Monday, August 2, 2021

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Surviving Race: Intersection on Injustice, Disability and Human Rights – Dialogues and Retreat 2021

From Open Excellence/Surviving Race: Surviving Race will convene advocates, artists, educators, peer supporters, psychiatric survivors, and white allies in response to the increased visibility of structural racism, systemic oppression, and police violence.

Do We All Have Alzheimer’s? Drug Makers Might Want You to Think So

From The Baltimore Sun: Recent efforts indicate that Biogen is trying to persuade adults who occasionally misplace their keys that they not only have Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), but that MCI is an early form of Alzheimer’s disease.

Inner Experience: From James Hillman’s Archetypal Psychology Towards a Liberation Psychology

From Acid Horizon: In this podcast, MIA Science News writer Micah Ingle discusses the work of archetypal psychologist James Hillman and its implications for anti-capitalist politics and other forms of activism.

It’s Not Just Britney: Those Deemed ‘Mentally Ill’ Can Easily Lose Basic Rights

From The Cut: For every Britney Spears, there are an untold number of exceedingly less-famous Britneys trapped in their own private hells, ignored by our legal system, medical system, and the public.

U.S. Supreme Court Rejects J&J Appeal Over Risperdal Drug

From Reuters: The Court rejected a bid to overturn a $70 million jury verdict against the company for its failure to warn of the risk of breast enlargement in children.

Time to Assume That Health Research Is Fraudulent Until Proven Otherwise?

From The BMJ: We are realising that the problem of research fraud is huge, the system encourages fraud, and we have no adequate way to respond.

Singer Camila Cabello & CA Surgeon General Discuss ‘Public Health Crisis’ of Childhood Trauma

From Billboard: Cabello's conversation with Dr. Nadine Burke Harris is part of a national campaign to raise awareness about the negative effects of traumatic childhood experiences.

‘It Was Devastating’: What Happens When Therapy Makes Things Worse?

From The Guardian: There is very little mainstream discussion about transgressive and abusive therapists, and even less about well-meaning therapists who are inadvertently damaging.

‘Scotland’s Mengele’: The Truth About Dr. Ewen Cameron

From The National: Dr. Ewen Cameron's horrific CIA-funded experiments at a Canadian psychiatric hospital in the 1950s and '60s informed brutal torture techniques now used around the world.

Abuse Allegations Against Britney Spears’ Former Psychiatrist Unlikely to End Conservatorship, Experts Say

From NBC News: Spears told the court that her previous psychiatrist was abusive, but the allegation is neither uncommon in conservatorships nor likely to help her case.

Allen Frances, MD: Save Trieste’s Mental Health System

From The Lancet: For people who have never seen the Trieste model in action, it might sound too good to be true. Dr. Allen Frances was once among the profound skeptics.

When Two Punk Bands Came to a Psychiatric Hospital, Beautiful Chaos Ensued

From Aeon: The short documentary 'We Were There to Be There' recalls how the unique gig came together in 1978 and touches on the negative impact of the ensuing privatization of U.S. mental healthcare over the next several decades.

JRC Wins Court Battle to Use Electric Shock on Disabled Students

From NBC News: Disability rights activists, former residents and the state of Massachusetts have for decades pushed to stop the use of the device or shut down the school altogether.

Resistance Recovery With Dr. Michael Cornwall: The Legacy of John Weir Perry

From Resistance Recovery: Piers Kaniuka and Dr. Michael Cornwall discuss Jungian psychiatrist John Weir Perry and efforts to provide sanctuary spaces for people in psychosis in the 1970s and '80s.

Frantz Fanon and the Crisis of Mental Health in the Arab World

From Psyche: As large psychiatric hospitals in the West started to close down in the 1960s, mental hospitals continued to grow in size in the Middle East. What explains the resilience of institutionalisation in the Arab world?

A Global Call to Action: Pay Attention to What’s Happening in Trieste Right Now

From Heart Forward LA: An interview with Dr. Roberto Mezzina about the unfolding threat to Trieste, Italy's world-acclaimed, community-based, human rights-respecting mental health system.

Maryland Launches Statewide Movement to Heal Those Affected by Trauma

From CBS Baltimore: Baltimore's recently-launched Trauma-Informed Task Force will serve as a role model for the rest of the state, and potentially the entire country, through the Healing Maryland’s Trauma Act.

Mental Health Experts Assail John Cox’s Plan to ‘Force’ Homeless Into ‘Treatment’

From Newsweek: Legal experts on homelessness and mental health said the California Republican gubernatorial candidate's comments "distract from the real issues" that cause homelessness and would "never work."

#FreeBritney – A Discussion on Conservatorship and Psychiatric Power

From Inner Compass Initiative/i>: Laura Delano, Attorney Jim Gottstein, and Professor David Cohen discuss the unchecked power the mental health system has to strip individuals of their basic rights, dignities, and liberties.

Unregistered Podcast: Robert Whitaker

From Unregistered Podcast: Thaddeus Russell speaks with Whitaker about the catastrophic mass deployment of psychoactive drugs by contemporary psychiatry.

‘Prescripticide’: Short Film by ISEPP

From ISEPP: The International Society for Ethical Psychology and Psychiatry looks at the devastating consequences of the unchallenged use of psychiatric drugs.

UN Warns of Rise of Psychological ‘Cybertorture’ to Bypass Physical Ban

From The Guardian: Psychological torture is being exploited by states to circumvent the more widely understood ban on physically inflicting pain, the UN torture rapporteur has said.

W.H.O. and U.N. Join Calls to Transcend the Medical Model

From Psychology Today: It will be harder for die-hard defenders of the medical model to dismiss such organizations as the UN and the WHO as extremist, anti-psychiatry radicals.

Britney Spears Speaks Out Against ‘Abusive’ Conservatorship: ‘I Want to Be Heard’

From CNN: Spears says she was forced to perform, given no privacy, and made to use birth control, take medication and attend therapy against her will while the conservatorship has been in place over the last 13 years.

Seclusion, Restraint and Coercion: Abuse ‘Far Too Common’ in Mental Health Services Across the World

From The Telegraph: The WHO has called for 'considerable' changes in countries of all income levels, citing widespread use of forced admission and treatment; manual, physical and chemical restraint; physical, verbal, psychological and sexual abuse; and unsanitary living conditions.

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