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  • Tremendous Chapter and Verse Rebuttable! Amazing how steadfast these “academic psychiatrist” remain in maintaining their large scale grift. But totally understandable since their daily life is dependent on writing prescriptions that insure no cure. In other words, the last thing they want is for a patient to be cured. They are the very disease/contagion they purport to cure

  • Only disagree with one point by Bradford, that is, this Morehead Dude/Charlatan is clearly and profoundly “under-educated” as opposed to “over-educated.” If educated, the article would have been a meaningful critique. But given his myopic narrow world view, he is and he will remain in state of ignorance, which is extremely dangerous since he has a license to “treat” people. Be afraid, be very afraid…more fitting name for this quack would be Dr. Lesshead.

  • Oh Yes! Definitely elicited a “smirk.” I mean come on: “Big Dope has Gone Mainstream.” Nice rhetorical gimmick conflating with “Big Tobacco, et al. Well worn “Dope Fiend” Trope! What about the overwhelming alleviation of human misery provided by cannabis? What’s the stats on that? Assuming Cannabis may induce “psychosis” in a small cohort, that does not make cannabis a demon substance—it is real simple: If someone is a jerk by nature, and then they have a couple of alcoholic drinks, then more often than not, the effect of the alcohol is to make the jerk more of a jerk. Also, what if this purported “Cannabis tinged psychosis”for some experience it is a positive experience!?–I acknowledge Berneson’s journalistic muscle, especially his work on Covid, but on the pot issue, all i can say is, wholly unpersuasive, so chill out, and please pass that Doobie!!

  • As is readily evident by the surge in opioid overdoes deaths despite the no longer in existence Purdue Pharma, et al, the “root of the opioid crisis” is not the Sackler family, and to demonize them only serves the insure the crisis continues unabated. The “root cause” is pain. Not just body pain, but mass psychological pain. Mass societal pain. Keep blaming a pill, and you insure increased deaths. Idiocy.

  • Given the overall illegitimacy of psychiatry (see Is
    MIA’s “Is Psychiatry Evidence Based?) what difference would it make “boosting” specific training for LGBT patients, other than to cash in by adjusting/exploiting such idiocies as “attitudinal awareness,” and “clinical preparedness,” which simply means finding new exploitative rhetoric to “prepare” (bamboozle) LGBT patient to take same meds prescribed non-LGBT under guise of “attitudinal awareness. ” In other words, as with non-LGBT patients, LGBT patients do not suffer from “psychiatric diseases.” Makes no sense.

  • Thank You Magdalene! Appreciate your article. Anything to cease DSM Psychiatry. I’m a family law attorney in California, where the “DSM” is unfortunately institutionalized in our judicial system. Quite often I witness parents in Court’s arguing over medications for the children–parroting the psychiatrist. The parents themselves are on an array of medications. They have swallowed in one gulp DSM—Blindly heeding the advice of “child psychiatrists.” It boggles the mind that any parent would permit there child to be treated by a “child psychiatrist,” as it is equally mind boggling that one would become a “child psychiatrist,” and thereby, spend their days prescribing psychotropic drugs to children. It is equally baffling that even permitted. I recently had a client report that her 4 year old child was diagnosed with ADHD, and was prescribed Adderal. Child was “acting out” in class. Fortunately, parent did not like child’s affect after starting the drug, so she stopped it. I then directed her to this site, and that was that—she now encourages the “acting-out.” 🙂

    I recommend a book that was just released titled “Hidden Valley Road” chronicles a family with 12 siblings, five of which diagnosed with “schizophrenia.” It is 370 page chapter and verse indictment of bio-psychiatry, but more importantly, you get a front row seat in witnessing jaw-dropping emotionally immature parents/systems, which clearly leads to their children’s psychotic breaks, yet the psychiatrist hover around the family like vultures looking for the “gene.” Bio-psychiatry is geared to avoid blaming parents, which remains the elephant in the room. Researchers believe if they find the “gene,” presto, problem cured. Incredulous!

  • Although greatly appreciate Mr. Nikkel’s candor and realist position, it is extremely disheartening given the articles appearing on on same page, namely: “Antipsychiotic Trials Show Increasing Placebo Response” as well as “Antidepressant use Continues to Climb Among Youth on Medicaid. Although I firmly believe psychiatry should be abolished, particularly “Child Psychiatry,”unfortunately, the “biomedical charade” is too deeply entrenched throughout society, for it serves as a functional explanation for a majority of society–an explanatory function in which psychiatry maintains a death grip. The more dysfunctional it becomes the tighter the grip. It is equally mind boggling that medical schools continue to fund and maintain “Departments of Psychiatry,” of which, only serve to churn out spurious “studies” geared to tighten the death grip, and that medical students would choose to specialize in such a dubious specialty. Disheartening indeed.

  • This practice echos down from Nazi occupied Vienna–particularly the Nazi Child Psychiatry Program, specifically the illustrious “Hans Asperger,” who developed the “diagnostic criteria” to determine “unfit youth” selected for euthanasia program…absolutely critical that all interested parties read “Asperger’s Children” by Edith Sheffer. At that time, program used “social workers in schools to ferret out “unfit youth” to be euthenised. After you have read the book, no parent would ever bring their child to a “child psychiatrist.” It is mind-boggling that the term “Asperger’ is still used to describe children with autism. Since you can’t euthanize, medicate. I plead with all of you to read during quarantine!

  • This situation echos from Nazi occupied Vienna–particularly the Nazi Child Psychiatry Program, specifically the illustrious “Hans Asperger,” who developed the “diagnostic criteria” to determine “unfit youth” selected for euthanasia program…absolutely critical that all interested parties read “Asperger’s Children” by Edith Sheffer. At that time, program used “social workers in schools to ferret out “unfit youth” to be euthenised. After you have read the book, no parent would ever bring their child to a “child psychiatrist.” It is mind-boggling that the term “Asperger’ is still used to describe children with autism. I plead with all of you to read during quarantine!

  • Why do medical students pursue becoming a “psychiatrist?” Eight years of presumably rigorous rational/humanistic education (including cause and effect), yet the eventual day to day task is to interview people–compare complaints against wholly manufactured unscientific checklist, then prescribe pill. As opposed to say an “internest,” who is required to apply knowledge over a variety of maladies, and at least once in while flex his/or cause and effect muscle. What exactly goes on during a “psychiatric residency?” What do they do all day? I mean, how does one even take seriously a “professor of psychiatry?” The whole enterprise lacks cause and effect.

  • It is mind boggling how many unproven assumptions all this “epidemic” and “addiction” rhetoric. Institutionalized medicine and psychiatry have created this “fiction” of ADHD to promote use of stimulants, which is silly on its face. If individuals are seeking stimulants, then they should be available without having to be “diagnosed.” The healthcare provider should merely educate the user. There are millions of people who enjoy a variety of stimulants, be it coffee, modifinal, amphetamines, etc. Likewise, there are millions of people who use opiates in a responsible manner, and it enhances their lives. Big Pharma has never forced anyone to take anything against their will. Opiates, Stimulants, depressants, do not have human agency. Drugs do not produce drug addicts..our society creates the need for speed and performance…until you address that underlying dynamic, there will be a huge demand for stimulants…

  • I agree that Big Pharma should be held accountable for manufacturing and selling unsafe drugs; however, this purported “opioid epidemic” is pure scapegoating and political opportunism. There needs to a critique of this “opioid epidemic.” Most people who are prescribed an opioid do not become “addicted” and then overdose. Unlike “biological psychiatry,” opioids do not hijack one’s freewill. Opioids do not have any agency whatsoever. Suing Big Pharma will no nothing to reduce rates of drug abuse or rates of “addiction.” Why doesn’t the attorney general sue the APA for their endorsing psychiatrist pushing psychoactive drugs?

  • Richard…I have read both books–both be well argued. However, I believe you misstate the lack of warnings and Big Pharma representing as “safe.” “Safe” in what way? Aspirin is labeled safe, but can cause seizure and death? As to lack of warning, I reviewed several neutral “apolazam” inserts, and they all give very detailed warnings about abrupt withdrawal and tapering, dosages, etc., for both long-term and short-term use…Big Pharma is pigeon holed into stating Xanax is effective in treating “anxiety disorder” “insomnia” since that is the accepted “official diagnosis,” albeit, there is no such thing…bogus psychiatric fiction, but psychiatry establishes the rules and they must frame it that way for FDA consideration (not that I deny people suffer from debilitating anxiety)..All Big Pharma should have to say is these pills may help with episodic anxiety, give dosage recommendations, and provide warning about long-term, tapering, etc….Moreover, regardless of any “anxiety conditions,” Benzo’s like opioids are excellent if you simply enjoy the euphoria or whatever pleasure you derive from their ingestion, just don’t mix them and don’t take everyday..exercise self restraint…most people who take xanax, opioids ,etc..have no problems…I don’t want the state telling me or my doctor what i can and cannot take….it is not fair to people you enjoy benzos–or whatever drug–to be restricted from use because some people have bad experience.. Is that fair in a democracy?

    Finally, you state that “tens of thousands of people are searching for help” Help for what?

  • Richard , you state “Big Pharma consistently mislabeled their drugs, corrupted research studies, held back incriminating data, and conducted fraudulent PR campaigns to get their drugs FDA approved, and then spent billions to create a broad market for the prolific prescribing by doctors. How can you minimize the nature of these criminal acts?”

    Begs several questions: What was the mislabeled? Benzos are benzos…opioids are opioids? What “incriminating data?” All drugs studies have incriminating data to one extent or the other…all on how presented…. Dosages are clear. What was the fraud? What “criminal acts” was big pharma convicted of? People also take the drugs with “reckless impunity.” Don’t agree with your scapegoating paternalistic ideology. There is no way to disprove a drug is non-addictive” or to prove a drug is addictive…..opioid. bezos, etc…they can be poison or they can be therapeutic….users choice…between MD and user..keep the state out of my relationship with my MD! Use drug responsibly as an adult, or don’t use at all….pretty simple….ERS.

  • Richard,

    Thank you for your response. There should be some limited controls on drugs. If I desire to take xanax for whatever reason, best to do so with access to doctor. You are right that modern society plays a major role in creating anxious citizens, so good thing we have benzos–benzos were created in tandem with modernity. Nothing wrong with Big Pharma manufacturing and marketing their pills, so long as they don’t mislabel.. Big Pharma does not create addicts. Xanax/Opiods do not cause addiction any more than say chocolate, and there is no proof showing otherwise. There is no credible proof a pharmaceutical agent can hi-jack human agency. That logic is as absurd as the presumptions underlying biological psychiatry. It appears from your blog that everyone is aware of the adverse health effects of long-term reliance on benzos or any other psychotropic drugs–so be careful. Time to look inward not outward. Drugs have no agency.
    Thanks ED

  • Appreciate the article, but not sure why this relentless demonization of big pharma and benzos…..similar trope over current “opiod” hysteria…blaming “opiod addiction” on Big Pharma and “oxycontin, etc. Big Pharma should be celebrated for providing us these ameliorative drugs. Psychiatry should be abolished, but this scapegoating of drugs is misplaced. Benzos are an excellent anixolitic for episodic anxiety or to just chill out–you clearly don’t want to take over long-term–pretty simple. If you can’t restrain yourself, then get help doing so, but just because you can’t, don’t retch-up the restrictions for the vast majority of users who can use prudently.. People have unhealthy “addictions” or “dependency” on thousands of different things/activities unrelated to drug use–no reason to single out benzos as the bane of society….