Untitled Short Story by Jill Donnell

In the deep dark forest lived many animals and plants, trees and mountain cliffs and trails. There once was a ranger and his wife who lived in the woods in a little cabin with a cozy fireplace, big comfortable rugs to lay on, hardwood floors which were neatly waxed, and antique decorations decorated the cabin.

Wanda and Paul couldn’t have children and they wanted to hear the pitter-pattering of little feet running around the cabin. They wanted to hold and caress and give it all their love. Wanda wanted to sew clothes and buy fabrics to sew baby clothes and make toys carved out of wood and stuff together toy animals on her sewing machine.

Paul, Wanda’s husband went out one day and found an illegal poacher who hunted bobcats to stuff and mount on walls. The hunter shook a tree so aggressively that two half-grown cats who were up in the tree came down, attacked the hunter to death by tearing into his skin with deep claws penetrating and slashing his skin to shreds. He lay in a pool of blood shaking, cold and scared; by the time the ranger spotted him he was already mauled to death. Paul examined his carcass; he looked into the poacher’s wallet inside his pants to check for some kind of identification and found a credit card, an old, faded picture of a young woman and a business card. He went by the name of Frederick Huffman who killed bobcats for furs. He was from the city, didn’t have a lot of hunting skills, and had an illegal business going on.

Paul checked for a gun and more weapons; he found three knives which were long switch blades to do the skinning. There was fresh blood on one and Paul took that to notify the sheriff. He would not allow the bobcats to be killed or injured because of their pristine beauty and gracefulness. Wanda and Paul loved them, domesticated them as pets, and cared for the sick ones as well. Paul kept the faded-out photo of the young woman. He’d have to notify her that her husband was dead. On the bottom of the picture was an engraved name that said “Clara Huffman” that was Frederick’s wife. Paul was out in the great Montana woods, the sky country, and these people were from Philadelphia; they had no business coming out here to kill these animals. Paul was called an animal activist and the veterinarian told him that jokingly.

Meanwhile, Paul went back to his cozy cabin where he found his wife sewing baby clothes on her machine.

“Wanda, dear; I don’t know that the lord above is ever going to give us a child.”
“Well, you never know.” She said.
“What do you expect? The stork?”

Wanda took a deep sigh, declined from her sewing, and got up into her favorite chair where she was knitting booties.

“Wanda my love! If God wanted us to have children, he would’ve given us some.”
She sat ladylike in her chair, hands folded on her lap and gave her husband a cross look. She stewed and pouted looking towards the hardwood floors while Paul put another log on the fire. It was nasty outdoors; they predicted a snowstorm and heavy winds. It would be quite dangerous to roam outdoors so they sealed and locked everything shut. The wind started humming and whistling; the snowflakes fell to the ground leaving a white sheet of clothing then it came down in piles as it fell inch by inch. There was ice out and people were warned of the danger.

Wanda sat comfortably on her chair knitting blue and pink booties while Paul ignored her and read the paper. Then they got so cold that they had to cover up in heavy blankets to keep warm. Even with the fire going it was plenty cold. Halfway through the night they sat together drinking hot chocolate, then they heard a very distinctive sound outside. They heard a dull scratch on the door and didn’t think much of it until it became louder and more intense. Then they heard a meowing noise which grew louder and louder and more scratching on the side of the log cabin. Paul and Wanda looked at each other. They had to see who was making those sounds which sounded so desperate.

Paul opened the door as a strong breeze came in and to his surprise it was two adult bobcats with their two offspring.

“Oh dear, they’re so cold and hungry!” exclaimed Wanda.

“I’ll give them some warm milk,” said Paul as he came out of the kitchen with a few bowls; they lapped it up in quite a hurry. “You are hungry!” stated Paul as he put another log on the fire. He also put blankets around the animals to warm them and extra milk to drink.

“Darling, this may be the answer to our prayers!” said Wanda.

“Yes, I think it may well be.”

“Can we keep them, dear?”

“Yes, at least for a while.”

“Are they sick or injured at all?”

“They don’t seem to be. They look healthy to me.”

“Must we call the vet?”

“No, I don’t think so.”

“Well, they all seem to have a hearty appetite.”

Paul nodded.

“How many offspring do they have dear?”

“There are two, two baby girls”

“Oh, girls! I wanted to have a little girl so badly! Now I have two!”

“Wanda, we can’t keep them permanently. Will have to release them back into the wild.”

“Oh, those precious angels!” exclaimed Wanda, ignoring her husband’s statement.

“Listen, they won’t be perfect angels for long. They’re wild animals!”

They said nothing for the remainder of the night; instead, they all fell soundly asleep until morning. The next morning Wanda fondled and petted the four darlings with the stroke of her soft hand. They were fluffy balls of fur, the mother cat was laying unperturbed on the hardwood floor, purring, and drinking warm milk. Wanda wondered about names, but she had plenty of time to think about that. Now all she cared about was that she now had a family. She would feel feed them, spoil them, and give them all her love. Meanwhile, Paul stacked logs on the fire keeping it cozy and warm. Wanda noticed some characteristics and personality about each individual one. She decided that the male cat would be Robert. The mother, Roberta, then the other two; “Oh, what shall I name the little ones?” she asked herself agitated.

“OK! I have names that are perfect!” She exclaimed. “Samantha and Olivia!”

Roberta was nursing her two cubs as she laid down with Wanda rubbing her fuzzy stomach. She purred in satisfaction and fell asleep lazily by the warm fire. Robert nudged Roberta’s side, crowded her and her two cubs, and all four were closely knitted together on the floor. A few more weeks went by, and Roberta was nursing her cubs, they were now old enough to drink milk out of a bowl. They kept trying to get their mother’s milk, but she scooted them away. They made a big fuss and cried out to her desperately, but Roberta refused. Wanda got some warm milk, and the two kittens stuck their noses in the bowl getting all wet and damp. They slowly learned and within a week they started savoring it out of the dish that Wanda set out for them.

“Darling, I think they are old enough to go free and fend for themselves.” said Paul.

“Why, dear, they’re only babies and they’re just learning to drink from a dish!”

Their parents will teach them how to hunt and survive.”

“But, Paul!”

“But, nothing!” he said sternly.

Wanda started to cry and her husband could barely stand it. He went toward her, putting his hand in hers saying, “My dear Wanda, I know you want a family, but we have to let them leave the nest.”

“They’re too young!” Wanda shouted indignantly.

“No, they are not too young!” Paul protested.

Wanda angrily pulled away from him and went into the kitchen without speaking to him for a while. Paul thought her silly and immature but he knew how much a family meant to her. They’ve taken care of animals in a while before and he also thought it said to let them go. Wanda and her husband had such an incredible love for nature and creatures, they just couldn’t help it. Paul stood in the middle of a cozy living room staring at all four bobcats and couldn’t resist little Olivia poked her head at him and gave him a warm expression. She softly me out at him and cocked her head. Paul could not resist, he bent over to pick her up. She was tiny and so vulnerable that she couldn’t have a chance to survive in the wild.

“We’ll keep them!” said Paul.

“Really?” asked Wanda.

“Yes. Closed “yes. Closed quote he said kissing her on the cheek.

“Oh my! I have what I’ve dreamt of, a family!”

Wanda learned the responsibilities of raising two sister Bobcats. As they got older, they got in to some mischief climbing up the curtains and scratching the furniture. Wanda would scold them, but not too harshly because they were starting to learn. She spoke rather tenderly to them in an affectionate tone saying, “Oh no, that’s naughty.” They wouldn’t respond to her rules and were rather perplexed; they did not understand. They would get the idea of house rules in no time at all, thought Wanda. “ I’ll just be patient with them.” She said to her husband.

“I think you’re being too lenient with them dear. You must be more strict.”

“Strict? They’re just babies, it’ll take them a while to learn.”

“You’re going too easy on them.”

Wanda sighed as she went into the kitchen to pour some herbal tea; they always had tea before bedtime. She gave a cup to her husband, it was hot and steamy. Little Sammy was looking out of curiosity and walked over to him, climbed in his lap and spilled the hot tea in his lap, he swatted her.

“You’re a naughty girl!” he said harshly. Sami meow looking confused as he shoved her down.

“Oh darling, don’t do that she’s just curious, that’s all. Go easy on the poor thing period”

“Wanda, she spilled my tea and I simply disciplined her, that’s all. She’s got to learn.”

“I suppose you’re right. After all, it’s better to teach them early so they’ll grow up to become proper mannered young ladies period End Quote

“There you go dear, that’s wise thinking.”

“I’ll start start by tomorrow, I’ll teach them poise and posture. That will be their first lesson.”

“That sounds good Wanda, Let’s go to bed. I’m exhausted.”

“Goodnight, little ones.” Wanda said as she turned out the lamp.

The fire was simmering and going out, and the cabin was cozy and warm. They all slept soundly through the night. The next morning was difficult as Wanda tried to teach them to stand up straight and carry themselves properly like young ladies should. She was getting discouraged and provoked them. They started to slide across the floor, spill their milk and climb on top of furniture.

“Young ladies! You must behave! Now stop climbing on the tables and chairs at once!”

They simply refuse to listen to Wanda’s instructions and continued to disobey. They were having too much fun!

“Olivia! Samantha!”

Wanda was agitated as she stood in the middle of the room. She had to think of a way to make them mind.

“That does it!” said Wanda indignantly. She grabbed them both and locked them together in the closet.

“Now stay in there for awhile and think of the mischief you’ve caused.” Said Wanda authoritatively.

The two sisters me out and cried furiously at Wanda. They thought it unfair and cruel for being locked up in that small, stuffy dark closet. Sammy scratched on the door with such fierceness and Olivia did the same thing too. They made such a ruckus and were incredibly noisy and loud as they carried out their bad behavior. They jumped, leaped and scratched with all their might. They cried, fussed and carried on trying to get Wanda’s attention while they caused the uproar. Wanda came to the closet and as she opened the door they both came dashing out hurriedly and skated across the floor, meowing and running and romping around.

“Now, you two ladies! Stop it this instant!”

They did not obey her. But rather, they clawed the sofa, climbed the curtains, tore the table cloth off and slid around scratching the waxed hardwood floors. Wanda was at her wits end. There was only one thing she could do about these terrible little monsters; Wanda’s cousin Maggie would have to take them in and teach them professional skills at becoming young ladies.

Maggie and her mother, Mildred, lived in a mansion in the city. They had a pure, full blooded Persian cat named Cynthia; she would get them in order. Maggie and Mildred were very strict and were very good disciplinarians. They would teach the girls how to obey. Wanda called her cousin and said she would pay good money if Maggie would train the two girls. Maggie said that she would drive out into the country to meet them and stay and relax with Wanda for a few days.

“Now, young ladies, you must be on your best behavior. We’re having company, and I want you to to act appropriately.”

The two sisters were confused, after all. They didn’t have a clue what inappropriate meant. Maggie was on her way to the country, and she would be tired from a long drive. After she pulled up into the driveway Paul took her luggage and Wanda greeted her and invited her inside.

“Exhausted from the long drive, Maggie?”

“Very much indeed.”

“Here. Let me take your things and put them in the guest room. That’s where you’ll sleep.”

“Oh thank you kindly, I could lie on a firm mattress and get some rest”

“You go right ahead, dear. I’ll tell the girls to be quiet and I’ll make your favorite Apple Crumb cake and some black coffee with cream”

The two sisters spied on Maggie as she lay on the bed, snoring so loudly that they could hardly stand it. They observed her bunions on her course feet, which were incredibly large. They discovered the nasty wart on the end of her nose, the black hairs growing out of her nostrils, and her hideous breath that stank of tobacco. She had yellow crooked teeth that were sitting on the edge of the bathroom sink, which to their surprise were dentures.

“Oh, how disgusting. They’re yellow, stained and very ugly.” said Olivia.

Samantha and Olivia jumped wildly up on the bed to attack her so she would leave.

“Now, Olivia and Samantha! You just woke her up! You two quit that mischief right this instant!” exclaimed Wanda.

“Why, You two little devils!” exclaimed Maggie “You are going to start school for becoming proper, well mannered young ladies. I’ll teach you poise and posture, grooming, intelligent eating habits, manners, and good behavior. You’ll learn grammar and skill living in the city. What do you think of that?”

They did not want to go to the city. They begged Wanda to roam free in the country. After all, they were Bobcats and they weren’t cut out for city life. They pleaded and begged not to go.

”You’ll be coming with me in a couple of days, and I’ll train you. I’ll get paid well for teaching you, so we’ll get along if you obey and cooperate. I have my Persian cat, Cynthia; she will help teach you.”

The two sisters laid by the warm fireplace wondering where to find their parents. They missed their mother and father. Oh how they wanted to run free and jump across rocks and climb trees; they were wild animals and the city wasn’t a place for Bobcats. This was torture and so unfair. They sulked and pouted all night long as they dreamed of their parents and wondered if they’d ever see their mother and father again.

The next day, Maggie packed her bags and took a Olivia and Samantha with her to the city. They never seen urban life before. There were skyscrapers, tall buildings like the Trade Center and statues like the Statue of Liberty and the Twin Towers, Parks and water fountains, bridges and suburban neighborhoods with houses and freshly cut green grass, tall oak trees and rose bushes. They finally made it to Maggie and Mildred’s house; it was huge as they looked up at the giant two-story house. It was freshly painted in a pale blue and there was a white fence and shrubs and willow trees were surrounding this side of the green lawn. Inside was a oak hardwood floor, wallpapering, fancy wall hangings and chandeliers. There was a winding spiral staircase and a baby grand piano, which they’ve never seen before and finally a fireplace with tall grandfather clock up on the wall. It was so delicately decorated, very clean and fancy.

Inside a white wicker basket with a satin pillow and a silk blanket, was the Persian cat, Cynthia. She was so finicky, and particular about her neatness, poise and posture, her foods, and her favorite French shampoo to make her coat shiny. Olivia and Samantha introduced themselves politely but Cynthia simply stuck her nose up in the air with an unfriendly greeting.

“What a snob!” exclaimed Olivia.

“She sleeps with silk and satin sheets in a wicker basket; Who does she think she is?” Who does she think she is?”

“She’s going to be tough to live with, but we’ll just have to stay clear of her, you know, ignore the snobby fur, back!” said Samantha.

“Yes, I don’t want to catch fleas or her ticks.”

Both girls started laughing out loud, very unmannerly and unladylike when Cynthia pranced in and scolded them.

“You must keep your voices down! You sound too brash and boisterous!”

“Well, excuse us! Said Olivia.

“Pardon me.” said Cynthia, with her head stuck up in the air. “My owner says it’s very rude to cause such a ruckus! You must learn to talk a lot more softly, graciously, and courteously.”

“Well, we always talk out loud. We’re from Montana, the open sky country. I’ll bet you don’t even know where that is!” said Olivia, mimicking Cynthia.

Cynthia let out a cough. ”Oh, I feel like I’m going to sneeze. I think I’m allergic to Bobcats!”

“Well, we’re allergic to flea bags who have long, stringy hair and smelly shampoo!”

“Excuse me! I don’t have fleas or ticks. My shampoo is imported from France and I’ll bet you haven’t tried it! No wonder you smell so foul!”

Cynthia pranced back into the kitchen to eat her fresh sturgeon and drink her rich cream

“What’s this?” She gets sturgeon and we don’t? Why does she get all the special treatment?”

“I don’t know, but she better stay away from our territory or will claw her to shreds”

“Yes! She better stay clear if she knows what’s good for her!”

“What do we get to eat?” said Olivia. “What’s this? Liver? Yuck!”

“Oh my! Not my favorite” said Samantha.

They ate too fast and slurped their cream too loudly, and Cynthia stayed away, repulsed by their awful dirty habits.

“It’s a good thing I’m from the city! I have good manners, and your country beasts are so uncivilized! I have good manners, and your country beasts are so uncivilized” exclaimed Cynthia.

“You better watch it or I’ll bite your tail off” screamed Olivia too loudly.

Maggie came in the kitchen and scolded them, “What’s all this shouting about?” She asked sternly.

“All those creatures are being obnoxious” cried Cynthia.new paragraph “ Oh dear! I hope you don’t get as obnoxious as they. I don’t want you to pick up their bad habits.

“ yes, they certainly are a bad example”

After the girls ate their chopped liver and Cynthia her fresh sturgeon, they all moved to the living room and reclined on cushions to rest their full stomachs. Maggie came into the room and had Cynthia give the girls a demonstration about posture and how a young lady must carry herself properly. Cynthia was poised and graceful with a rather sophisticated walk. She was showy and prideful. Olivia and Samantha tried to copy her, but they were hunched over and not graceful.

“Oh, that’s awful! You two do need to work on that!” Maggie said crossly. “ tomorrow, it’s time to go to the grooming salon to get shampooed.” Said Maggie. “lights out, girls. Get some sleep., we have a big day tomorrow.”

They went to sleep, but Olivia kept waking up, distracted by Cynthia snoring.

“Be quiet! You’re snoring too loudly!” said Olivia.

“What? I’ll have you know I don’t snore!”

“Do too”

“Do not”

“Do too”

Maggie came in, disturbed by the noise.

“You hush now, girls. There’s not to be any distractions while we’re sleeping!”

“Well tell that long haired fur-ball to quit her snoring!”

“By the way, doesn’t she use that shampoo imported from France? That smelly foul odored kind?”

“I’ll have you know that’s expensive shampoo and is highly recommended by groomers”

“Well, I’m not gonna have that stink on my coat! That smells rather repulsive.”

Olivia stampeded out of the kitchen and went into the living room. Maggie followed her and scolded her for her rude remarks. Samantha sat and glared at Maggie and that snobby cat. Olivia and her sister sat there, not saying a word, and being rather quiet. They were miserable in that house and wanted to go back home. They remembered climbing trees, jumping around and skipping rocks and drinking fresh water from the streams. They had to go back! They were terribly homesick! That night, they left while Mildred and Maggie were asleep. They went out into the open night, enjoying the fresh air roaming through the suburban neighborhood, and went into the city to see some sights. They ran through Central Park. Saw the trade centers, the Twin Towers, and they had to get a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty. They saw the fine restaurants and they were hungry; there was a café nearby and they ran toward it. Meanwhile, there was an alley cat that was fed by the owner and the two sisters wanted to join him so they approached him.

“We are Olivia and Samantha!”

“Hi, I’m Tom”

“Pleased to meet you”


“Listen, we are very hungry.”

“Oh the owner here can give you a plate of food”

“Are you sure it wouldn’t be any trouble?”

“No, not at all.” Said the friendly chef.

“Do you two like lasagna?”

“We’ve never tried it, but we’re hungry, we’ll eat anything!”

They ate their plates until they were filled. After having a full stomach, they rested and took a nap. Then they got up, and stretched their limbs. Tom took them around Brooklyn to enjoy the day and have some fun. They borrowed a kid skateboard and zoomed around the streets, alleyways and parks. They skated around the residential neighborhoods and schools where children walked and rode their bikes.

“Hey, look! Those crazy cats are riding skateboards!” exclaimed a young boy. Pointing his finger at the strange sight.

They returned the skateboard and went to rest along a ritzy hotel where they ate with Tom and laid down to go to sleep. The night was near and Olivia and Samantha would have to rest to find the morning train to go back to Montana in the morning. Tom knew the streets well and knew about different places. He had seen foreign countries such as England and France where he traveled before by planes or ships.

Maggie was frantic. Where could Olivia and Samantha be? She was hired to train them to become young ladies and Wanda was paying her cousin well. Maggie called the Police Department and the dispatcher who answered said. “Lady, have you taken your Prozac today? We don’t normally see Bobcats running around loose in the city!”

“Well, if you find them, please let me know.”

“Sure thing”

Maggie hung back up the phone and decided that Olivia and Samantha were on their way to Montana, going back home. Cynthia was groomed and shampooed, had her coat combed, looking silky and shiny. She enjoyed the quiet solitude and her classical music without even thinking about Olivia and Samantha’s absence.

“How am I going to get them back?” asked Maggie.

Wanda was on the phone with her cousin, frantic and scared. Paul went towards his wife and comforted her. Paul took the phone and talked to Maggie. “Look, I know you’re doing a wonderful job raising them up properly and ladylike.”

“It’s my fault they ran off. I should’ve watched them more carefully. I don’t blame Wanda for being upset.” Maggie sniffed and burst out in tears over the phone.

Paul tried to console the two women as each one sobbed. “will find, then it’s alright, everything will turn out fine”

“They can’t find their way around the city. They’re lost and scared.”

“Have you called the police?”

“Yes, I did.”

“They’ll probably be back in time for dinner, Maggie. They will probably scratch on the front door, begging to be fed!”

Both Wanda and Maggie tried to cheer up after the conversation and stopped there sobbing. After all, that wasn’t going to solve anything. One decide with grief, then drink a hot cup of herbal tea and went to bed. Spring was well on its way and the snow was melting. Paul missed Olivia and Samantha and prayed with all of his strength that they’d return home.

Meanwhile, Olivia, Sammy and Tom ate their lasagna that the Italian chief Antonio gave them, and they roamed about New York City until they were exhausted. They found an old worn out piece of tarp to sleep on for the night. The winds were gusty, the thunder roared tremendously and the rain poured down in buckets. They were shivering cold as they nestled there with their damp bodies close together on the tarp oh how they wished they were home! Olivia had a dream about roaming the Big Sky country, skipping rocks and racing down hills and climbing trees. She could feel the cool, fresh air and hear the echoing forests as birds sing in the trees and she could smell and taste the savory scent of fresh streams and hear the running waters. All of a sudden, in terror, she woke up trembling. She wanted to go home, back to Paul and Wanda, and her parents Robert and Roberta. She shivered and shook, all wet from tears and rain. Tom tried to comfort her and tried to convince her she was safe with him in this city. Tom was an alley cat and was used to digging into garbage cans and used to begging for food. He didn’t want to move to the woods, but he had traveled the world and wanted to see the beautiful country.

They woke and stretched their tired limbs and had some of Antonio’s fresh garlic bread and spaghetti. Then wandered about the city, with busy people hustling by busy cabs, streetcars and traffic and noise. Being in the city wasn’t so fun anymore, and together Olivia and Samantha begged Tom to show them to the train station that was headed out to the Great West to go home. The train station was nearby and they barely made it as all the passengers got on and tripped underneath them, stepping on their tails.

“Ouch!” cried Olivia.

“ shh.” Said Tom. We aren’t allowed on the train because it’s only to transport people. We must be very quiet and all huddled together under. The food booths, we’ll be mighty hungry and will have to fight for food if any of the passengers drop some extras on the floor.” He whispered cautiously. Soon the train was on its way to the West and all three felines fell asleep underneath the snack bar. They didn’t know there were two suspicious men, all dressed up fancy and business suits and hats and scarves with briefcases by their seats.

“well, have to find Frederick Huffman. And have him get his wife, Clara, a fur coat.” One whispered stealthily as he snickered under his breath.

“Mmmmm… I think I smell some fresh fur in the air. I wonder if it could be a couple of. —“ The suspicious men looked underneath their seats and smiled deviously at their frightened cats. Olivia, Sammy and Tom froze as they saw the two vicious men looking into their wide opened eyes. They were thinking how to create a way to escape the two men, but one by one they were put into a gunnysack as Lewis and Lenny tightened and tide up the bag securely.

“We’ve got to think of a way to escape.” Tom whispered as he tried to maintain calmness.

“T—Tom, we’re SCARED!” They hissed back desperately
“I know. We’ll claw, scratch, bite and hiss at the men. We’ll tear them to shreds.”

“Oh, n-o no!” Samantha said in fright. “They’ll k-kill us!” She whispered too loudly. Then the train stopped suddenly. They were somewhere in the mid-west with lots of corn and farm lands and the two men stepped off the train to breathe in some fresh air. The smell of corn was savory.

“We’ve got the cats in the bag and we’ll give them to Huffman to skin and we’ll be rich!”

“Oh! Oh, no! They’re going to destroy us!” Olivia blurted out.

“Shhh… be quiet!” Exclaimed Tom.

“Wha- what shall we do?!” Said Samantha. “I don’t want to die!”

Then all of the sudden the three cats tore, ripped, scratched, and clawed their way out; they were hissing and meowing so loudly that it caused a huge commotion. The passengers were panic-stricken as they watched the scene too nervous to relax in their seats.

The two men had the empty gunny sack in their hands as the three felines wrestled and fought them. Olivia was more feisty than her sister sister and fought to Rip and Claw the men’s eyes out. Sammy was rather more timid and scared, but Tom was clever, cautious, and smart. He had a good tool for thinking up what to do.

Tom whispered quietly in a careful voice, “Let’s just go along with this and calm ourselves down.” Olivia was huffing and puffing as she tried to calm her breathing. Samantha huddled nervously against her sister and Tom, inwardly pleading for her life. She drifted in and out of sleep and dreamed about the frightful thing that was about to happen to her until the brave alley cat told her to be brave.

“T-tom what are we going to do?”

“I’ll think of a way to escape as soon as we make it to the Sky Country.”

“You- you mean we have to stay inside of this stuffy gunny-sac until we make it home?”

“Yes.” Tom whispered in a reassuring tone.

The three cats remained still and quiet.

Meanwhile, Clara Huffman was on the cellphone with Lewis and wondered about her husband. She wondered if He was making a profit and money to get her that beautiful mink coat.

“Everything is going well. We are on our way to Montana and you’ll never guess what we have for you in our Gunny sacks!”
“ Good going, men! I’ll be the richest woman in the whole state of Pennsylvania!” I’ll be the richest woman in the whole state of Pennsylvania!”new line new line They hung up and the two men along with the three furballs were almost to their destination. They were finally in Montana and looked away from their gunny sack. As the three cats poked out their heads to get air.

“Hurray! We’re in Montana! We’re home!” Olivia yelled out excitedly.

“We’ve got to catch them! They’re getting away! Lewis yelled.

“Lenny! Grab them!”

“No! We don’t have time. Exclamation point after them!“ Lewis commanded.

The two men were exhausted in their hats and business suits, along with their briefcases, and couldn’t run fast enough to catch them. Lewis’ cell phone began to ring again, and he tried to catch his breath; Clara was demanding the men do the job quicker.

“I’ve waited for you two men too long! I’m catching a flight today to head out West” she shouted.

“Okay, I guess I have to chase these feisty little cats on my own!“ He ran and ran up a hill, huffing and puffing and almost fainted. Everything was blurry for a moment. Then he used all of his strength to chase the “beasts.” He had to stop to breathe more frequently and was weak and tired from his hunt. He sat down and rubbed off the sweat from his brow and forehead and took off his jacket. He dropped his hat and briefcase., he didn’t have the physical strength to run anymore.

Meanwhile, Wanda was frantic as Paul tried to calm her down. She was on the phone with her cousin again, sobbing and crying over her two precious babies.

“Calm Down, Wanda and Maggie. Please calm down…” Paul and Wanda froze as they heard a commotion going on outside. Maggie was panicking Over the phone.

“Shh… I hear something, Maggie. Just stay as calm as you can.“ He pulled on his coat, and hiking boots, as he saw a dead man lying in a pool of blood, mauled to death by two ferocious Bobcats. There lay Lewis dead. Robert, Roberta, Olivia, and Samantha along with Tom the alley cat sat there next to him.

“Wanda! Wanda dear! Come out here!” Paul yelled excitedly.

“What’s wrong dear?” She asked as she looked at her husband then at her two darlings and their parents with Tom. “My babies have come home to me! Livy! Sammy! I can’t believe you’ve come back! We’ve been so worried about you!”
They ran up to greet her with love and affection as they nuzzled her ankles. Wanda would have to tell her cousin, Maggie, not to worry anymore. Paul still had the faded picture of Clara Huffman and called to tell her that Lewis, her husband, was dead. She had failed at her evil task and became the poorest woman in the state of Pennsylvania. Meanwhile, Tom thought about going back to the city. He was home sick and was used to digging through dumpsters and running through alleyways, begging for food and surviving with the noise and traffic and the excitement of all the people.

“We’ll miss you, Tom.” Olivia cried softly along with her sister. “He was our hero. He helped save Sammy and helped get me home in escape!”

“Yes! He saved our lives!” Cried Samantha.

Tom journeyed on home and would always remember the two sister Bobcats. Together, Paul, Wanda, Olivia, Samantha and their two parents lived securely in the beautiful deep green forests of Montana, and were now home.


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