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  • I think this is where the rubber meets the road in anti-psychiatry. We must admit that people can commit horrible crimes under delusions with or without psychotropic drugs. Maybe if hospitals restrained people without drugging then we might understand the source of these tragic mentalities. But, yes we are all responsible for our unconscious and conscious decisions no matter what the circumstance. Although, the punishment should be appropriate considering the situation. As regards to Mr. Ellis. well, I think he got a fair deal. He is off meds, married, has a career, and is suing for his inheritance.

  • Did not Forensic psychiatry prevent Mr. Ellis from going to prison for murder? He should grateful for a NGRI plea (not guilty by reason of insanity), or you two might never have meet. I understand how the insanity has come to terms so to speak and the drugs serve no purpose now. But he got a good deal and even got to leave the “compound” and work after 3 years and work at an engineering firm.

  • Sorry I accidentally reported you by clicking the wrong button. Why do you think Paul should be in prison? From what I gather he took the insanity plea, and now whats to renege and blame cannabis. Sounds like he got a great deal and even an inheritance after his mom died. BTw, he is suing his brothers in the supreme court of NZ for more money and here is the proof. IAlittle disgusting since he is getting 200,000 dollars already.

  • Dear Mr. Whitaker,
    I highly appreciate your work and have read your books. I believe this website and your scholarly work are an important contribution to the never ending investigation of consciousness and its vicissitudes. With that said, I think it is important to vet any articles that may raise a suspicion of doubt of their intent and content, regardless of the sincerity- especially when it comes to murder of another sentient being. Maybe this is a overwhelming task, and I am not advocating censorship; however this particular case is very troublesome. Not that there isn’t some merit to the controversy/discussion of this particular case. If we are to make make any progress in the de-medicalization of psychiatry , and, consequently, open up a space of dialogue we must be very careful not to allow tagalongs that have unconscious ulterior motives that defend their ego justifications. Obviously, I am making accusations at the legitimacy of this particular article and its intentions, yet I dont sense it is in vain. Murder is a various serious matter, which we shouldn’t glibly pontificate about. I hope you will understand that this is a very crucial element in our cause.

    Abraham Hempel


    Here is the story in, his own words, which differs from what MIA is claiming. Mr. Ellis actually sued the NZ mental health system for releasing him from the hospital with a clear bill of health prior to the murder. He claims they are at fault for NOT helping him enough, which is a completely different angle than claimed in MIA. The article also passes by, rather quickly as an after thought, that he was using other drugs besides marijuana. None of the facts in this case point to a medication induced homicide, since he admits to having these homicidal thoughts prior to being medicated. If anything, his release from the hospital was a travesty. Had the psychiatrists talked to Mr. Ellis and discovered he had murderous intentions on his father, and then held him for a significant period of time until he had come to his senses then this tragedy would have been avoided. It is clear in the article that Mr. Ellis wants full responsibility. Period.

    Here is the crux of the matter. This site claims forced hospitalizations are cruel punishment, and, yet clearly Mr. Ellis needed to be hospitalized against his will. The result of the his early release was catastrophic for his father and family.

  • His words again from

    “When the medication was starting to work on me, I started to realise what I’d done, how long I was going to be in there… and the losses. The loss of my father, the loss of my freedom, losing my mind, the loss of trust. All those things come and hit you. If I’d had the means to kill myself, I probably would have. It was the only thing that brought me some kind of solace.’’

  • From the article I posted above:

    “”About four to six weeks later, as the anti-psychotics began to take effect, the paranoia and delusions faded. The enormity of what he had done hit home.

    “I started to realise what I’d done, how long I was going to be in there… and the losses. The loss of my father, the loss of my freedom, losing my mind, the loss of trust.”
    Says Sandy Simpson: “Take the delusions and hallucinations away and you take away the justification — ‘I was right to do that.’ You no longer have that defence and because most psychotic violence is against people one knows or in one’s intimate family, suddenly you are faced not only with the horror of having killed, but the horror of having killed someone you loved. That is an immense emotional and existential challenge. You have to be with people while they acknowledge that and be aware the emotional impact is huge and doesn’t go away in a hurry. Most people have an immense sense of self-blame.’’”

    His own words!!

  • Sound like this Mr. Ellis got off easy with 7 years in a Psychiatric Hospital. Most murders would jump at the chance to receive such a light sentence. This really stretches the limit of the anti-psychiatry movement, in my opinion. I dont think this guy is a victim, and how are we not to doubt that maybe he found a loop hole in the system?

  • Who the hell wants broadcast they have an illness like its badge of honor? I am so sick of being coddled like this because of the label they slapped on my suffering. It is so infantile. We are adults, are we not?

    Look, people discriminate against people. I just found out a “friend” in the mental health agency I receive treatment at is a murderer who got off on NGRI. Should I not discriminate or stigmatize him? Turns out his friend is a child molester, but hell he got a dx so its ok, right? Fuck, yeah I am going to judge you I aint god! And just becuase u have a mental illness doesnt give you a get out of jail for free card, or does it?

    How do I know this guy didnt fake mental illness to get a reduced charge? This is whats wrong with the system. Because I have personal problems that I sought help for I am now lumped into a group of child molesters and murders. We have NOTHING in common, but some lame diagnosis from a bored psychiatrist. I am court ordered because I checked myself into a hospital and in order to get out I had to agree to years of being treated like a helpless baby. Lucky me! I get to take group therapy with molesters and sociopaths!!

  • You made think of something. When I first realized at a young age that something wasnt quite right with me, I sought help via a recommendation of a doctor. I go through series of idiotic attention tests and pointless questionnaires only to get a subscription of Wellbutrin.

    Not once was asked any deep personal questions about my life, what I thought, or anything remotely human to human. Instead, It was a cold clinically experience. I think all I needed was a really good humanistic therapist but the damn doctor treated me like I had a brain disease because I was depressed.

    It seems commonsense that when a person complains of depression or anxiety that the first thing you do is dive into their psyche and heart and see where the gold is. Most likely, they are confused about themselves, what to do, relationships or whatever. Life is confusing in the 21st century. But, Psychiatry in some odd slight of hand has managed to erase the individual from the equation. Michelle Foucault warned of this. We have become just bones and brains to psychiatrists.

    I think we should start a movement to remove the prefix “psyche” from the title of psychiatrists since they dont even deal with the soul, mind or spirit. They are just glorified pharmacists. A computer could do there job and even better.

  • A few years ago I was a local University in the Michigan. I was an older student and hadnt been to school in 8 years. I was also in addict. To my surprise adderral was rampant on campus. People showing up to study groups geeked out and conversations about it like it was tiddlywinks. I even had a guy try to sell me it right in front of my class?! Needless, to say this was really bad for me because my drug of choice was amphetamines.

    ADHD is basically a way for a parent to increase the productivity of an average child. Bottom line-its a study drug and the dx is an excuse. Lets get honest. If all these kids have a “chemical imbalanced’ ADHD brain then why are they selling the meds? It makes no sense. And wouldnt there be a bunch of distracted under achievers failing out of school if all they do is sell their meds?