A Different Path In The Same Woods by Moth Gorman

it was a different year and i woke up in the same woods i was in before

it was the quietest calm

like i had cried for hours

there is a weight that comes with being rooted in reality

and although everything looks so familiar i am so far from who i was

looking at the life i live with the same lens but no longer a fragmented frame rate

i never considered when i lived in the clouds

that even if i shut off my conscious and i flew far away without a tether

is my body was still somewhere cut and bleeding

and even when i wasnt with it it was still wounded

and i am so grateful for the ones who changed my bandages

and who kept me breathing

when i couldnā€™t find my way back and never thought i would

they brought me back and told me that i could

and i never sought to be here because i couldnt remember what it was like to see

and i thought if I was the same insect as before I would be trapped,

but I am finally free


This poem was written after I finally made the choice to reconnect to a more shared reality. I had been in a very individual reality for many months, and I made the choice to take my abilify again and wrote this poem in the woods I had walked in a different headspace so many times before.


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