Scuba Diving’s Effects on Flashbacks

NPR reports on veterans struggling with traumatic flashbacks who've found peace in exploring underwater. "I went through group therapies. I was actually institutionalized for...

At What Point Does Altering a Memory Become Unethical?

The state of the science and ethics of using biological techniques to alter or "erase" traumatic memories is explored in The Atlantic. With "reconsolidation,"...

DSM IV & V Identify Different Groups of Veterans with PTSD

Walter Reed Army Institute of Research psychiatrists have found that many different veterans have Posttraumatic Stress Disorder depending on whether the criteria from the...

Healing from an Addiction to Patterned Ways of Thinking

I had a soul-redemptive heart-to-heart reunion with a woman I had known from a distance but whom now (after our hours long coeur-a-coeur/heart-to-heart) I consider a close friend. I shared with her some very exciting and some challenging circumstances I have been experiencing of late. After I shared and shed a few tears she told me a story from her life that also poses, like my story, an invitation for profound change in our lives.

“If Trauma Victims Forget, What Is Lost to Society?”

The sub-heading "A pill to dampen memories stirs hope and worry" opens a reflective essay in Nautilus by Emily Anthes on the neuroscience and...

No Evidence PTSD Treatments Helping Veterans

No one has been tracking whether or not US veterans have been benefiting in any way from over $3.2 billion annually in mental health...