Quite Insane by Laurie Corzett

I am quite insane
I speak in rhyme that often doesn’t
expecting to find reason.
I live in a world of ritual
and season.
I make plans like mad
then go off and free or freeze them.
I hang my pride on a carousel ride,
tell tales of horror deep inside
it’s heaven or hell, but I can’t decide
Tell me you love me
Tell me you need me
Tell me you’ll hold me and never free me.
Tell me the time, and make it snappy.
Tell me I don’t deserve to be happy.
It’s not that I love you or want you or care
I just want to know that someone is there.
It’s better than the alternative.
If this is where I’m gonna live,
I don’t wanta be in it by myself.
I’m quite insane
and dangerous.


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