Sunday, May 16, 2021

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  • You’re right about that….of course it’s a way to dehumanize and otherise and make the pseudo doctor feel better about giving toxic nerve killing poison to their “patient.”
    But what if someone actually was having violent thoughts which they wanted “help” for?
    Instead of giving them zoloft, which is proved to make you “manic” and blunt your emotions….Why not just talk about the reasons someone is having violent thoughts…the rage and pain that has brought them to that point..
    Maybe it would help…certainly alot more than what psychiatry does…
    These discussions often make me think of the documentary Child of Rage, which showed that violent thoughts could be “treated” with love and understanding….

  • What neuroleptics was your son on when he started doing these things you claim he did?
    Are you aware that these toxic poisons can cause an increase in aggression and “psychosis” and infact have no actual “antipsychotic” qualities?
    More importantly, what emotional turmoil and problems was he going through in his life at this time? Do you know or care? What kind of home life did your son grow up in? Are you ever “Angry” around your son Nami dearest or are you always the epitome of calmness/loving/ and understanding?
    I’m sure all these questions are irritating you…”Mental illness” after all has nothing to do with people’s experiences..They’re “dopamine imbalances!”
    I’m glad the state punished your son for his irritating behavior that was probably caused by his reaction to a drug that is a living torture to take everyday. Now that he’s on a higher lobotomizing dose he won’t speak or move as much and you can focus on your retirement plan
    Good job NAMI!