Saturday, November 27, 2021

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By Tracing Addiction (and More) to Childhood Trauma, Can We Find Compassion?

From YES! Magazine: "Trauma is an overwhelming threat that you don’t know how to deal with," says Dr. Gabor Maté. "Our job, as human beings, is to learn from our suffering."

He Cheered on Britney Spears—While Fighting a Guardianship Battle of His Own

From The Washington Post: The aftershocks of #FreeBritney could continue to rattle the American legal system long after Spears’s victory.

NHS to Give Therapy for Depression Before Medication Under New Guidelines

From The Guardian: Draft guidance says a "menu of treatment options" including CBT, exercise and mindfulness should be offered in less severe cases.

NC Pays Psychiatric Units That Break Rules Millions to ‘Care’ for Youth

Around the Web: A newspaper investigation discovered that the state continued to pay psychiatric residential treatment facilities millions when they repeatedly broke rules meant to ensure children's safety and well-being.

Punching, Predators, Neglect: Traumatized NC Children Suffer Inside Dismal Psychiatric Centers

From The Fayetteville Observer: "We are ruining people’s lives, and we’re doing it in the most expensive way possible," said State Rep. Verla Insko. "It’s inhumane and irresponsible. It is a government failure."

A Peer-Run Center in North Carolina Offers Alternative for Psychiatric Care

From NBC: At Retreat @ the Plaza, guests use their experiences with 'mental illness,' homelessness and domestic violence to help one another regain their footing.

Family Deeds: Constellation Therapy & Generations of Trauma

From Psychology Today: Family and ancestral constellation is a therapeutic tool that allows the invisible influences from the present and past to be made visible, acknowledged, and whole.

Top ‘ADHD Experts’ All Take Drug Company Money

From ADHD is BS: All of the world's ten most influential 'ADHD experts' take funds from multiple ADHD drug manufacturers. Topping the list is American psychologist Prof Stephen V. Faraone who has commercial ties to 21 ADHD drug companies.

How CBT Harmed Me: The Interview That the New York Times Erased

From Disability Visibility Project: CBT as a modality is based around gaslighting. It's about telling a patient that the world is safe, bad feelings are temporary, and that pain is a 'faulty or unhelpful' distortion of thinking.

‘At the Forefront of Medicine’: My UChicago Involuntary Hospitalization

From The Chicago Maroon: A neuroscience student reflects on the psychiatric system’s failure to care for its patients--and how it can often make matters worse.

How Emotional Blindness Is Created – 21 Points by Alice Miller

From The renowned Swiss psychotherapist summarized the way repressed early maltreatment leads to chronic emotional disconnectivity.

APA Apologizes for Longstanding Contributions to Systemic Racism & Human Hierarchy

From the American Psychological Association: "The APA failed in its role leading the discipline of psychology, was complicit in contributing to systemic inequities, and hurt many through racism, racial discrimination, and denigration of people of color, thereby falling short on its mission to benefit society and improve lives."

Remembering Dorothea Buck—Who Forced Psychiatry To Confront Its Deadly History

From Ms. Magazine: After being force-sterilized and tortured by psychiatry as a young woman, Buck fought fiercely, speaking out against both psychiatric abuse and the way medicine defines schizophrenia and psychosis.

Health Insurers Need to Reimburse Medication Tapering Strips

From IIPDW: Reimbursing tapering strips that help patients taper medication will save a lot of suffering and death, yet health insurers refuse to do so.

“Mama”: A Woman and Her Chimpanzees Heal Together After Trauma

From The New Yorker: In Pablo de la Chica's short film "Mama," a caregiver at a chimpanzee sanctuary and the orphaned chimps she cares for—both victims of the ongoing conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo—help each other heal.

To Minimize Medication Withdrawal, Taper Slowly

From Psychiatric News: “There is an urgent need to develop official guidelines for how to safely taper psychotropics”—for both patients and physicians, says Mark Horowitz, MD.

How Public Health Took Part in Its Own Downfall

From The Atlantic: As the 20th century progressed, the field moved away from the idea that social reforms were a necessary part of preventing disease and willingly silenced its own political voice.

How Hunter-Gatherers Maintained Their Egalitarian Ways

From Psychology Today: One anthropologist after another has been amazed by the degree of equality, individual autonomy, indulgent treatment of children, cooperation, and sharing in the hunter-gatherer culture that he or she studied.

Adverse Childhood Relationship Experiences: The Most Underestimated Risk Factor for Chronic Illness

From Chronic Illness Trauma Studies: The impact of one of the ACEs (adverse childhood experiences) in particular - emotional neglect - is huge and underrecognized.

A Racial Disparity in Schizophrenia Diagnoses in Nursing Homes

From The New York Times: Experts say some facilities are using a schizophrenia loophole to continue sedating dementia patients, and the impact has been more severe for Black residents.

The Shadow Penal System for Struggling Kids

From The New Yorker: The Christian organization Teen Challenge, made up of more than a thousand centers, claims to reform troubled teens. But is its discipline more like abuse?

Respect Psychiatric Hospitals’ Real-Life Horror Stories

From The Detroit News: This is ground made hallow by the tremendous torment that was endured there. To have the suffering and misery mocked up for the amusement of Halloween thrill-seekers is disrespectful.

More Than a Third of English ECT Patients Given Procedure Without Consent, Study Suggests

From The Daily Mail: "Our research shows that there is no effective monitoring or regulation of ECT in England," said Professor John Read, who led the study.

‘You Have to Scream Out’: Being Black and Disabled Is a Constant Struggle

From The Atlantic: "I became an advocate not because I wanted to but because I had to, to survive," said Angel Love Miles. "I was not very outspoken at all. But if you’re trying to get home and the bus keeps passing you up because you’re in a wheelchair, you have to scream out."

Does Capitalism Make Us Crazy? | Susan Rosenthal, MD

From Susan Rosenthal, MD: It’s a huge challenge to trap a highly social species in such a dehumanizing social arrangement.

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