Tuesday, October 19, 2021

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The Shadow Penal System for Struggling Kids

From The New Yorker: The Christian organization Teen Challenge, made up of more than a thousand centers, claims to reform troubled teens. But is its discipline more like abuse?

Respect Psychiatric Hospitals’ Real-Life Horror Stories

From The Detroit News: This is ground made hallow by the tremendous torment that was endured there. To have the suffering and misery mocked up for the amusement of Halloween thrill-seekers is disrespectful.

More Than a Third of English ECT Patients Given Procedure Without Consent, Study Suggests

From The Daily Mail: "Our research shows that there is no effective monitoring or regulation of ECT in England," said Professor John Read, who led the study.

‘You Have to Scream Out’: Being Black and Disabled Is a Constant Struggle

From The Atlantic: "I became an advocate not because I wanted to but because I had to, to survive," said Angel Love Miles. "I was not very outspoken at all. But if you’re trying to get home and the bus keeps passing you up because you’re in a wheelchair, you have to scream out."

Does Capitalism Make Us Crazy? | Susan Rosenthal, MD

From Susan Rosenthal, MD: It’s a huge challenge to trap a highly social species in such a dehumanizing social arrangement.

Trieste’s World-Famous Community Mental Health Program Under Attack

From MindSite News: The appointment of Pierfranco Trincas as director of the Barcola mental health center in Trieste, Italy, has set alarm bells ringing among supporters of this unique system of community mental health.

‘French Psychiatry Has Gone Downhill in Part Because of American Influence’

From France 24: "Human beings are born with a search for meaning that can’t be suppressed by an injection of antipsychotic drugs or a few anti-depressants," said one Parisian child psychiatrist.

Why the National Survivor User Network Doesn’t Do ‘World Mental Health Day’

From NSUN: Are there still some people who are not 'aware' of 'mental health'? Yes, of course. Maybe World Mental Health Day is for them, but somehow, I’m not so sure.

Mass. Locked Up People With ‘Mental Illness’ for Decades. Now Advocates Want Their Stories Told

From WBUR: "There is no formal statement of what the state schools and...hospitals were or why they came to be, what they were, how they closed," said Alex Green, who is spearheading efforts to establish a commission to reckon with the way patients were treated and the abuses they endured.

Patient Sues Psychiatrist After 35 Years of Treatment for ‘Condition He Never Had’

From Queensland Law Society: The Australian man is seeking damages for personal injury caused by the clinician’s "alleged negligence, breach of contract, battery and misleading or deceptive conduct" over the course of his treatment.

Restoring ‘Respect & Dignity’ to 777 Souls Who Died at Delaware Psych Hospital

From WHYY: "When you see it for the first time, it stuns you, but that’s the way these people were regarded...There’s no names there. Just these little blocks with numbers," said Dennis O'Connell, whose grandmother is buried there.

Limbic Revision – Love Heals Your Traumatized Brain

From MindKind Mom: We have to undo the encoding of abusive or poor-quality relationships we suffered as kids in order to heal our mental - and often physical - illnesses.

Newsom Signs #FreeBritney Bill to Help Reform Conservatorship Laws

From Politico: "California’s conservatorship system is failing people from every walk of life...it’s painfully clear that we can and should do better," said the bill's sponsor, Assemblymember Evan Low.

Richard Bentall: The Man Who Lost His Brother – Then Revolutionised Psychology

From The Guardian: One of Britain’s most influential psychologists explains how his brother's suicide informed his work and led him to question the accepted wisdom regarding mental health.

Claudia M. Gold MD | Autism Prevention in Infancy: A Broad Interpretation

From Claudia M. Gold MD: A person who has a relationship with the parent, who offers space and time to listen to parent and child together, makes all the difference.

The Cost of Forced ‘Psychiatric Care’ Like Britney Spears Got Can Be Ruinous

From NPR: While hospitals sometimes absorb the cost, patients can be left with ruined credit, endless collection calls and additional mistrust of the mental health care system.

A Young Black Mother Died During Treatment for Postpartum Depression. Her Family Demands Answers

From The City: Denise Williams's family still doesn't know why the 29-year-old mother of two died after going to New York's Queens Hospital Center last month.

No Driving, No Working, No Dating: Inside a Gov’t Program That Controls the Lives of People Leaving Psych Hospitals

From The Marshall Project: "Everybody’s familiar with probation and parole," said lawyer Jean Matulis, who represents people on CONREP. "[But] this is all-inclusive, complete control of every moment of the person’s waking life." And it can continue "forever and ever."

Government Review Finds 10% of Drugs Dispensed in England Are Pointless

From The Guardian: GPs will be urged to boost "social prescribing" instead and to call millions of patients in for medication reviews to see if there are any pills they can stop taking.

Facebook Documents Show How Toxic Instagram Is for Teens, WSJ Reports

From CNBC: Facebook has repeatedly found that its Instagram app is harmful to a number of young people - the demographic that makes up over 40% of its user base. The company is also working on a version of Instagram for kids.

‘The Mad Women’s Ball’ Explores a Dark Era of Medical History

From CNN: A new French Amazon film follows the story of a young woman committed to the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital in 19th-century Paris for her non-conforming and spiritual ways.

Your Brain Secretly Works With Other Brains

From Mindful: Part of being a social species is that the people around us influence our body budgets and rewire our brain. Little by little, our brains tune themselves as we interact with others.

Beyond Britney: Abuse, Exploitation, & Death Inside America’s Guardianship Industry

An investigation by Buzzfeed News reveals an opaque, overgrown, and malfunctioning system wielding vast and frightening power in the dark.

Let’s Talk About It With Taylor Nolan: Chemical Imbalances and Mental Health

From Let's Talk About It With Taylor Nolan: Former "The Bachelor" contestant-turned-psychotherapist Taylor Nolan and sex therapist Dr. Tom Murray discuss harmful aspects of the mental health industry clients may face and how they can better understand their mental health.

FDA Inaction on Hair Loss Drug’s Suicide, Depression, ED Risk Sparks Lawsuit

From Medscape: Consumer advocacy group Public Citizen claims the FDA has failed to act on a petition submitted by the Post-Finasteride Syndrome Foundation four years ago.

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