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  • Any of us that are socially marginalized, and especially if we are not going the disability label or recovery route, we are at great risk for falling into the mental health system.

    Your best defenses are:

    1. Say nothing
    2. Threaten lawsuits
    3. Fight like your life depends up on it, because it does, and get the hell out of there.

    What we really need is an anti-mental health, anti-recovery forum, so that we can organize and take actions. Please Join:


  • “You’re looking better”

    I had a friend who had worked in the psychiatric system. He used to look me straight in the eyes and say, “An how are you feeling today?” It was like I was a patient, meaning, what I felt was about my mental health, not about objective reality. So if I told him it was raining, or I felt good, it would be just like telling him I had just been aboard a space ship.

    So I looked him straight in the eyes and said, “That is how you talk to your mental patients.” And then with a slow steady tone which indicated that disregard of my message could have dire consequences, “I’m not going to put up with that. And they shouldn’t put up with it either.”

    Zenobia, if people are refusing psychiatric meds, great. We need to get it so more people are refusing. And I say that we have to get them to refuse street drugs too. Either can be a gateway to the other. Either can be a justification for the other.

    And if people are accepting drugs, when given to them by their talk therapist, we need to do more to make people understand that they are selling themselves out with talk therapy, guaranteeing abuse.

    I think this is very important, the high water mark:

    Even though they are only saying that some therapy is abusive, it is still a start.

    And then this, these guys deal with “transference”. This is a concept invented by Freud, to justify abuse.

    We should be inundating these lawyers with clients!

    And then what do you think about this:

    This is Rick and Kay Warren, after their 27yo son Matthew shot himself in the head, they are committed to propagating the idea that mental illness is real. I consider them and their ministry to be a 1st magnitude threat.

    We need an anti-mental health, anti-recovery forum. Please Join:


  • Philip, I don’t know that momentum is being gained or that things are going in a good direction:

    Here, typical case, mother convinced that her son has “mental illness”, and her whole identity revolves around this:


    And then most of the country believes in Recovery and Therapy, meaning that the experience of injustice is a time for self-improvement instead of redress.

    And then horror of horrors, the mental health and recovery system is merging with the Born Again Christian Movement:

    Rick and Kay Warren of the Saddle Back Church, after their 27yo son shot himself in the head.

    Remember, their is hope, don’t give up!

    So the way to push this is to take actions, like lawsuits and protests. Run some psychiatrists and psychotherapists out of business.

    I think this is a high water mark right here:

    We should be saturating these attorneys with clients:

    Send me anyone who has had any contact with the mental health system, and I will find them a suitable attorney.

    And then most of the time there is child abuse underneath.

    Again, lawsuits, criminal prosecutions, and protests.

    I helped to get a conviction on one man who was molesting his daughter’s, with the full support of his church. Now I just wrote in support of him being tried again, in case he is able to get out on appeal.

    Actions, not just talk.


  • If someone is feeling anxiety, then obviously it is for good reason. They may not really know what the anxiety is over, but undoubtedly it pertains to threats against their health, well being, and safety.

    So then the last thing in this world that they need is Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, Life-Coaching, or Recovery. Rather, they need to be able to work with comrades in fighting against injustice.

    And we on this forum, need to make our own anti-mental health and anti-recovery forum.
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  • And, it is not just the mother who is wrong. It is our entire society. We do not protect children from familial child abuse. We use things like psychiatry, psychiatric medications, psychotherapy, and the recovery movement to cover up for child abuse, and for the fact that many go thru adolescence in entirely unworkable situations, and then enter adult hood with zero chance at adult life. And this will never change until people are able to see this.

  • Good place to relate a story:

    Neighborhood young man acts real goofy. People call him crazy, say he has mental problems. Most people avoid talking too him. Probably about 20yo. Most would take him as probably homeless and drug addict.

    Yesterday, someone called police. They had a long talk with him. Woman asked me if they arrested him. I told her that they did not. She explained that she is his mother.

    She explained that he has ‘mental problems’, she seemed to have wanted the police to arrest him, and she refused to tell me if he is on drugs or alcohol. Sounds like he lives with her.

    She talks about getting him to court, meaning that when he has been arrested, she has used the court appearances to get involved in his affairs. Sounds like she wants him in jail. Talks about that as the only remedy.

    Now, my standing doctrine on these types of cases is, punish the parent, severely and publicly. These cases are the results of child abuse, and the most important thing is to let the child see that the parent is wrong and that our society punishes them.

    But this case is different from most of those I have seen. With most the parents are filled with Born Again and Middle-Class righteousness, and it is clear that they have used the child. Most of the time it is to make their marriage work.

    But this woman works in a fast food restaurant, and to me she comes across as a single mother who has nothing.

    So would taking what little she might have help?

    And of the son, of course I oppose therapy and Recovery Programs. Is this son someone who would be good to fight in a political movement? Hardly.

    So what to do, where to look?

    Well, if I encounter her again I will politely ask more. She knows I don’t agree with the concept of mental illness. But she is committed to this. It makes her right and her son wrong.

    So I will ask about the history, what age did his ‘affliction’ start, and how many doctors have seen him, and since when.

    Of course I am looking to establish this as child abuse. But also, the guys who should be punished are the doctors who did not report to the family court. A high level of conflict with a parent is child abuse. No matter if it is a single parent, married parents, or if they are rich or poor. The idea of mental illness was given to her by these doctors, and as they did not report, they are accomplice child abusers. So they are where the hammer should fall.

    And of course the son has to see that the reason for this is that his mother is wrong.


  • Mary Olsen, I read what you have written and the problem is obvious. You are getting people to disclose personal affairs, as is standard in psychotherapy and life coaching. But then there is no teeth, no justice, no one is penalized. So it ends up that the victim survivors, the children, the adult children, are just selling themselves out, letting themselves be made into objects of scorn, contempt, and pity.

    Family conflict should be handled in a court room. And when there are minor children involved, suspected cases of child abuse, including emotional abuse, must be reported so that they can be handled by the juvenile dependency court. Failure to report is a felony. We must all work together to see to it that these laws are enforced, and violators are prosecuted. And Scandinavia certainly had been a leader in child protection.

    Gregory Bateson, Virginia Satir, and all of them of that era, they did interesting work. But today people understand that family therapy is for a juvenile, a hostage situation. Unless we are going to continue to allow therapists to be accomplice child abusers, these cases need to be gotten into court. A judge can melt the wax out of a parent’s ears, like no one else ever could.

    And for myself, I helped to put a man into prison for molesting his daughters, and with the full backing of his church. Now, as his case is working its way through the appeals court, I am campaigning to make sure that if he should somehow beat this on a technicality, that they get another jury of 12 and try him again.

    Civil judgments and criminal convictions, not accomplice child abusers with licenses and diploma’s on their office walls.

    And don’t misunderstand me, Family Courts do everything they can to keep families together. Greatly helping them in this is the CASA volunteer program. But if you are doing family therapy with a juvenile, without court oversight, then that is child abuse.


    We Need An Anti-Mental Health Anti-Recovery Forum:

  • Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, Life Coaching, Evangelical Christianity, and the Recovery Movement definitely do serve the needs of Capitalism.

    But Marxism, at least as known so far, does not provide an alternative. By the early 1930’s Wilhelm Reich and those of the Frankfurt School made it clear that The Family, was the problem, and that it must be abolished.

    And this is what Alexandra Kollontai, Lenin’s first Minister of Women’s Affairs, had wanted too.


    But by the early 30’s, Moscow issued a directive forbidding any criticism of The Family. So for this reason, our Marxist states are not that much different from Capitalist states.





    We Need An Anti-Mental Health Anti-Recovery Forum:

  • The problem with focusing on spirituality, just like with psychotherapy, is that it becomes a tune-out, an escape, a way of avoiding dealing with the sorts of injustice on which our society is based.

    So where as we should be filing lawsuits, people are instead seeking nirvana.

    So send your clients to my website, and I’ll find them an attorney, so that they can obtain justice and then finally understand all the ways in which they have been used.



  • Let’s pick some specific kinds of actions we can take against the mental health system, like picketing and passing out fliers to encourage lawsuits. Move from talk and senseless argumentation, to taking actions against real people!


  • And so is psychotherapy the best way to respond to this invented condition known as PPD?

    It could not be, as learning to live within ones own skin and face up to one’s choices are what is required, and that will always mean striking back against injustice and abusers. People stay in denial because they don’t want to have to act.

    Psychotherapy always promotes denial, learning how to be “happy” without striking back.

    We must have our own anti-Mental Health, anti-Recovery Forum



  • Kindred, I think the issue here is not the number of filicides or parricides. Rather the issue is, do we go along with this idea of Post Partum Depression?

    Well, like with all depression, talking about it that way makes it sound like a mental illness, and something which should be corrected by psychotherapy. I do not go along with this at all.

    People are depressed because they lead depressing lives.

    So there are many women and men who would not want to have a child. Is this mental illness, a cause for therapy? No, of course not.

    There are many women and men who will have a child and be very unhappy. Is this a mental illness, or a cause for therapy. I say, absolutely not. But we do need to look at what is going on and protect the child absolutely, while trying to correct what problems we can in the people’s affairs.

    And then, and this is I think emblematic of the middle-class, there are people who will deliberately make sure that they have a child, and then be very unhappy. Mental Illness, cause for therapy, no of course not. We have to treat it just like in the situation above.

    What causes this is the marketing of parenthood, the sentimentalization and romanticiztion, and the selling of the pedagogy manuals.

    We need to organize and fight against Psychotherapy, Psychiatry, Recovery, and Life Coaching.

    People need political consciousness raising, and to become in touch with their feelings and to be able to live Authentic Lives. And I have to say that I believe that Simone de Beauvoir was correct in saying that, “For most women maternity is an inauthentic choice.”

    Please Join:


  • Families can be subjected to outside stress, and this may be extremely unfair. But sometimes stress helps families pull together.

    But for someone to end up voluntarily or involuntarily in the mental health system, it seems like there must be something which makes them feel that they need it, some feeling of doubt or inadequacy.

    Just to try and better explain it. You could never get me into a pyramid or Ponzi scheme, because I have no interest in getting money that way.

    But made to believe that a psychotherapist might have the answers to why my life has been so hard? Yes, I was susceptible to this. It was completely bogus, all the therapist could do was tell me how to let my abusers win. But I was still taken in.

    The whole thing is a conspiracy to deny the child’s experience.



    Stop collaborating with the Mental Health System and Recovery:

  • Kindred, the filicide rate is about 10x what you are quoting. It is about the only FBI stat which is still an under count, because the deaths get written off to natural causes.

    The parricide rate for the entire US is about 200 to 500 per year, with around 2/3 of those being committed by juveniles. Parricide accounts for about 2% of the general homicide rate. It means that in a metro of 1 million persons, it will average about 1 parricide per year. Watching local news for this now, I would say that it is at least this, though this type of crime is grossly under reported on.

    I got to meet this man and shake his hand in front of a court house:
    Besides parricide, he also talks about the filicide rate.

    And then this talks about parricide and filicide:

    In particular, he talks about parents murdering very small children. And then there is another chapter about parents murdering children a few years older.

    And then at least in some states we have these no questions asked infant drop off centers. Hospitals, Police, and especially Fire Houses. Most people live within a short walk to a Fire House. And they have an interesting graphic for their signs.

    It’s kind of like the logo for this:


    And then I am told that in much of Europe, or at least the UK, they have written into their laws a maternal absolution for homicide for about the first 2 weeks of a child’s life.

    Now, I have to state about C. P. Ewing, he never uses the term Post Partum Depression. And if you were to ask me, I would say that just like all these mental illness conditions, I think we should drop that term.

    Like Peter Breggin says, people are depressed because they lead depressing lives. Usually career and marriage.

    So if we look at it this way, then what is causing this?

    Well, the middle-class family is unlike anything which has ever before existed. People are having children by choice, and they are doing it to enhance their social status, but they are not being honest about it. It’s like everything else about the middle-class, it lives in Bad Faith.

    Bad faith (from French mauvaise foi) is a philosophical concept used by existentialist philosophers Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir to describe the phenomenon where human beings under pressure from social forces adopt false values and disown their innate freedom, hence acting inauthentically. It is closely related to the concepts of self-deception and ressentiment.


    Another way to put it would be to say that people are not living up to their own values, not admitting that they create their own values.

    And then who could ever forget South Carolina’s Susan Smith,

    and her tearful performance?

    All she had to do was drop the kids off with their father and take her car to Cash For Cars, and she could have been on a plane to Europe to be with her rich boyfriend.

    But no she could not do that because she was attached to this Suffering Good Mother identity.

    So black males are being stopped and stopped, all over the eastern half of the country, and with no end in sight. So finally law enforcement recognized that she was attached to her public persona and to being believed. But they saw that there were contradictions in her story, about the timing of a traffic light. And the outcome, someone holding on to the kids this long, was improbable. No traces of the kids, not traces of the car.

    So they told her that they didn’t believe her, and that if they didn’t get some straight answers they were going to call a news conference and tell the whole world that they didn’t believe her. So they asked her, “Where is the car?”

    Finally, “Well, it might be at the bottom of the John D. Lake.”

    About the children who have been murdered, there is nothing we can do. But also understand that for every such case there have got to be at least 1000 more where it doesn’t actually go to murder, but there is still an extremely negative and abusive dynamic in play.

    And it is always the child who will end up being on alcohol, prescription drugs, or street drugs, and it is the child who will end up being further abused in psychiatry, psychotherapy, recovery programs, and evangelical churches. And it is the child who gets a psychiatric or learning disabilities label, or they call it attachment disorder.

    I am not trying to diminish the role of fathers in all of this, not at all. What I really want is for people to understand that the middle-class lives in bad faith, and that those who suffer the most for this are the children. The middle-class family made children into private property, and into the exploited workers, providing a social identity for their parents.

    Readily available on paper as well.


    Stop collaborating with Recovery and the Mental Health System. Please Join:

  • If one lives in a world of injustice and abuse, you don’t ‘Recover’ or ‘Heal’ from that. The injustice is ongoing, every moment of every single day.

    You either find ways to resist and fight back, or you become a collaborator, an Uncle Tom.

    And so the entire concept of Recovery and Healing is simply a way to put the blame back onto the victim.

    And the type of injustice which effects the most people is the exploitation and abuse perpetrated by the middle-class family.

    The middle-class family is unique, like nothing else which has ever existed. People are having children by choice, in order to enhance their social status. But they are not being honest about this. They are not honest about anything because the middle-class lives in bad faith. They don’t admit that they have choices and they don’t live up to their own values. And so the brunt of this is felt by children. In our society, children are the exploited workers, being used to give identity and status to their parents.

    And so when this does not work, it gets turned back on the children. They are the ones who end up seeing psychiatrists and psychotherapists. And they are the ones who end up on drugs, both prescription and street. And they are the ones who get abused day in and day out. But the perpetrators are exonerated because the child gets a disability label. And then the child is the one who will end up seeking salvation in an evangelical church.

    So if these voices are telling you how to fight back, instead of recovering or healing, then these voices already are our allies. Maybe you cannot really do what they are saying, but likely their perspective on the situation is correct.


    Please join, move from being an Uncle Tom, to Resisting:

  • Robert, your prediction depends upon the Survivors of Mental Health, Recovery, and the Middle-Class Family not wising up and learning how to protect themselves:

    1. One psychotherapist, One lawsuit.

    2. Total Non-Compliance under any and all circumstances.

    3. Zero tolerance for pity seeking or Uncle Tomism.

    4. Any Means Necessary, to protect the children of today.

    5. Vigorous Crimes Against Humanity prosecution in the International Courts. Charges can be brought by NGO’s. And local actions to put the mental health system out of business.

    And right now, lets discuss when, where, and how to set up our own forum and then take our first actions.


  • People need to be their own guides.

    If you go along with the idea that people need psychosis, or need street drugs, then you are also supporting the idea that some people need psychotherapy, psychiatry, and psychiatric medication. So we must reject this, and reject it absolutely.

    Breaking news, plan to build an internment camp / mental hospital for the homeless has been derailed. Local home owners were livid over perceived home price drops and quality of life issues.

    While I don’t really go along with this, I do know that people treated like they are a social menace are going to act so.

    The real parties behind it were not the private philanthropist, they were the non-profit which runs such places, onsite mental health services, and local government which supplied the land. So tis fight is not over.

    We must organize and find ways to fight! And no, telling people that they need psychosis or street drugs is not okay.


  • Kindred, parents kill their children at a very high rate. Children kill their parents too, but the rate of the latter is only 10% of the former.

    In any event, it all comes from the lies upon which the middle-class family is built. It only exists because it is allowed to exploit and abuse children. In our society, children are the exploited workers, being used to give identity to their parents.

    Psychotherapy is part of the problem, not part of the solution. It is a way of turning the blame back onto the victim, turning their experience of injustice into a medical problem and a self improvement project.

    The problem actually starts with the marketing of parenthood, via the pedagogy manuals:

    We need to fight back, but it has to be against the entire Mental Health, Recovery, and Life Coaching Industry. Otherwise we are still promoting parts of the problem. We are still encouraging people to be Uncle Toms.

    Please Join:


    Tom Tomorrow, This Modern World

  • For a child, a mother’s postpartum depression can be fatal. Whole chapter dedicated to this:


    The reason this is so common is that the middle-class lives in bad faith. It has children deliberately, but it is people not admitting to themselves that they have choice.

    So what we need is to expose this, not to use psychotherapy to cover it up.


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  • Prescription drugs work pretty much the same way as street drugs. So if we want to fight against one, we need to also fight against the other. We need people who work to fight injustice, not those who want to ‘recovery’, ‘heal’, or just plain escape from it.



  • What can we risk? What are we risking if we do nothing. We must start opposing Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, and Recovery, and doing so in public, and by all available means.

    Lets start organizing actions, rather than having senseless debates with those who collaborate with the mental health and recovery system.


  • Must outlaw all involuntary treatment. Likely an initiative would be the way to do this, as well as trying to oppose any specific cases of involuntary treatment.

    Any “treatment” of juveniles should always be considered involuntary. Must report to juvenile dependency court of face felony prosecution under Child Abuse and Neglect Act. Must be under supervision of court. Otherwise it is just hired child abusers.


  • Tina, I also commend you for speaking out. But I think the idea of Healing, is completely misplaced. You don’t heal from ongoing injustice. Psychotherapy, Psychiatry, Recovery, and the Middle-Class Family, these are always on going injustice.

    We survivors live in pain, not because we need healing, but because we have zero social standing. And the idea of Psychotherapy and Recovery is to keep it this way. It’s the survivors of abuse, now abusing each other.

    So we need Redress for Wrongs, not Recovery and Religion.


  • Danny, you are part of “Western Mass Recovery Learning Community”. Recovery is simply a way of further abusing the survivors of abuse. It amounts to asking for pity, or becoming and Uncle Tom.

    We must not go this way, especially since what underlies support for the recovery, mental health, and disabilities movements is the need to use eugenics and social Darwinism to create scape goats.

    So instead we need to fight back. Rather then telling people that they need Recovery, show them how then can fight back against perpetrators. No therapists, but lawyers.


  • Doing studies to measure people’s “mental states”, is wrong. I hope people refuse to cooperate and find ways to obstruct your future studies.

    If people are depressed, its because they lead depressing lives. So the solution is to solve the problem in their lives. Psychotherapists and life coaches are not going to do this. Political and legal organizing will


  • Thank you for posting this article. I had not known about The Mighty, and I am glad that I had not.

    I am 100% opposed to Autism Speaks. Like Peter Breggin wrote in Toxic Psychiatry, most of the large autism groups are simply defensive formations of the parents.

    And I do want to see the problematization of children who supposedly have “Autism”, and what goes on at the Judge Rotenberg Center in Massachusetts, and at the Koegel Center in California lead to lawsuits, criminal charges, and prosecutions in the international court.

    And I also oppose the Autism Self Awareness Network, and anything to do with Neuro-Diversity, because they are acting like Autism is real. So they are hence exonerating perpetrators, by accepting something which amounts to original sin.

    So I congratulate you Twihal, for extricating our self from something negative.

    So I know this gets into areas of continuing sensitivity. But we have another article here, where there are links to a web site with discussion of ‘reparations’. This is the only way there will be progress, by holding perpetrators accountable. Without this, it is still just asking for pity.


    So here are my responses to this, and most of all I want to call your attention to my challenges about the idea of affixing disability labels to oneself. And I say this based on the understanding that the reason we have the mental health system, and so much attention to disability issues, is because those behind our economy want to advance the bogus sciences of eugenics and social Darwinism.

    We should be meeting them at the barricades, not doing their jobs for them.

    Everyone is unique, everyone has limitations, everyone has special needs. We have to take care of people and compensate for them, but we should minimize the need for labeling.



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  • It has been long established, books written about just this, that race is a factor in the psychiatric system. Afro American men were in gross disproportion labeled as schizophrenic. And why would this be surprising, as all that the mental health system ever does is try to make people adapt to living in an unfair world, and without protest.

    So we should not need to be having discussions about this. All we should be trying to do is to eradicate the mental health system, and to incarcerate the practitioners.

    Problems of injustice should be handled in court rooms, and in the political arena, not in therapists’ offices.

    Please Join:


  • I see this, and their lawyer list, as the current high water mark in Anti-Therapy activism.


    Now of course what we really want is for people to see that ALL THERAPY is abusive, as is the very concept of Recovery.

    And we want to be suing parents and overturning disinheritances. But it is easier to start with suing therapists, and attorneys who are saying Good Therapy vs Bad Therapy.

    So send any disgruntled to me, and I’ll do whatever it takes to find them a lawyer. People should be engaging in political and legal activism, not confessing their feelings so that therapists can manipulate them.


  • I say we start here, get as many therapy and psychiatry clients as possible to sue.


    Now yes, eventually we also want them to be suing parents, and getting disinheritance over turned.

    And we also want them to see that not just some therapy is abusive, all of it is, and so they should reject it.

    But at least we have a start in these therapy abuse lawyers.

    So send the clients to me, I’ll enlighten them and then find them an attorney.



  • What Recovery means is that the client agrees to live in an unjust world and abandon all hope of justice.

    So what we should be doing is suing parents. But it is easier to get people to sue their psychotherapists.

    Now eventually we also want people to see that all therapy is inherently abusive, and to reject it.

    But at least here we have a start:

    So refer all Mental Health and Recovery Survivors to ME. I’ll find them a lawyer.



  • Dr. Brogan, just refer your clients to my website. I’ll make sure that they get the representation they need.


    Now eventually we want to be suing parents. But getting people to sue their therapists is an easier way to start. And eventually we want people to understand that it is not just some therapy which is abusive. All therapy is based on turning problems back on the client. What is considered Recovery is simply getting the client to abandon all quests for justice.

    But at least we have a start, legal redress instead of therapy and recovery.

    And of course it makes no difference whether the abuse known as therapy is coming from a Psychiatrist, a Psychotherapist, a Life Coach, or a Recovery Program Leader. And it makes no difference what sorts of licenses and training that they do or don’t have.



  • Danny, all Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, Recovery, and Healing are is the survivors of abuse, now abusing each other. I am not sure what your active minds group does, trying to get some sense of it. But of course we should never be encouraging anyone to identify with the mental health system in any way. Rather, we should be fighting to hold the perpetrators accountable, and we should never be seeking or accepting pity.

    The mental health system as we have it now is part of the resurgence of eugenics. It is driven by economics.

    We need to organize and act, following the example of the Black Panthers.

    Stop helping the mental health system, please join, and your posts will never be censored:


  • Lynn, all you are saying is that your experience of distress was turned into a medical problem and a self-improvement project.

    You didn’t have the courage to look hard enough to see that your experience was not really of just distress, but of injustice. You allowed them to convince you that the real problem was your own experience, and not the actual injustice and abuse.

    And then Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, Life Coaching, and Recovery accomplish nothing, except to keep the victims silent.

    And you wrote a book to promote your views.


    Stop helping the mental health and recovery system, all it is, is just abuse survivors abusing each other. Please join:

  • That such medicines are not effective does not surprise me. From my own perspective, seniors do better when they are able to face and engage with the challenges of life.

    When they are tuned out, out of touch with their feeling, out of touch with reality, they go fast.

    The worst, from my perspective, are usually the people who have abused their children.

    And then likewise, any one in Therapy or Recovery, is also going to be harmed.


  • Welcome Monica,

    Meds are part of the problem. The entire edifice of Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, Recovery Movement, and Life Coaching, have got to go. All it amounts to is abusing the survivors of familial abuses and social marginalization. I am glad that you are off of drugs, but it can’t just be that. There must be redresses, otherwise the system will not change. We have to start holding parents accountable, as well as all these sorts of doctors, and government. There must be civil judgments and criminal convictions.

    For everyone, I want to fight an initiative on the ground, local government trying to turn poverty and homelessness into a mental health issue. I want lawyers, the ones who will start the lawsuits, and then let me be the process server.


  • Robert Pfaff,

    Brother, thank you for your post. You are not alone. The middle-class family exists to exploit and abuse children. The mental health system and the recovery movement exist to back it up.

    Since you have been touched by it, your life and your biography trashed, you should be entitled to redress. These Psychiatrists and Psychotherapists should be incarcerated.

    We the survivors, need to organize and start fighting back. There is no Recovery, that was always a non-sense idea. There is only justice and justice denied. As we organize and fight and vanquish foes, we regain social legitimacy.

    So we need to organize and build our own institutions and take legal and political action to obtain redress. Thank you for you clear thinking and for not supporting the concept of “Recovery”.


    Please Join, this is not a protected space for Psychiatrists, Psychotherapists and Life Coaches. And your posts will not be censored:

    Black Panthers at 50.

  • Good article Sera!

    No we should not be labeling Trump or anyone else as mentally ill. Lots of legal reasons to impeach Trump right now.

    But the reason the idea of mental illness persists is because it covers up for the abuses of the middle-class family, and it feeds the bogus science of eugenics, and this supports the unworkable economic system known as capitalism.

    We who have survived the mental health system, recovery, motivationalism, and the middle-class family, should be organizing and fighting back. And the example we should follow is that of the Black Panthers.

    Once people learn to organize this way, they cannot further be subjugated:

    Please Join, your posts will never be censored:


  • Therapy and Recovery, I like best how it is explained in:


    Therapy and Recovery take your experience of injustice and turn that into a medial problem and a self-improvement project.

    Addiction and mental illness are inseparable from poverty and homelessness. And they are also inseparable from familial scapegoating, ie child abuse.

    So where I live, the Evangelical Christians always have out reaches. What they say amounts to, “Jesus has so much pity for you that he wants to give you a second chance. All he wants from you in return is that you admit that it was your fault for screwing up the first chance.”

    Therapy and Recovery do not give a survivor a biography, because what they amount to is getting the survivor to stop trying for vindication. When a survivor accepts Recovery, they have given up on restoring their place it the world.

    What we should have is LAWYERS:

    And we need to understand how the entire concept of mental health, and also addiction and recovery, are tied to eugenics:

    So when we encounter someone ( Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist, Recovery Movement, Life Coach ) who makes money by convincing them that they offer some non-redress approach which is the remedy to Psychiatry or Familial Abuses, we should be figuring out how to sue them for fraud. What they are pedaling is a denial system, straight up Uncle Tomism.


    Stop helping the Mental Health and Self-Improvement Industry. Your posts will not be censored.

  • Again, further reading your web site and the attached documents:

    1. Your calling for reparations is the most important development I have seen ever. This is the way things are going to change, when the psychiatric system, and also parents, are held accountable.

    2. Disability Rights? I don’t really go along with this. Everyone should have rights, and they shouldn’t have to label themselves to get them. And there is no such thing as mental illness.

    3. “Nothing said about us without us”. As I know, this comes from the Autism Self Awareness Network and others calling for Neurodiversity. I don’t go along with it, because they are still pinning to themselves this disability label, and when there really is no evidence that it exists. No reason to need to claim that. Hold abusive parents, abusive schools, and abusive work places accountable. And no labels. Everyone is unique, and beyond a point no one can say why that is.

    Timimi and his co-authors are adamant, there is no such thing as autism.


    I find that if I just read the writings of the so called autistic autism advocates like John Elder Robison and Nick Dubin, they convince me that autism does not exist, because they are living counter examples of everything they say. What they also show me is that they have a compelling belief that everyone is obliged to conform to normative social expectations. And this I see as their real shortcoming.

    There is however something I call Maternal Hatred Syndrome. This is not autism, but its effects are seriously damaging.


    This Jayne Lytel is a frightening woman. And the hatred she and her husband have for their second son Leo is thick and palpable.

    So lawsuits, against Psychotherapists, Psychiatrists, and Parents, where are the current high water marks? And lets get some more going.

    This is what we should be talking about, not more forms of Therapy, Recovery, Healing, and Life-Coaching.


  • Craig Wagner, your 27 non-drug options are all based on the same lies.


    You are saying that if you just fix things in the present, then everything is fine. Well that does not restore a survivor’s biography, it does not vindicate them.

    So the lie is, you can live a good life without having to redress historic abusers and others like them. All it amounts to is converting angry abuse survivors into abuse survivors in denial.

    You are either helping abuse survivors to get justice and be vindicated, or you are taking advantage of them by pedaling a dangerous set of lies.


  • Asking the survivors of abuses to post confessional life stories is wrong. If anyone does that, its just like putting themselves back in that psychotherapist’s office, disclosing personal things, allowing themselves to be manipulated and invalidated. Your therapist is not your friend, they are committed to discouraging you from action.

    People who have survived abuses and have seen through the lies of therapy, recovery, healing, and life-coaching will know that they have to start acting as their own lawyer. The first advice from your lawyer is always going to be “shut up”.

    Disclosing personal affairs should be reserved for Comrades, those who are fighting with you shoulder to shoulder, committed to legal and political redress.


    We Need To Have An Anti-Mental Health, Anti-Recovery and Self-Improvement Forum. Your Posts Will Not Be Censored:

  • waltinseattle, you don’t know anything about me. And you have no business lecturing to me, or telling me what sort of therapy is good for me.

    Psychotherapy is always based on taking advantage of survivors, talking them down. You are tying to do the same thing to me here on this forum, and it is not going to work.


  • Committed to helping abuse survivors use legal and political means to obtain justice?

    If not, you are simply preying on the survivors of abuse, taking advantage of their emotional neediness, and selling them the fallacy that they can live good lives without redressing the wrongs perpetrated upon them.


    Help Eradicate The Mental Health System And All of Those Who Support It, Your Posts Will Not Be Censored:

  • Smoking is a horrible vice. Quitting it will have countless benefits.

    But, there is no such thing as “Depression”. If people are depressed, they are not suffering from some sort of malady. If they are depressed they are so for perfectly good reason. The social causes of their depressed state should be addressed. Depressions should not be reified into something which exists on its own.


    Help Eradicate the Mental Health System, Your Posts Will Not Be Censored:

  • Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, and Life Coaching are all bad because it is all predicated on the client abandoning attempts at redress. The only way one regains a biography is by vanquishing foes. I would never be stupid enough to let someone do that to me, turn it all back on me and make me come to live by denial instead of engaging with enemies and prevailing. And you shouldn’t let anyone mess with you like that either, expecting to live in the very small social space which his left, instead of reclaiming your biography and your place in our world.


  • Discouraged,

    Anyone offering something to ameliorate Psychiatry and childhood abuses, who is not offering a path to redress, reparations, and vindication, is just taking advantages of the survivors of abuse. No difference, Psychotherapy, Life Coaching, or anything else directed at survivors, but without redress. Just more abuse of survivors.

    Only way one gets to have a validated biography again is redress, vanquishing foes.


  • What Peter Breggin wrote in “Beyond Conflict”, is that Psychiatry was invented to give justification for incarcerating homeless men, who were breaking no law. He is talking about the 1600’s, and he is of course drawing heavily from Foucault.

    Today it still seems to work exactly the same way. The concept of Mental Illness is inseparable from poverty, homelessness, and familial scapegoating.

    Economic problems and child protection failures get converted into bogus claims of mental illness, and these in turn are used to support the resurgence of eugenics. In order to keep our economic system running, it is necessary to have scapegoats, and it is necessary to delegitimate those on the margins.

    And as it looks, the federal Housing First initiative is now getting used to justify building homeless internment camps, and to pressure people into accepting a mental health interpretation.

    And then Psychotherapy, Recovery, Life Coaching, and Healing are pretty much sugar coated versions of the same thing, dealing with social marginalization and abuse by denial. Do anything it takes, except seeking political and legal redress. And the survivors of abuse and marginalization make for an excellent source of profits.

    And then all of these things are merging with Evangelical Christianity, via their outreach ministries and their involvement with local governments. And one of the leaders in this merger is Rick Warren, founder of the Saddle Back Church in Southern California.


    “Second Chance Grace Place”
    “Everybody needs Recovery”
    around 5:00

    Recovery has become the new Original Sin. And vast numbers of people listen to Warren and the others in his movement. It is all about turning the blame back onto the victim. Most of the people in these churches have designated scapegoats in their own families, as did Rick and Kay Warren.

    So we need to start responding to Psychiatry, Psychology, Recovery, Life Coaching, and Healing, with lawsuits. Lets build up a list of interested attorneys.


    We need to form an Anti-Mental Health, Anti-Recovery, Anti-Self-Improvement, Anti-Eugenics forum. Posts will not be censored:

  • Tina, upon further reviewing your website, I am most pleased to find strong endorsement for the concept of reparations.


    This is the way we must proceed. Otherwise it all amounts to just asking for pity. No one has reason to fear us, or to even get out of our way, unless we are demanding reparations and consequences for the perpetrators.

    And you are right to be looking at this in the context of international law. This is the only way we get around backwards US law and get the benefit of principle #2.


    And as it is not that far back that Germany got itself handed a new Constitution, their law now allows for non-profits to bring international criminal indictments. There are already a couple of prominent Americans who won’t be going to Oktoberfest, ever.

    I mean, so many on this forum are promoting Psychotherapy, Recovery, and Life Coaching as the remedy for Psychiatry. That is about as crazy as if they were promoting such things as the remedy for rape.

    And just what is it that lands people, adults or children, in the Psychiatric System?

    So much of what enables the middle-class family is simply the fact that whereas in other industrialized countries the law makes it very hard to disinherit one’s child, in the United States, what protection we did have was in only in the Civil Law influenced Constitution of Louisiana. And in the mid-90’s, even that was eliminated.

    So in British Columbia, the remedy for the child exploitation and abuses of the middle-class family is found simply by calling Trevor Todd Esq. in Vancouver.


    And then most of Europe, Latin America and increasingly the Pacific Rim, follow Civil Law conventions, where you don’t even need a lawyer to solve the problem.

    But in the United States, the survivors live in silence, as they are then shunted into Therapy, Recovery, Life Coaching, Healing, and Evangelical Christianity, and while todays children continue to be exploited and abused in very similar ways.

    And as I have seen first hand, even in completely clear cut cases of paternal sexual abuse, getting a jury to convict can be extremely difficult, because our culture still does not understand that the way to make familial child abuse stop is to enforce the law. People still want to turn it back on the child, and so we have lots and lots of psychotherapists and recovery groups.

    I do have to raise one issue about your website. You have some material about stopping disability profiling, and we need to do this. But your website talks about disability rights and “Users of Psychiatry”. I would discourage this. Instead I would suggest speaking to “Survivors of the Mental Health System”. I would not encourage anyone to use any part of the Mental Health System or to identify with it in anyway. And though I know this is controversial, I would discourage the use of any sort of disability label, as we are engaging with an enemy, and so we must maintain a wall of privacy and anonymity. None of us should need to have any disability indicator pinned to our lapels. And so then when it comes to disability benefits, I know this is complex, but I believe that we should take care of everybody at all times, without expecting those in need to claim a disability.

    And what we really need is a nationwide network of Anti-Mental Health Attorneys. At home today I am strategizing for how to oppose yet another government, non-profit, and philanthropical program designed to advance eugenics arguments and turn economic problems into mental health problems. I know that I must never ask for pity on behalf of those effected. What I really need is a list of local attorneys who are committed to suing the responsible institutions and individuals. Having that would make a huge difference, and before things get any worse. Most people won’t understand Anti-Mental Health arguments. But they do understand lawsuits and process servers. People who stand up for themselves and others are respected. People who ask for pity, get used as visible scapegoats, and then they get plowed under.

    Thank you for your work and for your clear headedness.


    We need to organize an Anti-Mental Health, Anti-Recovery, Anti-Eugenics Forum. Please join! Your posts will not be censored.

  • Oldhead is hitting the nail right on the head here, “putting “schizophrenia” in quotes yet referring to “psychosis” as though it’s a real disease”.

    Lloyd Ross, I do appreciate some of the work you have done with Daniel Macker. But beyond that I still have to take exception.

    People will feel extreme things and go into extreme states when their ability to live is seriously threatened. And this is happening when they are socially marginalized. Social marginalization. as caused by the middle-class family and its built in child abuses, and by the mental health system and our economic system, are the causes of the bogus concept known as “mental illness”. There is no moral or medical problem.

    And so you will never find a remedy within the mental health system, not Psychiatry, not Psychotherapy, and not anything which turns the blame back on the victim. Not in Recovery, not in Life Coaching, not in Healing, and not in Evangelical Religion. Every bit of it is just abusing survivors, because they are the only ones who don’t protect themselves.

    The reason our society wants to put people into the Mental Health System and into Recovery Programs, is because our need for basic labor is much less, but our need to scapegoats is as high as ever. So what this amounts to is the resurgence of the bogus science of eugenics.

    So every time one of us tries to assure people that the mentally ill can be rendered non-violent, we are aiding the in the propagation of the bogus science. Everyone knows that if you keep jabbing at an animal with a stick for long enough, then something is going to happen. But most of those considered mentally ill have been jabbed at for years and years, and they just become more and more passive. We must never contribute to this, we must never become Uncle Tom’s.

    The most important areas to push are:

    1. Total non-compliance, total defiance of all aspects of the mental health, psychotherapy, recovery system.

    2. Political actions, not asking for pity, but going on the offensive against abusive parents and all facets of the mental health system.

    3. Using every opportunity available, and every means available, to protect the children of today from the kinds of exploitation and abuse which the middle class family is built on. That we still fail to do this, only adds to the bogus eugenics argument.

    4. An organized campaign to get these matters settled in the civil and probate courts, not in the psychotherapist’s office or the recovery group meeting.

    Extreme states are a normal part of life, something sought after by religious mystics, not something which indicates a medical or moral problem.

    People resist seeing what must be obvious to them, simply because they don’t want to face their own pain. That pain is not just in the specific abuses endured. The larger part of it is in how still today, our society vindicates the perpetrators and puts the blame entirely on the victim.

    Psychotherapy is a denial system, and it serves the needs of the therapists and the abusers, and no one else. The only way we can change this bleak picture is for we the survivors to organize and take confrontational public actions.

    As I am writing this to you, I am engaging with local politicos who are actively working to further turn economic and child abuse problems, into mental health problems. So we must act, and act in public and in collectivity.


    We need to have necessary discussions in order to build an Anti-Psychiatry forum. As such there will be no censorship of these discussions, Please Join:

  • Capitalism has always depended on having visible scapegoats. We used to get them in the immigrants and racial minorities who did low wage labor and slave labor. Letting people see this, maintained work force discipline. And this is why welfare has always been designed to humiliate and regulate, rather than provide for needs.

    But today, much less labor is needed. So instead we have the mental health system which takes the scapegoats of the middle-class family and progressively turns them into basket cases. This creates jobs, in caring for these basket cases. But it also provides that same visible reminder to people as to why they must not step out of line.

    So we must be opposing this. We should not worry if people think that the ‘mentally ill’ are dangerous. We should not worry if sometimes the ‘mentally ill’ really are dangerous. If you keep jabbing at an animal with a stick, something is going to happen. And those who have been subjected to the mental health system have already been denied any social standing, and for a very long time.

    So we should not worry if people make movies playing to stereotypes about psychopathic killers. That is not important. And trying convince people not to believe the stereotypes is worthless, and it does amount to asking for pity on behalf of the ‘mentally ill’, homeless, and convicts. We should not do this.

    What we should be doing it teaching your total non-compliance. We should be demonstrating this. We should also be filing lawsuits over child abuse and mental health system abuse. These are the ways we actually change things.

    And we should be organizing to show that the ‘mentally ill’ are not going to be basket cases, but are going to stand up for themselves. Total non-compliance is the first step in standing up for ourselves.

    Where I live they are planning to build a homeless community which is very much like a Concentration Camp and Mental Hospital. The objective is to get poor people to accept a mental health interpretation.

    They are taking economic problems and high housing costs, and turning these into mental health issues.

    Providing a protected space for Psychiatrists, Psychotherapists, Life Coaches, and Recovery Program leaders to try and justify how they take advantage of the survivors of abuses, but without doing anything to help them get legal redress, is wrong.


  • In saying that people are non-violent you are saying that it is okay to continue to abuse them, and you are feeding into the eugenics argument, which though bogus, says that these people are not fit to live.

    People misunderstand Gandhi, and they misunderstand Jesus. And one who definitely misunderstood was Martin Luther King Jr.

    No one lives strictly by non-violence. That is just a situational tactic, and one usually taken when there are others poised for extreme violence. Gandhi and Jesus both aggravated tensions and brought things to the very brink of extreme violence. MLK did not understand this, he made non-violence into a way of life.

    If you keep jabbing at an animal with a stick for long enough, something is going to happen.

    People who stand up for themselves are treated with respect. But those who ask for pity, get what they ask for, along with scorn and contempt.

    The model to follow is your total non-compliance, along with direct opposition in all means imaginable.

    300 Americans per year kill one or both parents. While we should not encourage this, we should still stand with the perpetrators because everyone knows the sorts of things which must underlie it.

    And we must use EVERY MEANS AVAILABLE to protect the children of today from being exploited and abused in the middle-class family.

    Never does an open ended pledge of non-violence help, it makes us into continuing victims.


  • Follow up reply:

    Thing is usually what gets someone into the psychiatric system is that they are angry. People pick up on this. But they have good reason to be angry. So the psychiatric system is like what police to do to people, hand cuff them to a table in an interrogation room, and then talk them down. That is all psychiatry and psychotherapy are. And so I am glad that you practiced total non-compliance.

    What we need to do is organize and teach, so that the angry can fight back, but to it effectively, instead of in ways which just get themselves into trouble and accomplish nothing.

    Most of us were not able to do this when we were children. And today’s children can’t do it either. But as adults we should be organizing and fighting back. Mostly this means the criminal and civil courts, but it could go beyond this, and we must also show that we will stop at nothing to defend the children of today.


  • Things will change, not by a tricky balancing act, but when instead of stuffing, and instead of being passive, people respond with counter accusations and indictments.

    We cannot tell people that they need to do this, but people who are still in touch with their anger will want to do it. So the way to lead is by example.

    And likewise if you or I are still in touch with our anger, we will want redress. The reason people stuff this is that they see it as out of reach, and also because the real pain is not in the acts of abuse, it is in all the ways our society condones it, and turns it against the victim.

    So the most important thing is to NEVER endorse Recovery, Pacifism, or Passivity. Never say anything which vindicates the idea that the so called ‘mentally ill’ or those in ‘recovery’ have any innate problem, or would be wrong in acting to defend themselves.


    Learn to fight back, not to provide cover for psychiatrists, psychotherapists, or the recovery movement. Please Join:

  • Excellent article Noel.

    The mental health system, psychiatry and psychotherapy, are mostly just ways of making a child into the family scapegoat.

    And even if there is no contact with it before adulthood, the survivor is still carrying the marks of the childhood abuses when they take themselves to the doctor. They still believe that there is something wrong with them. And this is not going to change until we survivors start to organize, and instead of seeking pity, start fighting back.

    Move from talk and a protected space for psychiatrists and psychotherapists, to Anti-Psychiatry and Anti-Recovery. Posts will not be censored:

  • Yes, we must prohibit all forced psychiatric procedures. I won’t even call them treatments. If I were to call them anything, it would be Crimes Against Humanity.

    I would just like to add a few other points:

    1. Any procedures done on juveniles should always be considered as forced. A juvenile should not be considered able to consent. So no drugs ever given to juveniles.

    2. Subjecting a juvenile to psychotherapy or family counseling, is also non-consensual. If a therapist is doing sessions with a juvenile, just the fact that the juvenile is in their office suggests a strong possibility of ongoing child abuse. Enforce the Child Abuse and Neglect Act as written. Failure to report, in say a case of suspected emotional child abuse, is a felony.

    So what this means is that child therapy procedures will end up under the authority of the juvenile dependency court. And this indeed is the only way to make it safe. The therapist is a party hired by the parents, and as we have seen on this forum, these guys market their services to the parents by putting out their doctrine that the parents are “loving”. So then, therapy is just more emotional child abuse.

    3. In fighting to abolish forced procedures, we must not do so by further denigrating those being subjected to them. We must not ask for pity on their behalf. We must not be Uncle Toms. So in particular we must never endorse Psychotherapy, Life Coaching, Recovery, or Healing. All these things do is just further put the blame on the victim. We must not do this. And it is over this issue that I will never have anything to do with Mind Freedom.

    And thank you Tina for posting here. I see your ‘Esq’, just what we need! We need lawyers, not psychotherapists, psychiatrists, life coaches, or recovery program leaders.



    We need to organize an Anti-Mental Health and Anti-Recovery Forum. Reclaiming our social and civil standing will not happen in private restricted spaces, it requires public political contests and open debate. So no posts will be censored as the conversation unfolds. Please Join:

  • I commend Frank B. Eugenics started in the US. In Mein Kampf, Hitler holds up California mandatory sterilization laws as the example to follow.

    Read about that here:

    Actions against homosexuals and the so called mentally ill developed into the much larger scale actions against Jews.

    We are not killing so called schizophrenics, because the times are different. We are in the information age, not the industrial age. We don’t need much in terms of manual labor anymore. So we cannot use low wage laborers as a symbol to keep workers in line any more.

    Instead we take those who are the scapegoats of the middle class family. We don’t hold the parents accountable, we hold the child responsible and feed them into the psychiatric and recovery systems and convince them that they have a defect and that they are responsible for their own problems.

    So we don’t need low wage labor. We don’t need corpses either. But more than ever we need basket cases. For one thing they create jobs. For another, they remind people what could happen to them if they step out of line, question authority, or even ask for living wages.

    And then giving Psychiatrists, Psychotherapists, Life Coaches, and Recovery Program Leaders a protected space lets them each make the bogus claim that they are part of the solution instead of the problem. This helps propagate the mental health system.

    We need to organize an Anti-Mental Health and Anti-Recovery Forum. Reclaiming our social and civil standing will not happen in private restricted spaces, it requires public political contests and open debate. So no posts will be censored as the conversation unfolds. Please Join:


  • I agree that people are suffering, and that they do need support. Where I live the streets are teaming with victims of the mental health and recovery systems, and of familial abuses and exploitation.

    And then there are plans to build something like a concentration camp for the homeless, and it is designed to make people accept a mental illness interpretation, and it is to have these onsite mental health services. So the situation if bleak.

    So I don’t think anyone should ever be turned out onto the street. But this does often happen. But nor should anyone ever be pressed to accept a recovery or mental illness interpretation of their own life. Recovery is just another version of sin and salvation, and mental health is too.

    Some are talking about Citizenship Pay, or an economic floor. This is necessary and it has to happen.


    I think the most important thing though is just for those labeled as mentally ill to start standing up for themselves. Some won’t be able to, but some will. Once someone realizes that they can be part of the solution, and that they are needed to do this, then I believe things change. The most important thing is that they come to see how they are abuse and exploitation survivors.

    I will tell you that for myself, this has enabled me to start re-educating myself. It has shown me that I am worthy and deserving of the investment.

    So we should stop in anyway stigmatizing the survivors. No therapy, recovery, or life coaching. Instead these are those who have been abused and marginalized. Now they are learning to fight back and finding ways to claim justice.

    And once one understands that they are fighting back against pervasive injustice, the first thing they do is stop discussing their affairs. After all, these are issues which will be settled in a court room.

    So there should never be any pledges to non-violence. If you jab at an animal with a stick for long enough, then something is going to happen. These abuse survivors have been jabbed at with sticks for a very long time. The fact that nothing happens guarantees that they will continue to be used as scapegoats.

    And then we should be tracking court cases. We must find ways to sue parents and to prevent dis-inheritance.

    And we must stop pretending to be politically neutral. This is entirely political. The middle-class family was invented to exploit and abuse children. One person on MIA was quoting Margaret Thatcher at me. We have to engage with this. And the main reason people want the survivors to be passive and powerless, is because Capitalism needs visible scapegoats, to support the eugenics argument. And the fact instead of standing up for themselves, that they instead seek solace with their therapists only adds to the bogus eugenics arguments.

    Who has been able to hold parents accountable in court, where are the high water mark cases, and which lawyers are trying to do these things?

    And then we should be protesting in front of county hospitals and in front of the offices of psychotherapists. And of course those who put children on drugs should be prosecuted in international court for crimes against humanity. Other countries already have the Nuremberg inspired legal structures in place to do these international prosecutions. These doctors deserve what Josef Mengele had coming.

    In letting Psychiatrists and Psychotherapists have a protected space to post in, the mental health system is being promoted. They each get to proclaim how they are part of the solution and not part of the problem.

    And then the same goes for Life Coaches and Recovery Movement Promoters. Not one of these people is promoting redress or helping the survivors to stand up for themselves and fight back. They are still turning it all back on the survivors.

    We need to organize an Anti-Mental Health and Anti-Recovery forum, and then take some actions.


    Please Join:

  • By providing a protected space for Psychiatrists and Psychotherapists to post, they get to proclaim that they are part of the solution and not part of the problem. So this forum is encouraging the mental health system and promoting the idea that some people are mentally ill.

    And then by providing the same sort of protection for Recovery Movement leaders, Life Coaches, and others committed to this idea that the “mentally ill” must be portrayed as non-dangerous, this forum encourages the bogus eugenic argument that the “mentally ill” are not fit to live.

    Whereas instead, the best thing possible if for some of those who have been labeled as mentally ill to realize that they are survivors of familial abuses and mental health system abuses and to find ways to organize and fight back.

    It was because free blacks were so offended by Harriet Beecher-Stows protagonist that they demanded to be able to serve in the Militia of Massachusetts and also used violence to try to stop the renditioning of suspected fugitive slaves. They knew that they must not accept the Uncle Tom mantle.


    We must organize an Anti-Mental Health and Anti-Recovery forum. Taking back our social and civil standing will not happen in the protected space of a therapist. It means engaging in public conflict. So all POV’s will be welcomed as posts will not be censored. Please Join:

  • waltinseattle , Don’t quote Margaret Thatcher to me. That goes no where. Our SOCIETY, meaning our collective or aggregate culture, takes those who seem to have no place in the world, the Survivors of the Middle-Class Family, and labels them as Mentally Ill.

    This is nothing more than a second layer of abuse, very much like what anti-rape activists have long categorized as second rape, acting like the victim is wrong or has something wrong with them.

    And people are made into malingerers by our mental health system, because if not drugs, then it will be talk therapy, recovery, or life coaching. But never justice for the survivors of abuse. Our Mental Health System, and therapy and recovery, exist to convince people that they have something wrong with them. Our society no longer needs very much labor. But our Capitalist system all the more needs scapegoats.

    Here, look at a more extensive post I recently made.


    We Need To Discuss How To Make An Anti-Mental Health and Anti-Recovery Forum. I Offer This As A Safe Place For These Discussions. Reclaiming our social standing will never happen in the office of a Therapist or Life Coach, or in a Recovery Group either. It has to happen out in the open, and this means engaging in open conflict. So there will be no moderation of posts; all views will be welcomed. Please Join:

  • People go into psychotherapy, psychiatry, and life coaching because there is no redress. You are only facing your pain when you are trying to find redress. Then you see how the whole society sides with the parents and The Family, instead of with the child.

    So when you become a psychiatrist, a psychotherapist, or a life coach, then you get to abuse other abuse survivors and you get to keep your own denial systems in tact.

    Of course I am here extrapolating from the works of Alice Miller, and when she was at her best.


  • But why would anyone ever want to deal with their experiences of distress, by any kind of psychotherapy?

    A woman goes to a police station to report that she was raped. What she hears is,

    “Well we can offer you the options of chemical or psychological therapy. We can even offer you life coaching. You should be happy about this because not too many years back we used to try and turn the blame back on the victim. And when the victim is a child suffering from familial abuse, we still always try to turn it back on them. But when it is an adult victim, we try to offer them a medical route or a self improvement route. This way we make sure that there will never be any reduction in the number of rapes.”


    Stop supporting the mental health system. All it is, is just more abuse for survivors of abuse. Please Join:

  • “Theresa May, Prime Minister, launched a package of measures to improve mental health across the UK.”

    Well already this is wrong, psychiatric policing, acting like there is such a thing as mental illness.


    If people feel distress, its because they are the victims of social injustice. Punish the perpetrators, not the victims.

    Hardly any of the ‘symptoms’ of psychological distress may correctly be seen as medical matters. The so-called psychiatric ‘disorders’ are nothing to do with faulty biology, nor indeed are they the outcome of individual moral weakness or other personal failing. They are the creation of the social world in which we live, and that world is structured by power.
    Social power may be defined as the means of obtaining security or advantage, and it will be exercised within any given society in a variety of forms: coercive (force), economic (money power) and ideological (the control of meaning). Power is the dynamic which keeps the social world in motion. It may be used for good or for ill.
    One cannot hope to understand the phenomena of psychological distress, nor begin to think what can be done about them, without an analysis of how power is distributed and exercised within society. Such an understanding is the focus of this web-site.



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  • I wouldn’t say that psychiatry is defined by malpractice, because that implies that there must be such a thing as non-malpractice. But I agree with oldhead that there should be litigation.

    Actually, the way to do it is Crimes Against Humanity prosecution in the International Court. That gets it completely around US law.

    At this time I would like to acknowledge the supreme contribution on this thread of Oldhead, Frank B, and Julie. We have had our differences, but this is to be expected. The most important thing is to stop more people from being abused by Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, and the Recovery Movement. We may differ in our approaches and interpretations, but at least people are speaking out.


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  • Anything which turns it back on the victim, is wrong. And psychotherapy is always based on that, the victim is to change, and no one else is to be held accountable.

    Imagine if a woman went to a police station to tell them that she had been raped, and what she heard was, “We offer humanistic trauma informed approaches which validate experience and provide people with a safe context in which to tell their stories.”

    This validating of experience is bogus, it is just a way of turning it back onto the victim. And it is done in order to protect people’s denial systems, like therapists’ denial systems.

    “The practice of psychotherapy is wrong because it is profiting off of another person’s misery.”

    Have MIA authors ever actually listened to a political activist, or do all you folks know how to do is promote psychotherapy, recovery, and healing, and to do it by making appeals to pity?

    Letitia James


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