When I grow up by Stacey Callard

When I grow up

Every living being will feel safe,

Safe to roam and explore this home we call planet earth

Clean air, education and healthcare will not be dependent on postcode or birth

Our ancestral trauma, not re enacted through hate, fighting and war

We will all want more

Humans are not dominators but curators.

Collectively we will heal through love in abundance,

yes, even the dictators


Creative expression will flow boundlessly without measure

We will all know the embodiment of ecstatic pleasure

Sexuality and gender will not be forced into bigoted binary boxes

We will all dance liberally from our head to our coccyx

Free, free from the numbness of substance

To live this wonderful gift of life without reluctance

Everyone will deeply know and use their power

It will not be left to a privileged few to tower

Healthy rage will not be repressed or feared

and self worth will be breathed freely and revered

We will remember the ancient wisdom to nourish

Our health and our planet will flourish


Our true essence of love will be expressed

Everyone will know their life is blessed

Our communication will be full of sensitivity and compassion

Instead of in a numb and frustrated fashion

We will grieve wholly for what we have lost

And our ancient glaciers will be saved from defrost


Everyone will speak authentically and from our hearts

And put great value on diverse culture and arts,

We will know our own intuitive powers and gifts

Living our true souls purpose will create the shifts


When I grow up all this will be true

This old but new paradigm for me and you.


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