Monday, May 10, 2021

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  • Schizo and compulsion disorders are genetic.
    Character or family of origin disorders are not.

    If two children are sent into foster care at the ripe age of 2 months. If one has schizophrenia, the other is 3x as likely to be schizoid. Similar results are seen in compulsive disorders and depressive disorders, because it’s genetically based.
    However, those same two children and one develops BPD (borderline) the other at no higher risk for developing a character disorder. Because borderline, narcissism, anti-social, etc are primarily based off family of origin issues (or basically how they are raised).

    It’s true that a person with bi-polar can also have family of origin issues and develop BPD. And because of the nature of bi-polar their chance of this happening is increased. So at which point BPD can be successfully solved with therapy alone, but the bi-polar part can not. It can be helped, but never fully managed without drugs.

    This is just one single psychiatrist. For each one with his views there are 100 with differing other views. But what isn’t a view, are the genetic links they have found with people suffering from OCD or who are schizotypal.