How Many of the Mentally Ill are Really in Prisons, Exactly?

1 Boring Old Man has written a series of posts examining some of the older and newer scientific literature about the number of people...

Connecting Police Violence Against People of Color and People With “Mental Illness”

Pointing to recent high-profile incidents of police violence, MIA Blogger Leah Harris discusses in Truthout the intersections and parallels between police or public discrimination...

Michael Brown and the ‘Peer’ Movement

I’ve been arguing against calling this movement that I’m a part of a ‘peer’ movement for a long time. What has happened with Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri has helped me to crystallize that point. If we do not see what happens to some of us in the psychiatric system as connected to what happens to others because they are black or because they are transgender or because they love someone else of the same expressed gender (or because they live in poverty, etc. etc.), then I’m not sure any of us really, fully understands what it is we are trying to accomplish at all.

Don’t Reframe a Housing Crisis as a Mental Health Crisis

"It is unacceptable for this municipality to create a housing crisis and then reframe it as a mental health crisis," writes the Vancouver Area...