Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Pain Predicts Psychopathology

Researchers from Italy, Hungary, and the U.S. investigated the extent that the subjective experience of pain in 575 psychiatric outpatients (without comorbid physical diagnoses)...

American Woman

On Thursday, May 31, 2001, a woman whose name is known only to GlaxoSmithKline emailed the company:   "My name is... I was diagnosed with panic...

Peer-led Education Increases Self-esteem and Assertiveness

A study of 428 adults with mental illness diagnoses were randomly assigned to the Building Recovery of Individual Dreams and Goals (BRIDGES) peer-led education...

Federal Regulators Urge Cuts in Antipsychotics for Seniors

An Office of the Inspector General report says that nearly nine out of 10 prescriptions for antipsychotics given to Medicare beneficiaries are for unapproved uses....

Social Environment Moderates the Link Between Family and Psychosis

A study of 4,011 people randomly selected from the population of Izmir, Turkey found that the association between familial liability for severe mental illness and the...

Symptoms do not Correlate with Quality of Life in Schizophrenia

Researchers in France found that among 306 outpatients followed for a year, quality of life remained stable relative to subjects' expectations and perceptions about...

Perceived Social Status Impacts Early Psychosis

Writing in the British Journal of Clinical Psychology, London researchers find that perceptions of lower social rank and inferiority amongst 24 individuals with early...

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