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  • I was diagnosed with BPD after a 4-month long manic episode induced by Zoloft. I was on a series of BPD medications for 4 years until I took control and decided to start going off of them (with my doctor’s knowledge, though not necessarily approval). I am now several months medication-free and feeling better than I can ever remember. I don’t have any family history of BPD and believe I was misdiagnosed based on the manic episode that was CAUSED by Zoloft. I am so happy to be medication free but feel deceived by all the doctors who kept me unnecessarily medicated for 4 years of my life. I want to prevent this from happening to others. I hope my story can help others to question their decision to use antidepressants, and their BPD diagnosis if based on a manic episode induced by such use. I also had no withdrawal from Lamictal, the last drug I went off of, and think some stories of horrendous withdrawal may be intended to scare patients from going off of it. Feel better than ever without it.