Darling Girl by Hannah E

Darling girl,

I wish for you to understand that
The fire in your soul, the kind of love in your heart and the curiosity that drives your mind makes you special. I wish for you to understand that the light you shine will often confuse others. It may make them uncomfortable, it may make them angry and many may not understand you.

I need you to know one thing.
I need you to know that THIS is your purpose. You did not come here to conform to the rest of society. Everything in your life has shown you that. My dear, you came here to help make a change. A change YOU were chosen for. You will walk through life, not without deep pain or suffering. You will find your path, not without loss and you will walk down that path, not without restraints. You will find your people along the way. Whether it’s a smile passing by, a deep friendship or maybe the most profound love.

This life is not one for the weak. It’s a life of sacrifice. You will come face to face with the darkness many times, but remember there is a God and God will help you through. On your darkest days, remember how far you’ve come. If you can accomplish this, you can accomplish anything and you will be rewarded your freedom. The very thing you have been seeking your entire life.

I know this journey is long, I know it’s hard, I know it’s exhausting and I know it’s taking pieces from you. Those pieces will be replaced and nothing will ever compare to the beautiful air. The beautiful air you breathe as you sit on that mountain top watching the sun go down. Nothing will compare to the light that will be restored and burn brighter within you. This time in alignment, with peace. This time with wisdom. This time with knowing.

With so much love,
Your future self


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