Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Comments by Durgatamas

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  • Thanks, Sandy. Some of what you say about including peers in the system seems to be in line what Dr. Jim Van Os has been saying about reforms in the constitution of the mental health system. There seems to be a way forward, a more inclusive and democratic one, beyond the present crisis, based in a new view of mental health stressing empowerment and the open meeting of challenges. It’s interesting that Dr. Van Os opined at one point that this might in some ways be easier in the United States: the idea that we are agents in charge of our own health, seeking help as we choose. I don’t feel comfortable with the economics of this yet, and how it all can get twisted, but idea that experts can take care of us, and we just have to accept their health, though socially justifiable, doesn’t work so well in the sphere of personal fulfillment and the pride of agency. And I don’t think this is so much necessarily antipsychiatry, as a new approach, weaving a stronger network more inclusive of those coming through an experience of more extreme aspects of the journey.