Thursday, October 29, 2020

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Abuse Survivors Fight for Justice After Police Drop Investigation at Child Mental Health Unit

From The Independent: Survivors of the Hill End Hospital Adolescent Unit in St Albans, UK, said they were sexually abused, filmed during strip searches, beaten, punched and sedated as a punishment.

UK ‘Sleepwalking’ to Mental Health Crisis as Pandemic Takes Its Toll

From The Guardian: Health experts and charities have said that lockdown uncertainty, fear, isolation and loneliness will be exacerbated by the colder and darker months ahead.

OxyContin Maker to Plead Guilty to Federal Criminal Charges, Pay $8 Billion, Close Company

From CNN Business: "Purdue Pharma actively thwarted the United States' efforts to ensure compliance and prevent diversion . . . [leaving] lives lost and others addicted."

Texas Social Workers Can Now Turn Away LGBTQ, Disabled Clients

From NBC News: The state Board of Social Work Examiners voted to change a section of its code of conduct last week following a recommendation from Gov. Greg Abbott.

Teenager’s Death After Being Given Antipsychotic Was ‘Potentially Avoidable’

From The Guardian: An inquest in 2018 ruled that the use of olanzapine was appropriate but the McGowans have now called for a fresh inquest, saying the first was “deeply flawed.”

Nov. 1 Zoom: Meet Voyce Hendrix, Former Executive Director of Soteria House

From Rethinking Psychiatry: Voyce will discuss his time at the original Soteria House in San Jose, CA, an alternative to the medical model for schizophrenia that ran from 1971 to 1983.

Belief in Neuroscience

From The Montréal Review: Today there is an almost religious fervor that neuroscience is capable of explaining all human behavior. That is to say, the worldview provided by neuroscience is accepted on faith.

Has the Drug-Based Approach to ‘Mental Illness’ Failed?

From Scientific American: John Horgan interviews Robert Whitaker about how his views have evolved since publishing Anatomy of an Epidemic in 2010.

Marketising the Mental Health Crisis: How the CBT Empire-Builders Colonised the NHS

From Novara Media: The government’s flagship talking therapy service, Improving Access to Psychological Therapies, has become an empire, offering assembly-line state therapy to a society suffering the mental ill-health of neoliberal capitalism.

Hundreds of Children Stuck in IL Psych Hospitals Despite State’s Promises to Find Them...

From ProPublica Illinois: “There’s not a whole lot that tells a kid you don’t matter [more] than keeping them locked up in a psych ward for no reason other than there’s nowhere to place them for months on end."

The Medicalization Movement: How Emotions Are Being Turned Into Diseases

From Medium: We being told that having human negative feelings is so wrong that it warrants us going down the rabbit hole to a world of medication, social discrimination, and possible isolation from our community.

Launch of UK Petition Calling for Independent Review of ECT

From Professor John Read/University of East London: At 10,000 signatures, government will respond to the petition. At 100,000 signatures, it will be considered for debate in Parliament.

‘Hijacked by Anxiety’: How Climate Dread Is Hindering Climate Action

From The Guardian: "A measure of mental health is having the capacity to accurately emotionally respond to the reality in our world. So it’s not delusional to feel anxious or depressed. It’s mentally healthy."

Is ADHD Diagnosis Flawed? Younger Classmates More Likely to Be Diagnosed

From Sociology Lens: If ADHD is a genetically determined neurobiological disorder, a child’s birthdate, gender and other factors should have no bearing on their chances of ‘having’ it.

New Official Guidance: People Should Come Off Antidepressants Slowly

From MetroUK: The guidance from RCPsych is catching up to what many patients have been saying for years: antidepressant tapering should take much longer than a few weeks.

Chemical Restraints ‘May Be Abuse’

From 7 News Australia: Consultant pharmacist Manya Angley told a royal commission that unless such drugs were prescribed as a last resort, then the person had been denied their right to proper intervention and care.

Obituary: Ethel “Effie” Smith, Founder of Consumer Action Network (CAN)

From The Washington Post: Effie's tireless effort to improve service quality and to promote new opportunities for empowerment and recovery have left an indelible mark on DC.

FDA Requiring Boxed Warning Update for Benzodiazepine Drug Class

From the U.S. Food & Drug Administration: The FDA is requiring the update for all benzodiazepines "to address the serious risks of abuse, addiction, physical dependence, and withdrawal reactions."

Psychiatry’s Intellectual Crisis: Giovanni Fava, MD

From Psychiatric Times/Conversations in Critical Psychiatry: "Psychiatry is going through an intellectual crisis [that] is shared by other areas of clinical medicine and stems from a narrow concept of science."

Nursing Homes Oust Unwanted Patients With Claims of Psychosis

From The New York Times: Across the U.S., nursing homes are looking to get rid of unprofitable patients and pouncing on minor outbursts to justify evicting them to emergency rooms or psychiatric hospitals.

The Thoughtful Counselor: Questioning Biological Explanations with Peter Simons

From The Thoughtful Counselor: MIA Science Writer and Blogs Editor Peter Simons questions the scientific methods and clinical utility of biological explanations for mental distress in a podcast interview with The Thoughtful Counselor.

Race, Medicine, and the Origins of American Psychiatry

From AAIHS/Black Perspectives: Wendy Gonaver argues that previous literature on nineteenth-century psychiatry has not thoroughly considered the role of slavery in shaping psychiatric discourse and the operation of psychiatric institutions themselves.

Somewhere for West Virginians to Turn with Covid-Related Stress

From West Virginia MetroNews: There's a big need for the new "emotional strength line" unveiled by First Choice Services, as a 2018 CDC study cited West Virginia as having the worst mental health of any state.

St. Elizabeths Has Increased Usage of Restraints on Patients, Report Says

From The Washington Post: “On multiple occasions, St. Elizabeths staff disregarded the legal and policy requirements of using restraint and seclusion that were promulgated to prevent widespread use and abuse,” the report said.

PharmedOut Webinar: Institutional Corruption and Clinical Practice Guidelines

From PharmedOUT: Clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) are systematically developed statements to assist practitioners and patient decisions, but they are not immune to industry influence.

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