Quandries of Perpetual Dischord by Elizabeth Moroz

Permanent irreversible Attatchment disorder
A lemonade stand at the Mexican Border
A traumatised disorganised old lady hoarder
The incriminating evidence on an old tape recorder

Elements of discontent shivering through a crowd
Firmaments of promises sent confirming love out loud
Innocents in recompense versus the indiscriminately Proud

Hallowed ground to walk a solemn pilgrimage
Mellowed kids found in a drugged up old orphanage
Shallow things in the ground as we discover archaeological heritage
Waiting for you to come around after the last disagreeable haemorrhage

Don’t perpetuate the notions of those who deal in mis-truths
Allow the forward motion of the next generation of youths
Avoid the multi-syllabic commotions of the sub-cutaneous systematic word-sleuths
Explore the promotion of legislative proof

Pay no heed to aristocracy lest you kneel before the crown
Histories of greed and animosity as First Nation people frown
Enhance the seed of meritocracy and do not let democracy down
Per chance the need of mediocrity is allowing dreams of progression to literally drown

Distortions of perspective allowed too much time in publication
Abortions and incentives disavowed by politically un -objective legislation
Contortions of mis-directives allowed the resulting violent instigations
Act with caution around detectives when they amount their investigations

A conversation meant for only honest ears
An invitation sent to one who has accumulated the years of
Inclination that went to a pub to drink more beers
As the intimation to invent inclines financial systems into arrears

Sunlit afternoons upon a golden prairie
Unfit old cartoons before it all became too contrary
The stark hit of high noon when viewing something extraordinary
The slow wit of a tycoon holding onto his self proclamations of “Legendary”

A compromise of ethics for the sake of business running
An enterprise of genetics in the wake of scientific funding
A stealth disguise of frenetics formed by a hedonistic cunning
The wealth suprised by the systemics involved in the economic collapses that are coming

The concentric inheritly biased comparisons that we make
The eccentric numerical silence of a mathematicians answer to a Fake
The barbaric energetic violence of those who are only willing to take
Marie Antoinette on the day she proclaimed “Let them eat cake!”

A latent virus that is mutating just under the skin
A patient silence that is waiting for the other team to win
Egypt turned to the God Osiris as Cleopatra started to grin
A thief conspires to other liars as Frank Sinatra sips on gin

Confusion as the narrative gets told by a country pop star
Intrusion as the explanative gets old when self grandiosity is taken too far
Infusion as the comparative grows cold from irrelevant celebrity notions that stick like tar
Inclusion as the imperative shows the hereditary emotions that break down like an old car

Respect for those that made it through hard work, strain and tears
Inject the woes then tame it before you’re overcome by your fears
Correct those that know then proclaim it as you want the people to truly hear
Inspect the toes of those who name it before they own up to their natural years

Amalgamate the mass derision by theoretical inclusion
Promulgate the crass decisions through hypothetical intrusions
Don’t perpetuate the wounds from the incisions from hypocritical delusions
Try to ameliorate the sounds of the derision by acting in unconventional global unison


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