the Cherokee MAT program.

Canadians Without Life-Threatening Diseases Are Being Encouraged to Consider Suicide

From Newsweek: The risk of medical practitioners recommending MAID as a cost-cutting measure to alleviate strain on the health care system is unsettling, as suggested by a 2020 analysis estimating potential savings of $66 million annually in health care costs.

Moving From Crisis Response to Crisis Prevention in U.S. Mental Health Systems

From STAT: In Chicago, community organizers are lobbying for the 'Treatment not Trauma' approach, which is neither a psychiatric nor police model but a public health model of community wellness.

In the US, ‘Mental Health Treatment’ Can Be a Death Sentence

From The Nation: Deploying the language of “helping” those in need, policymakers are reaching not for a Band-Aid but a club.

Joey Marino Dies; ‘ER’ Actor Had Developed Severe Tardive Dyskinesia

The actor had become disabled by the movement disorder after being prescribed Seroquel for anxiety.

Modern Culture Is Traumatizing and NOT Normal | Gabor Maté, MD

From Commune: Drawing conclusions about human nature from how we live in this society is like trying to understand a wild animal inside a cage.

The Dangers of Curiosity in the Mental Health Field and the Family System

From Daniel Mackler: There are consequences to being curious and asking questions: real conclusions sometimes are not easy to bear.

Mental Health Patients ‘Raped and Sexually Assaulted’ as NHS Abuse Scandal Revealed

From The Independent: A major investigation by The Independent and Sky News has revealed the horrific scale of sexual abuse and assault within the UK’s psychiatric system.

How Woman’s Dramatic Escape From NHS Psychiatric Care Exposed ‘Scandal’ of Sex Abuse Complaints

From Sky News: Patient 11 - a new joint podcast from Sky News and The Independent - investigates Alexis Quinn's escape from psychiatric 'care' which has now exposed a catalogue of sexual abuse and harassment complaints in NHS England 'care.'

How Early Relationships Can Define Reality – For Better or Worse

From Jay Reid Psychotherapy: Kids will do an amazing amount of shape-shifting to get their parents to be willing to care for them.

The FDA Warned an Asthma Drug Could Induce Despair. Many Were Never Told.

From The New York Times: Singulair, now a generic, is still used by millions of Americans even after thousands of patients and dozens of studies have described harm. Children face the greatest risks of the drug's ill effects.

How the Life Coaching Industry Sells Pseudo-Solutions to Our Deepest Problems

From Current Affairs: The cultural pressures to become a self-made individual have intensified at the same time that sources of social support have decreased. Enter the life coach.

Workplace Wellness Programs Have Little Benefit, Study Finds

From The New York Times: An Oxford researcher measured the effect of popular workplace mental health interventions, and discovered little to none.

Scientific Misconduct and Fraud: The Final Nail in Psychiatry’s Antidepressant Coffin

From CounterPunch: A recent reanalysis of previously undisclosed data reveals that STAR*D may go down in US medical history as one of its most harmful scandals.

What It Was Like to Be a Black Patient in a Jim Crow Asylum

From Mother Jones: "You see a society that was comfortable discarding people," says author Antonia Hylton. "I think a lot of families are still allowing loved ones who are suffering to slowly disappear."

The Longest Journey – or, What Can We Expect from Psychotherapy? | Alice Miller

From Alice Miller: Child Abuse and Mistreatment: The longest journey of my life was the journey to my own self. Successful therapy should shorten this long journey.

Attitudes Towards and Patterns of Medication Use Among Persons With ‘SMI’

From Mifrasim Institute for Psychotherapy Research and Teaching: A recent conference in Israel explored how attitudes and patterns of medication use are related to different aspects of the identity and domains of recovery.

Financial Conflicts of Interest Persist in DSM-5-TR Panel Members

From the BMJ: Lisa Cosgrove and colleagues report that 60% of the panel and task-force members of the DSM-5-TR received payments from industry. Collectively,...

Why We Need More Soteria Houses

From Compassionate Mental Health: "Strong feelings are often at the bottom of psychosis – we need to be able to power down the emotions with interpersonal and physical environments where emotional relaxation is possible," says psychiatrist Luc Ciompi.

Improving Outcomes for Psychosis: Psychiatric Survivor and Critical Psychiatry Perspectives

"If I and the people around me could have been helped to see that there was some significance in what I was proclaiming, that I could actually do something meaningful in the world, something with impact, something with power to affect change -- was that so crazy? Or did it come true?" ~ Dina Tyler

The Influence of Paid Opinion Leaders on Antidepressant Prescribing in the UK

From Hole Ousia: Paid opinion leaders who generally control the narrative in relation to psychiatric drug prescribing continue to be very much a thing of the present.

Deep Flaws in FDA Oversight of Medical Devices, and Patient Harm, Exposed in Lawsuits

From KFF Health News: A yearlong investigation by KFF Health News revealed that a series of FDA-cleared products have been suspected of contributing to thousands of injuries and patient deaths.