Thursday, December 7, 2023

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Psych Patient Held Against Will Discharged After FOX31 News Inquiry

From FOX31 Denver KDVR: “I suspect they’re extending his stay here so they can keep on using his insurance until it expires at the end of the month,” said the man's cousin, who contacted Fox 31.

It’s OK to Never ‘Get Over’ Your Grief

From The New York Times: Traditional mourning practices were designed to preserve a place for the dead among the living, to help mourners carry the weight of their grief not by getting over it but by maintaining their relationship with the deceased.

A Mindbody Approach to Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal

From gustav f./ What we call ‘protracted withdrawal’ is not technically withdrawal; it’s more like withdrawal memories that the brain has learned to play back over and over again.

Crisis Hotlines, Like Canada’s New 988, Promise Confidentiality. So Why Do So Many Trace Calls and Texts? 

In commentary for the Globe and Mail, Rob Wipond, MIA contributor and author of Your...

Why a Sufi Approach to Healing ‘Mental Illness’ Is So Powerful

From Psyche: In Sufi shrines, rituals of attunement offer sufferers a path beyond the fear and isolation of their mental distress.

Why the DSM Is Mostly False | Nassir Ghaemi, MD

From Psychiatry Letter: The DSM is a social construction, based on “pragmatism” much more so than science, and as such should only be used administratively at present.

Understanding the Medical Industry to Protect Yourself

From The Real Truth About Health: Mary J. Ruwart, PhD, Robert Whitaker, and John Abramson, MD delve into institutional corruption, misinformation, the shift from prevention to treatment, and the urgent need for healthcare reform.

On Systemic Personal Boundary Violations, Low Self-Esteem, and Superiority Complex

From Gary Sharpe, PhD: Just like at the individual level, where folks with low self-esteem and superiority complex tend to seek each other out in toxic relationships, so too do the down-trodden people and the "elites" negatively feed off of each other at the group level.

Our Millions Year-Old Embodied Wisdom: Kinship and the Indigenous Worldview

From Kindred Media: The dominant worldview considers the cosmos fragmented, amoral and disenchanted and has led to the disruption of ecological systems, including child development, worldwide.

Podcast with Robert Whitaker on the Media

From Mad in Norway podcast: Birgitte Valla from Mad in Norway interviews Robert Whitaker on...

Don’t Give Symptom-Free People Alzheimer’s Drugs

From The Hastings Center: It’s not even clear that patients who actually have Alzheimer’s disease should take these drugs, because they don’t improve symptoms.

What Can Psychedelic Science Teach About Psychosis?

From Aeon: In the 1960s, psychedelic research was driven underground. Now it’s re-emerging – with lessons for the study of psychosis.

Beyond Police and Psychiatrists: Chicago’s Plan to Transform Community Mental Health

From Jacobin: The Treatment Not Trauma approach seeks to build a bottom-up human infrastructure for community care that seeks “mental health for all by involving all.”

Why Emotional Neglect and Depression Are Often Experienced Together

From Dr. Jonice Webb: Children who receive the message that their emotions are not important, not relevant, or not welcome in their childhood home learn to wall off their feelings — both positive and negative.

After Antidepressants, a Loss of Sexuality

From The New York Times: Some patients are speaking out about severe sexual problems that have endured long after they stopped taking SSRIs, leaving them unable to enjoy sex or sustain romantic relationships.

Injured, Not Broken: Why It’s So Hard to Know You Have CPTSD

From Brickel & Associates, LLC: Because living in a triggered state of alarm is so familiar, many don’t realize trauma is the source of their feeling “not okay.”

These Teens Got Therapy. Then They Got Worse.

From The Atlantic: It feels like we should be able to just sit teens down and tell them how to be happier. But that doesn’t seem to work, and sometimes it even backfires.

A Secret War, Strange New Wounds, and Silence From the Pentagon

From The New York Times: Many U.S. troops who fired vast numbers of artillery rounds against the Islamic State developed mysterious, life-shattering mental and physical problems that have been all but ignored by the military.

Personal Boundaries and Their Violations

From Dr. Gary Sharpe/Out-Thinking Parkinson's: How invasions of physical, mental, emotional, and energetic space damage boundaries and lead to psychological and physical health conditions.

How Literature Teaches Compassion Over Condescension

From Psychology Today: Great works of literature remind us of the humanity of others by allowing us to imagine our way into their woundedness and hear their stories from within.

Most People Who’ve Used the 988 Crisis Line Say They Wouldn’t Turn to It Again

From CNN: New research in JAMA Network Open found only a quarter of users said they'd be very likely turn to 988 in the future for themselves or a loved one.

The Superpowers of Sensitive People

From Greater Good Magazine: Sensitivity is the ability to "perceive, process, and respond deeply to one’s environment" and is exactly what our world desperately needs, argue the authors of a new book.

Inside the Psychiatric Hospitals Where Foster Kids Are a “Gold Mine”

From Mother Jones: Scandal-plagued health care giant Universal Health Services (UHS) profits handsomely off the failing American child welfare system.

It’s Time to Consign the “Selfish Gene” to the History Books | Jeremy Lent

From Salon: The trouble with the 'selfish gene' story is not just that it is scientifically flawed; it's also that it presents such an impoverished view of life's dazzling magnificence.

The Troubled-Teen Industry Offers Trauma, Not Therapy

From The New York Times: Hundreds of thousands of young Americans have endured harms or assaults in residential boot camps, wilderness therapy and Christian and therapeutic boarding schools.