Sunday, September 19, 2021

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  • Thanks for sharing your story, Greg! I’m an INFJ too for whatever it’s worth. 🙂

    I’m in the process of learning to accept and move towards truly loving myself. I guess I always thought I did, but of course, sometimes one doesn’t know what one doesn’t know. I’ve been on meds for “panic disorder” and “major depression” since I was in college, 25 years ago. And I’m VERY SLOWLY getting off of them, and “awakening” to experiencing life in MY authentic way. I’m needing to learn to live differently. It’s not easy, but I’m doing it and coming to embrace it.

    I played the roles that were expected of me to the best of my ability for a very long time . . . hero, extrovert, rescuer, leader, perfectionist, business owner, people pleaser, etc., but eventually the house of cards fell. And in the end, really they are all just roles . . . a variety of masks I’ve picked up and worn, and that I’m now learning to set down unless I CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSE to wear them – temporarily.

    As I look into the mirror these days, a picture of my “true face” is beginning to become more clear – for me, this is a “recovery” of my own authenticity. Clarity, courage, compassion and connection. These are the things that I’m finding now actually matter to me.

    Best wishes to you on your journey brother 🙂