Monday, May 10, 2021

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  • My first 3 “manic episodes” were caused by stress.
    These used to be called “nervous breakdowns”.
    It seems that the meds taken while manic push me into depression.
    Then the meds for depression push me into mania which CAUSES Bi=Polar symptoms.

    Mt recent “manic episode” happened when I was taking Prozac for depression then I cycled up into mania.
    This episode lasted 3 months!
    I lost my Family, House and Job because I wasn’t taken off the Prozac.
    I’m told that I was a raving maniac for the ntire 3 months.
    My family is afraid of me and I do not remember most of what I did.
    It was like I was a totally different person as in a split-personality or maybe even Demon Possessed!

    Also I learned that Lithium Orotate is much better than the prescribed Lithium Carbonate.
    Google: John Gray

    Here’s what caused my episodes:
    1. 1985 – Friend joined a religios cult.
    2. 2006 – I learned that 9-11 was planned and the Illuminati own the Federal Reserve but nobody wants to hear the truth.
    3. 2011 – Boss threatened to fore me for absurd reasons like “using a spreadsheet to keep records”.
    4. 2015 Prozac pushed me into mania on Sept. 23 which is also the date many people were predicting that CERN would open a portal for demons to enter our world.
    I was manic until December (3 months) because I was not taken off the Prozac.
    I lost everything I cared about, spent a month in jail for domestic abuse and 2 days homeless. I have 3 years on probation and taking 54 weeks of Domestic Violence Classes for things I do not remember doing.
    I may never recover from the damage that my manic self created. I remember very little at all, like I was a totally different person – the opposite of my normal caring self.