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How Capitalism Is Helping Fuel Our Mental Health Crisis

From Psychology Today/Justin Garson, PhD: We need to better confront the economic and political structures that are making us sick, says psychotherapist and author Dr. James Davies.

A Therapist Grapples With Diagnosis Culture

From Mental Hellth: When seemingly everyone has a DSM disorder, how do we find out what's actually going on?

“Assisted” Outpatient Commitment Advocates Manufacture Consent Via Manipulation

From Truthout: There is a battle currently raging to convince the few states without involuntary outpatient commitment laws to give in.

Intellectualization Results From Blocked Childhood Trauma | Daniel Mackler

Intellectualization is when people use their intellect, their logic, or their abstract reasoning to avoid having to deal with feelings.

Yale Psychiatrist Receives Federal Grant to Shock Elderly Dementia Patients

The release from Yale Medical School doesn’t explain how the researchers will obtain consent from those with severe dementia to participate in their study.

“Nobody Comes to Work to Harm People”

From Psychiatry Is Driving Me Mad: People cannot heal within a system which refuses to acknowledge the harm it continues to cause.

The Wellsprings of Horror in the Cradle | Alice Miller

From The connections between terrorism (violence, war, etc.) and childhood are still hardly recognized. It is time to take the facts seriously.

‘We Should Drop the Disorder Because…’ AD4E Online Festival Sept. 22!

Watch a promotional video for ADisorder4Everyone's upcoming annual festival on Friday, September 22: "A collective roar of disapproval for a system that labels and medicates rather than listens and responds with compassion."

What Patients — and Doctors — Should Know About ‘Benzo’ Withdrawal

From The Washington Post: There is little awareness about the consequences of withdrawing from long-term use or high doses of these drugs and how to do it safely.

What Causes Emptiness? | Jonice Webb, PhD

From Dr. Jonice Webb/Running on Empty: Many people who experience emptiness don’t even know they have it, much less what it is. They just know they feel "off"; like something just isn’t right with them.

How a Dialogue With the Humanities Can Enrich Psychological Science

From Psychology Today: If psychology is going to help those suffering from the symptoms of our cultural and spiritual malaise, it must reinvigorate the very resources our culture is ready to abandon.

America Has Reached Peak Therapy. Why Is Our Mental Health Getting Worse?

From TIME: The issue isn’t only that demand is outpacing supply; it’s that the supply was never very good to begin with, leaning on therapies and medications that only skim the surface of a vast ocean of need.

Reassessing Self-Sabotage | Terry Baranski

From CPTSD Foundation: With any kind of repetitive, maladaptive behavior, it’s critical to get to the root cause – rather than offering a surface-level description – if treatment is to succeed.

‘The Myth of Normal’: Workaholism, Unresolved Trauma Causing Declining Societal Health

From CBC: "What is considered to be normal in our society in many cases is unhealthy and unnatural for [optimal] human development," says Canadian physician Gabor Maté, who is coauthor with his son Daniel of a new book on "Healing in a Toxic Culture."

States Look to Involuntarily ‘Hospitalize’ People to Confront Growing Mental Health Crisis

From PBS News Hour: California is taking steps to compel more 'mentally ill' people into 'care,' a practice experts and those with lived experience often say is "traumatic" and like a "hit-and-run."

Senior Psychiatrist Harmed by Antidepressants | An Interview With Peter Gordon

From Witt-Doerring Psychiatry: "It’s been absolute hell trying to get off this medication that I was told I wouldn’t find dependence-forming," says Scottish psychiatrist Dr. Peter Gordon.

Parental Rescue Fantasy: Exploration of the Psychological Concept

From Daniel Mackler: People who were failed in important ways as children often grow up with the hope of finding someone who will finally meet all their unmet childhood needs.

An Expert View on PSSD: ‘I Have a Hunch As to What Might Be...

From “I suspect that the peripheral nerve endings in the skin are no longer functioning as they should,” said Dr. David Healy.

FDA Approves Antipsychotic That Provides No Meaningful Benefit But Increases Risk of Death

From the BMJ: Robert Whitaker writes on the FDA's approval of brexpiprazole for agitation in Alzheimer's patients. In clinical trials, the drug provided no...

Reducing Neuroleptic Medication Paid Participatory Research Workshop in London

Survivor Researcher Network is looking for 10-14 people with experience attempting to reduce or withdraw from neuroleptics to take part in a paid one-day workshop in Central London in September.

Depth Psychology for Social Healing

From Psychology Today: In the face of the social crises that afflict our world, we find ourselves at a crucial crossroads. We must call upon a profound understanding of human nature and behavior to navigate these treacherous waters and bring about meaningful transformation.

Visions for a Liberated Anti-Carceral Crisis Response

From Medium: There is no one answer to crisis response. There is no one program that will solve the problem of distress. Here are some thoughts on how to offer humanizing, self-directed care to folks experiencing crises.

Healing Crises: When Things Get Worse Before They Get Better

From A healing crisis occurs when we begin to strip away layers of our own armor and our bodymind attempts to reorganize and come back into balance.

For Trauma Survivors, Suicidal Thoughts Are Not Just About Suicide

From Dr. Glenn Doyle: Part of being trauma-informed is understanding that trauma survivors often use suicidal thoughts as a coping tool.

Modern Medicine: The Non-Healing Art

From Remnant | MD: Even in the 19th-century, there was recognition of the misguided assumption that the body is somehow wrong in its response to disease, and that the only way to ‘cure’ a person is to rid the body of its own creation.